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One would have to question the sanity and sincerity of the SPLC's manufactured allegations against the MRM, as even they live in denial of their own actions. They are in that process of self-denial as they behave directly opposite to what they claim to stand for. Their confusion, obvious hypocrisy and duplicity,  demonstrates that the SPLC have created a new "Standard of Behaviour" rule, of which only they are exempt..

‘Men’s Rights Movement’ Symbolizes Growing Nationwide Misogyny

 GUEST: Mark Potok is one of the country’s leading experts on extremist movements and is the editor-in-chief of the SPLC’s award-winning, quarterly journal, the Intelligence Report, its Hatewatch blog, and its investigative reports
The SPLC has other obvious links to fanatics as well as floating in funds and avoiding taxes..

* The SPLC is closely aligned with cultural Marxists and convicted terrorists like Weather Underground bomber Bill Ayers, who was lauded by the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" project as a "civil rights organizer ... teacher and author."

* Belying the "Poverty" in its name, the SPLC has amassed $200 million in "reserve funds" that its secretive directors invest in hedge funds and offshore bank accounts in places like the Cayman Islands. The tax-exempt organization spends almost 90 percent of its revenue on "fund-raising and administrative costs" and flunked an audit by the Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance.

Copies of this explosive report are available both in hard copy and on-line at our website:
And ofcourse there is more, too much to list here but here is another assessment of that organisation that makes money for the sake of it and spends it on itself..

SPLC’s hometown newspaper, The MontgomeryAdvertiser, won a journalism award for a series of investigative articles onthe unethical fundraising practices of Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center(“A complex man: Opportunist or Crusader?” February 14, 1994). The articlesnoted that in a ten-year period (1984-1994), SPLC spent some $40 million— two-thirds of itsincome—on itsown expenses. The newspaper quoted Pamela Summers, a former SPLC legal fellow,as saying: “What they are doing in the legal department is not done for thebest interest of everybody [but] is done as though the sole, overriding goal isto make money. They’re drowning in their own affluence.”

The miss-mash of false allegations made up by the SPLC concerning certain "Manophere" sites, only exposes them even further to hypocrisy, by failing to expose radical feminist sites as being hateful and violent, we have already exposed them to be just that. But the SPLC chooses to ignore them and may even benefit by doing so as the RadFem Hub, are raising funds for the SPLC. So this apparently by-passes special interests and monetary advantage.  By ignoring SPLC's own policy claims and guidelines, that organisation totally ignores blatant hatred and suggested violence when it is in their own best interest to do so..
It is the editorial opinion of AVfM that SPLC is a hate group. We have long identified Radfem and many other feminist organizations/individuals as promoting hate. SPLC has qualified themselves by dishonestly using their influence to undermine efforts to aid a designated population which faces systemic discriminations.
I got one of their half baked emails as well, in which a Mr. Potok of that organization did a song and dance around the fact that they were attempting to profile SAVE, this website and a number of others as hate groups.
Well, you’re hateful, but not really officially, yet, but you hate women, but we really didn’t try to compare you to hate groups, really.
The double speak and obfuscation was astounding.
I am saying what I thinks, and what I think is that SPLC is supporting and practicing misandry, which is a form of hatred as real as any other. And I think Radfem coming out to raise money for them speaks volumes.

The SPLC appears to be more interested in promoting doctrine and politics than being honest to their followers and financial supporters. Spreading blatant misinformation and assumptions is what we have come to expect from the slut-feminist movement, no one would have expected that same treatment from an organisation that lays claim to be a supporter of justice and basic human rights. Their response is directly opposed to that statement as they single out a movement whose sole intent is to fight for the rights of men and boys, against the tyranny already in place in law, education and government biased procedures aimed directly at depriving men and boys of their basic human rights. Surely that would alone should warrant their support of the MRM, but instead they choose to promote the feminist's farcical, sexist and discriminatory disinformation route by claiming that somehow, but not really, can the MRM be claimed to partake in some unsavory behaviour, according to their tunnel visioned perspective..

If you financially support the SPLC, I would be asking them some important questions about their obvious anti-male bias and misandry !

Southern Poverty Law Center linked to hate activity

A Voice for Men and regularly investigate political organizations, activists and internet based entities that engage in hate speech and/or work to undermine the basic civil liberties of targeted groups within the general population. We place particular emphasis on individuals and groups that target men and boys for discriminatory or violent persecution because we regard them as an underserved population.
A recent example of that is, a website where ideologues have been known to gather to further plans for male targeted infanticide, murder and food supply poisoning. Simon and Schuster published novelist Pamela O’Shaughnessy, operating under a hidden identity, has been associated with that group as an advocate for eugenics that are targeted at male children.
A group that has recently come to attention is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an Alabama based organization operating under the auspices of civil rights advocacy.
Indeed, there was a time when SPLC did proactive work in the civil rights arena, targeting the Ku Klux Klan and other known hate organizations through the legal system.  It appears, however, that under current leadership the organizations mission has drifted, first toward the persecution of individuals and groups from opposing mainstream political camps, and now toward organizations that attempt to ameliorate problems faced by men and boys, in a calculated attempt to undermine their progress.
By using their formerly legitimate reputation as a civil rights advocacy organization to launch defamatory attacks against legitimate agents for social improvement, SPLC is not only engaging in an egregious public deception, but is seeking to viciously undermine the principles of tolerance and equal treatment under the law.
Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (S.A.V.E.) is a “non-profit victim-advocacy organization working for evidence-based solutions to domestic violence.”  They have gained widespread respect as a nonpartisan effort addressing the social ill of domestic violence.
It may be that there nonpartisan and equalitarian nature has inspired the ire of SPLC, who recently published articles on their website characterizing S.A.V.E. as “misogynistic” and “woman-hating.”  SPLC also made the incredulous and groundless accusation that S.A.V.E. was attempting enable abusers, by “lobbying to roll back services for victims of domestic abuse and penalties for their tormentors.”
What S.A.V.E. actually does, by all outward appearances, is to promote the identification of all victims and perpetrators of intimate partner violence and push for the appropriate interventions to be available to all. They are also active proponents for ensuring accuracy of reporting and research in intimate partner violence.
SPLC’s efforts to dishonestly discredit S.A.V.E. amount to an attempt to prevent men, and children of both sexes, who are victims of violence in the home from being identified and offered assistance.  They are targeting a group, based on sex alone, in an effort to deny services and equal treatment under the law. In doing so, they help perpetuate and institutionalize the violence that is being committed against them.
It is the very definition of a hate group, and a remarkably successful one. It is not a particularly new revelation.

Admittedly, these are sources which may be ideologically different from opinions expressed here, but they are not hate groups by any stretch of the imagination.
Additionally. SPLC’s disinformation campaign appears to have struck a resonant chord with the members of, the group advocating for the murder of male infants and other forms of violence. After hearing of SPLC’s activities, they kicked off fundraising efforts on their behalf.
A Voice for Men and will both continue to monitor SPLC,, and other known and suspected hate groups and report back to the public on their activities.

Written by Paul Elam

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