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Shepherd pretending she researches articles. It's a hangover look though..
One does wonder where Tory Shepherd actually achieved her journalistic "talent". We have exposed this slut-feminist before as she heaped venom, scorn and vitriol on the MRM.. 
It does appear that not only I and Bernard question this fake's journalistic ability..
Shepherd in Shock.

ATMS Response To Tory Shepherd’s Article

I was under the apparently mistaken impression that journalists were supposed to research their articles before writing them to ensure a reasonable degree of accuracy.
Clearly, Tory Shepherd has chosen to skip this step, judging from two articles about natural medicine that have appeared in the Advertiser in the last week.
Shepherd is finding out that hearsay and naval gazing, does not a journalist make. Neither does a lazy, self serving, attitude. We are talking about a self-serving hypocritical individual here who is of the opinion that she is incapable of doing anything wrong or capable of making mistakes, as she relies solely on her obvious remarkable memory and fully functional, indoctrination levels..

Like door, like mind..
Shepherd is part and parcel of the Australian radical feminist cadre, as we have already exposed this bigot as being associated with the sexist and biased "White Ribbon" campaign, that promotes the single fact that women never, ever commit any domestic violence, ever. That particular tax payer funded organisation with it's associated free loaders, do the dance with radical feminists and will under Gillard's new "Project" legislation, ( comparable with the same illegal laws that VAWA introduced in the US and now suitably being scrutinised) will enjoy a free fall of a 100 million dollar payout to promote their misandry and male hate, unopposed..

Shepherd of Lies.. AFvM

But Shepherd's slut-feminist connections surfaces as she maligns and denigrates the MRM, while actually confessing that Men do have issues to deal with. Shepherd's hypocrisy is just brain numbing. She makes false and spurious claims against the MRM on the one hand and justifies our actions on the other. Another version of that cognitive dissonance that slut-feminists favour over reality..

Bernard gives her the serve she deserves and then some. The incomprehensibility of this woman is just too much to deal with just one Youtube session, so we have three..

Sit back, popcorn, check, drink, check, volume up, check, full screen option on, check...  ahhh!!!