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Women can cut your penis off, millions will think it hilarious, and the woman will be made into a hero by Feminists.
Don't be angry. Man up.
Your genitals are routinely mutilated at birth, and government workers, religious nutcases, and Feminists around the world crawl over themselves to ensure it can continue unimpeded.
Stop being angry about it.
A woman you have never even met can point a finger at you, cry rape, ruin your life, and enjoy full anonymity. And if her lie is revealed, Feminists will demand that she not be prosecuted and screech about "rape culture."
Don't be angry, because your anger frightens us.
Your children can be taken away from you by their vindictive mother, even after it's proven you were the more responsible parent. Your children will go to a relative, or into adoptive care, rather than given to you, the biological father. Even if you're proven a responsible father.
Stop being angry. Where there's smoke, there's fire don't you know.
You have no reproductive rights. Once sperm leaves your body, regardless of the circumstances, a woman who conceives with it has utter power over you. Even if she rapes you.
Stop F*cking Getting Angry! Man up and pay your bills, you worthless dick.
As a man, you have a greater chance of getting raped than a woman. When you are raped, you will be laughed at because another man "made you his bitch" or you will be mocked because "men always want sex."
Don't be angry. Spread your legs, and feel the burn. F*cking smile. You like it. You're a man.
As a child, you may have been molested. If a man molested you, society will point to it as evidence that all men are pedophiles. If a woman molested you, millions of Feminists will deny such a thing ever happened. You will be hung out to dry because "Women don't do those things to children."
But you'd better not get angry.
A woman who kills you or your child, in cold blood, stands a good chance of getting off scott free. Or getting a slap on the wrist. Feminists will applaud this, because some man, somewhere, traumatized the woman into doing that.
Smile. You like it. Be nice to us. You love us. We deserve it.
If you're homeless? No one gives a shit. Man up. If you're unemployed? No one gives a shit. Are you a successful man? Clearly, it's because you oppressed a whole bunch of women to get to where you are. Give us your money, so we can redistribute it to women.
Don't be angry. Women are strong and independent. They need your money.
We will screech about equality, and ensure it is only you who may one day be drafted. We will claim independence, and demand chivalry. We will shame you for caring about physical appearance, but if you're not at least 6 inches taller than us we will never date you.
Be a man, not a whiner. We're women. We have a vagina, and we make the rules.
We can abuse you in marriage, body and soul. But if you should try to fight back in a heedless moment, you are f*cked. We have VAWA on our side, because domestic violence is only instigated by you, the pathetic lumps with external genitalia.
Don't be angry. If you're ever angry, you must be a misogynist, and scary.
If you're a good little boy, worship the ground we walk on, and continue to obey us, we will feign concern for you and your piddly little issues. And maybe someday we will actually care about them, as long as they don't inconvenience women. But in the meantime, Stop Being Angry.
Because if we allow you to be angry, we also have to allow for the possibility you might be a human being. And we simply cannot let that happen.