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Male contraception pill stopped by feminists
Available and ready to go for ten years, still not available today because feminists stopped it's introduction..

Why would feminists stop the introduction of the male pill ?

What possible motive do they have apart from ensuring that women have total control over the reproduction chain and thereby control the child's introduction, it's worth to her as well as insuring that she will receive payment for her efforts at producing spawn at will..

Control the population and control everything else.

Dr. Coutinho tells how feminists boycotted male contraceptive pill.

This specialist scientist has had the male pill ready for production for the last ten years and has no side affects and even increases sex drive. This is another demonstration of how slut-feminists manipulate and manage to control every issue applying to males. It explains why there is no Men's Health Departments, no major efforts on Violence against males, no effort made to reduce the dropout out rates of boys in the education system, it explains why the male suicide issue is just ignored..

As a matter of fact, it clearly demonstrates how slut-feminists deliberately and intentionally stand in the way of governments introducing any programs that would assist or help men and boys in general..

We have always been well aware of this but right here is a flagrant and undeniable example..