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Here is the standard story heard world wide, regarding any services in regards to men in general. Every single possible services imaginable is available for the female sex but request any for men or boys and you will be ignored or the slut-feminist movement will do everything in their power to ensure that nothing eventuates. They have been doing just that for the last 50 years..

We have to tell those politicians that they either do something about it or they will loose their job. It is the only thing they comprehend and understand. They will however chase the "vagina" vote (as we have already seen David Cameron in the UK do) by offering ever more privileges while the other half of the population have very little to none, depending where you look. This video explains in a live phone conversation precisely what the issues are rights now. The obvious sexism and discrimination knows no bounds, when comparing equivalent services for men and boys in comparison to Women and girls..

They must be really proud of their efforts as they just keep doing it..