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Greer the pedophile and voyeur, practicing the same as she shamed others for..

Greer, the typical feminist hypocrite..
Once the feminasties established themselves as impulsive and compulsive liars, they have spent the next few decades verifying and testifying precisely that. Greer would and could easily be regarded as one of the greatest hypocrites that nasty hate movement has produced and encouraged. Apparently Greer refuses to release her thesis that she produced before she wrote that mammoth irrelevant tome of sheer delusional incantations, as it would totally contradict and demolishes the lies and falsehoods that book contained. But delusional crass is what that feminastie movement have relied upon to get where it got today, as the truth of the situation would never allow the introductions of the double entendre of female "Victim-hood" experts, while simultaneously promoting a "strong, independent" woman while being solely reliant on government largesse, child support/vaginamony. So goes their cognitive dissonance, mantras..

No dignity, as its not required to being a feminist..
The feminastie hate movement has always pointed the erroneous finger at the wrong sex when they introduced and beat to death, that word "Misogyny", a word which they claimed was only applicable when the male sex made obvious and honest statements in relation to or about their own sex. But again, honesty was never part of that movement's considerations, as lies and exaggerations worked a lot better..

So now we have one of their main delusion artists and the self enforced elite of that hate movement, waxing lyrical about their own. Not only belittling one of their own, as she is a feminist as well, but we have the sheer enjoyment and priceless example of a female journalist, telling off a feminist icon for trashing one of thes leading member of it's own movement. CLASSIC..

It does really sum up precisely what that misogynistic movement is really all about and here we again demonstrate that the "equality" issue of those endless claims, was never really considered at all. It just sounded good while it sucked in the majority to their real aims..

Not a good look, Germaine

image Miranda Devine Tuesday, March 20, 2012

For the birth-mother of 1970s feminism, Germaine Greer sure isn’t much of a sister.
Last night on the ABC’s Q&A panel show, she mocked the Prime Minister’s figure, saying Julia Gillard should face the fact she has a “big bum”.
Greer thinks the PM’s jackets are all wrong because from behind they go “horizontal”. According to her the jackets are cut too narrow at the hips.
Nice, really nice. No matter whether or not you support the PM’s policies, this is the lowest criticism. Because of her status as a feminist icon, Greer has just legitimised every misogynist to attack Gillard’s appearance. As if they need any encouragement.
It just shows her whole fem-philosophy was a pose, and because she was a good writer, pushy, reckless, witty and, yes, pretty, she built a career on trashing men and drawing attention to her love-starved self.
These days she makes a living out of trashing younger women.
The feminist goddess has feet of clay.