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Who owns these implants ? Huff Post Already Has the Game running..
One does have to wonder if the government and feminists are falling down on the job and failing women altogether. When one compares the subsidies and activities undertaken by the male sex, both man and boy, there must be even more room for improvement..

There are still the odd dollar spent on the men's issues that they could claim. There are still some odd few male teachers in the education system that they can get rid of. There are still some indication that there is a small percentage of males actually achieving degrees at university, which must be stopped asap. Surely all that is a waste of money  and effort as that could and will be better utilised and better spent on real issues and problems..

And here is another example of how issues are prioritised according to sex..
The evidence provided by the TGA to date indicates that the complication rate for PIP implants is consistent with other brands of non-saline implants so there is no urgency for this assessment to occur.
The latest triumph by the privileged sex was to receive funding to correct a surgical procedure that they have undertaken to enhance their narcissism and vanity, breast enhancement surgery. One can find a copious amount of information on this topic and also even more justification as we witness more and more females with obvious breast enhancement surgery, that cultivates more interest from the porn industry than the average guy on the street, but I could be guessing on that point. Women have been convinced by their somewhat questionable mentors that enhancing the boobs and showing more of it is the only way to go, as it will make you feel better about them self (Slutwalk enter stage left). The last time I noticed any figures on the topic, the amount of women undertaking that practice would insure that a future guessing game could be in the offing to try and identify the female with a normal pair instead of that weird view of those obvious inserted plastic bags..

Guess The Celebrity Breast Implants

Teenagers copying surgically enhanced celebrities DOUBLE the number of breast enlargements in one year

My flat chest is a turn-off, says Keira

That will become an ever bigger game as surgeons are now at the stage that one would have to confess in order to identify the genuine article or ahem, things..

But alas and still, there has been a problem in the mammary gland department and as usual and under the ever watchful eye of the female pamperer in charge, they will now subsidies medical observation/scanning/treatment in order to ensure that the girls who have undertaking that action, under their own volition, will not suffer any possible harm for their own actions..

That is just fantastic..

Meanwhile, smaller irrelevant issues like male suicide or a missing men's health department or even the issue of boys struggling in schools are ignored and assessed as being irrelevant. Prostate cancer and other illnesses that affect men and boys the most, are also relegated to positions that would require a mining contract to find. But whenever it comes to the issues or problems the privileged princesses  "suffer" from, abracadabra, instant funds are found and immediate action is taken. And people wonder why we're pissed and also why there is a need for a men's movement at all..

I don't know how much of this blatant sexism and discrimination I can take. If it wasn't as serious as it is and as blatant, it would be laughable..

The Guessing Game..
For entertainment value they also go along way as well. They are apparently upfront about it all. If they are fake, why deny it..