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Not too many laughing now!!
Just a couple of issues here - First is the fact that the Men's Movement has been very active at ensuring that female on male abuse, is at least recognised as a crime. That the female perpetrator be recognised for the crime she has committed and justly punished for her actions, as is the case whenever any male undertakes such action. It is our version of equality, unlike the slut-feminist's version that claims, regardless of the crime committed by any female, they are always really the victim. Nothing is ofcourse more laughable as we witness the crime rate by women escalate at four times (and higher) the rate right across the board even including genocide and escalating murder charges, as crime committed by males drop right across the board. For verification have a look at any recognised statistics, eg. Gov. crime stats...
Here is a small section of the stats just to demonstrate how much false information the slut-feminist movement is pedalling in order to maintain current hysteria levels and ensure their government subsidisied misandry, misinformation and anti-male bias. The current "Campus Rape" hysteria comes to mind, which is practically non existent, as their own stats prove..

The slut-feminist movement are that convinced that women are harmless that they have been screaming about closing female prisons and that crimes, like that one female who slashed open the stomach of a pregnant "mother to be", and stole the child, are always victims in one way or another. To me they are just psychotic lunatics, who should be locked away to protect society but the slut-feminists see it through their usual "victimhood" glasses, which is ofcourse indefensible, but they persist..

Women in control of children, as teachers are, should be held accountable as adults and not children..
Even a stunning looking female such as the one below. I have yet to see any study or expectable argument or explanation as to why they do that in such prolific numbers. Is it vanity, ego or just the need to have sex with a child. It truly is a sick attitude, regardless of the excuse or reason..

Probation for teacher in student sex case

Schoolteacher Tara Driscoll, 33, of Bay Shore, pleaded 
A New York City schoolteacher from Bay Shore will be sentenced to probation and have to register as a sex offender after admitting Tuesday to having sexual relations with a 16-year-old male student a year ago, prosecutors said.
Tara Driscoll, 33, of 17 Anna St., pleaded guilty to misdemeanor sexual misconduct. She will be sentenced to six years' probation and must give up her teacher's license effective at her next court date, May 22, prosecutors said.
Driscoll, who is free on bail, did not comment as she left court. Her lawyer, Virginia A. LoPreto of Manhattan, did not return calls Tuesday.
So we can pen another positive result to the MRM, as this was never recognised before or very rarely ever listed, even though it would have been going on for decades, if not centuries. The only sex ever to be charged were only ever males in the past. A great effort and good to witness that the "equality" effect that we demand is bearing fruit. Still not the same charges or penalty laid, but a lot better result than before..

Below is a segment of my hit graph to demonstrate precisely where the MRM is going and how much attention we are achieving by just stating the facts and demonstrating the blatant bias and sexism out there against men and boys. We did not go out to drum up ratings and exposure, just for the hell of it. No, all we ever wanted was for people to see the facts and decide for themselves, what was happening and what should really be done about it. Anyway, this graph shows the increase in interest ever since I started collecting stats for this blog, which was about middle of 2009. So it does not indicate any previous hits rate prior to that (hit recording was not available previously). That being the case, the hit rate is a lot higher as this blog has been operating since 2005. It does however indicate the rise in interest, which is just great especially if anyone feels that the MRM or MRA's like myself, are not being affective or whether or not, we are having any effect at all. I have learnt from experience that change is slow and gradual and only perseverance will achieve the desired outcome and we are here for the long haul. It also helps to have "right" on your side ofcourse..