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Valenti competing for attention from Bill"I did not touch that women" Clinton..

Valenti is just such an easy target as to make shooting fish in a barrel appear to require some level of competence. The feminist and democrat shill continues..
Valenti - The Guardian ..This last year has been a particularly exciting one for feminism in the United States. Women's issues are on the radar like never before, and though we've suffered setbacks, the backlash against sexism is hitting fever pitch.
Feminist rager and compulsive hypocrite, Valenti, once again promotes the blatant and obvious sexism and discrimination that her hate movement and her ilk have introduced into society and she is apparently one of it's "favourite" minions. Continually fanning the flames of that cauldron. Meanwhile promoting the movements preference for the Democrat party. The two are linked by an umbilical cord. The one just feeds the other as Obama has already demonstrated. It would also appear that Valenti has her eye on a position in the democrat politburo. So under the guise of working for feminism, she is in actual fact just another democrat party agitator. If in doubt and who would be, have a look at some of it's articles and photos as well. The majority include members from it..

As usual, Valenti's tunnel visioned passion for the democrats ignores the obvious obnoxious behaviour of her own preferred heroes. Her endless and relentless attacks are purely politically motivated and has little to do with feminism even though she make the claim that it does. Anyone writing for that socialist rag named the Guardian would have to cowtow(sic) to it's "little red book" mission as a prerequisite for exposure, as this ailing and slowly dying media outlet continues on it's ever deteriorating path as it wallows in non-populist doctrines and propaganda..

Valenti's claim that the Republicans are notorious for their, in her words "sexism", brings out the usual feminist hysterics associated to that term, while totally ignoring her own party and supporters' use of the same methodology. It cannot be justified but Valenti is there to push her favourite subject any way possible, even if it means being a hypocrite, that is just a necessary path for her to take. The end justify the means apparently..

The obvious issue here is that she refuses to even or ever recognise a few things about her own hate movement..

1. That the feminist movement promotes and encourages sexism and misogyny..
2. Has never demonstrated or stated, ever, that she is against anti-male sexism and misandry.

Valenti actually promotes sexism whenever it opens it's biased mouth or produces any article. Male bashing is her number one priority while "women are victims" is her self-justifiable, inevitable meme as continues with her usual boring responses..

Meanwhile Michelle Malkin has risen to the same cause concerning Bill Maher and a few other via a Shepac (even conservative have to secularise the sexes, divide them into bundles and labels)..

New video: ShePAC strikes back at misogynist Bill Maher

So now we have the girls on both sides of the political spectrum producing the usual feminist hysterics about "misogyny" and "sexism". Strangely enough, they were both very, very quite about that program where the penis joke had the female audience rolling around on the floor and in the aisles. But that is ofcourse something else. I mean, that was funny, that was their version of entertainment. I wondered if it would be as funny if it happened to one of their own relatives or even to some animal wandering in some pasture out in the countryside..

The female hypocrisy continues as main stream actors ply their craft to promote an issue that only demonstrates precisely who the sexist and misogynists really are..

One does wonder which one of the two will demonstrate it the best?