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One does have to wonder what exactly is in those copious jars, bottles and mixtures that the girls so greedily hoard and manage to fill every available spare space in the bathroom with. It's the usual case of "User Beware" as some of these guys below have already found out..

We already know that it does take some major efforts for the girls to look so good for each other and it also appears that they are getting plenty of assistance from all those Beauty Salons that have been sprouting up on just about every block in every city in western nations. Priority I suppose..

I do believe the term "This is the real me" has been erased from the language as it no longer has any meaning at all..

Danger of being a bronzed Aussie.
Miranda Devine

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The electrician arrived the other day to install a new light and it was hard not to notice that the palms of his hands were a strange burnished orange. For fake tan devotees, this is the sure sign of an amateur bronzer.
Surely not this no-nonsense man with lovely olive skin?
No, no, no, he was at pains to say as he walked in the door, holding his glowing palms aloft. He had just borrowed his wife’s moisturiser to salve his calloused hands.
All went well at first. The soothing aloe soaked into his rough skin and smoothed his bumps away. But a few hours later, his palms had changed colour, much to his embarrassment.
No matter how hard he scrubbed he couldn’t remove the stain, and had to spend the next week explaining his tawny palms.
Another friend was suffering a red face after standing at an under-13 footy trial for two hours in the glorious sunshine on Sunday without a hat. So he rummaged through his wife’s bathroom cupboard and came up with what looked very much like moisturiser, a thick white cream labelled St Tropez.
Lo and behold, by lunchtime, his work colleagues had started to comment on his complexion, wondering why he looked a little like Apu from the Simpsons.
So this is a public service announcement for all those men out there who like to borrow their wives’ moisturiser: Watch out!
Even if there is no mention of “tan” on the label, just innocuous words like “Perfect Legs”, when it comes to female beauty products, deception is everything.