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There is an item that belongs to a different industry on show, Can you find it?

It's that same old story, "tell a lie often enough..." and feminists have that methodology down pat. Not only do they use it so often but is starting to generate a "Cry Wolf" cliche claim. It would have to be part of their indoctrination sessions on "how to cloud the issues and introduce strawman arguments" section, in their own slated version of "G.Orwell's 1984"..

Akin to the climate scientists who claim that the science is settled, so has the feminist movement decided that "Only Men are Abusers", this arbitrary decision denies that females are violent or even capable (yet they want them in the Army), but it also excuses that sex from being held accountable. Copious changes have been made to the laws and legislation under that assumption. It's that basic "Catch 22" argument about "How can a woman be violent if they are forever victims" nonsensical rationalising that anyone with one eye and surviving a year on this planet would have already found that to be a load of absolute rubbish. But that is precisely what feminists promote, endlessly..

That is the sexism that feminists promote..

So we get back to the Campus Sexual Assault saga that has wallowed it's tortured path down that same slippery slope. The endless claims that just about every female student on any campus in the western world will be assaulted, either sexually or whatever feminists have now regulated as being equivalent, does in fact hit that incredulity button just like that "the Science is settled" narcissistic claim..

We now have the situation where the women in charge of the statistics collected for sexual assaults on campus at Colleges and Universities, have been charged with falsifying the records in order to inflate the statistics and which has ofcourse a twofold affect.
One - It ensures that there is a funding increase as the federal governments pays for the assaults on female students.
Secondly - The harridans around the country can now claim that there is a massive increase in assaults because of the rise in statistics coming from those Colleges and Universities..

It's perfect as far as feminists are concerned, but it does demonstrate why and how we can claim that their statistics are doctored, unreliable and in most cases, downright lies. Bingo..

Let's have a look at some of the information available on the stats. Those contaminated, unreliable and doctored versions..

The Campus Rape Hoax...
So how crowded are all those Uni/College Rape Crises Centres you may ask ?Needless to say, those facilities don't appear to get a tremendous amount of use. For example, Hillary Wing-Richards, the associate director of sexual-assault prevention at James Madison University, said the school's campus rape "help line" gets a varying number of calls, some of which are "request-for-information calls"—where to go, who to talk to and the like. "Some months there are 10 and others, one or two," she said.

The Campus Rape Hoax II
 Motivations to lie, Berkowitz, the RAINN president, sees three reasons a woman would make up a story of being raped: money, revenge and fear. Money comes into play most often in celebrity cases. Revenge can figure into a nasty breakup, and fear can motivate a woman who is afraid her parents will find out she has been sexually active or is pregnant. Other reasons include mental instability, or as in Weedman's case, a desire for attention.
The Gene Expression - Rational and Irrational fear about rape - some data

Heather Mac Donald - The Campus Rape Myth.

The Campus Rape Myth Number One.

The Campus Sexual Assault Comedy..

More Fake Rape Hysteria.

I could easily list another six posts that I have made here on the topic but they all basically state the same thing. Feminists exaggerate the information for the sole purpose of increasing their funding, their vested, self interest, outcomes are primarily designed to increase their own funding which are then used to exaggerate this epidemic outbreak stimulated for their own benefit of ensuring more funding.... etc, etc.....

The merry-go-round..