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The scanner would have forewarned and froe-armed right here. A distinct need..

Over the past few decades there have been some claims of interest raised and then through lack of interest of keeping the lie alive or those claims were just downright delusional, only really existed in the minds of the delusional, whom I will not name...alright slut-feminists..

That's just the thing, catching on..
They introduced the "Multitasking" ability, that apparently only women possessed. They were actually capable of using a phone on one ear/shoulder, holding a child in one arm and stirring some contents in a pot on the stove (no sammich making though). That became representative of the "Multitasking" ability of the opposite sex. One would stare incredulously at the screen when one read that hyped up irrelevant drivel and wondered what a drummer in a band was doing, while singing at the same time, nope that was something else. Just as one would be even more incredulous as a member of that same sex actually used it for bragging rights.

Meanwhile ofcourse, that multitasking ability is of no advantage and leads to work or actions being superficial, inefficient or negligible. Apparently to perform any set function that requires concentration is not included when undertaking the multitasking actions. Oh dear. It was so popular. Also it appears that both sexes are quite capable of performing it, but most do not bother as quality beats quantity... 

It could be an accessory..
Anyway, I had that experience late last year and the culprit was in actual fact, a nurse. One assumes that nurses are intelligent, as they are educated, maybe that may have been the problem..

When she overheard the conversation I was having with my daughter about an article I was reading. I mentioned that the multitasking ability was somewhat of a disadvantage and the nurse overheard it and yelled out a response that "only wimmin could and men can't". Now I am never one to sit back and accept obvious blatant lies, misinformation or exaggerations,  even in passing, so one did ofcourse straighten her world view out, much to her disgust. The same response I received a few months earlier, while I was visiting a relative, a young female commented out loud "All men are the same". When I suggested that she desist from maligning me, as I did not even know who she was. I proceeded to inform her that if she persisted in maligning my sex, then I would start on hers (she was already well aware where that would go), that had the appropriate response and bought her back to Earth with a thud and as she stood there with an open mouth, stunned, but only for about three seconds though, a lifetime apparently when having a good gossip session..

Started already..
The point of all this was to see if we could determine how we could guage the varying behavioural patterns of the opposite sex, the loving to psycho in 30 seconds, question.  Wondering why no one had yet invented some type of warning mechanism/device that would indicate what stage the opposite sex was in her monthly cycle. The gadget itself would not have to be prominent or obvious. A colour would indicate what level the PMS was at present and whether or not the slightest issue would turn her into a raging, screaming harridan, capable of dismembering or causing grievous bodily harm.

Maybe a new age"mood" ring would suffice or some miniature LEDs displayed just under the bottom eyelid, flashing red when required, projecting "Run" on the wall when circumstances were desperate. Maybe some thing less obtrusive, like a hand held scanner that could sense the condition level with a quick scan, be taken at least twenty paces away, just in case. Surely there would be a huge market for it. One could have one permanently installed in the house and a warning would sound as one entered the front door. Maybe a mobile model supplied to all the HR departments, to all businesses, so whenever they received another one of those copious complaints of feelings being hurt, they could just do a quick scan and if it shows red, just give her the rest of the day/week off..
Another variation..

It would do wonders for the employee relationships  as well as partner/personal relationships. I cannot understand why no one has introduced one yet. Maybe some time in the future, eh!!