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The majority of "Rich Women" derived their fortune via ludicrous divorce payments..

The standard practice slut-feminists follow is to introduce their version of important issues that they feel society should be discussing whenever the slightest sign of change is recognised and then inflate and promote it as a news item. That practice ofcourse just demonstrates their endless talent for lying and exaggeration. They never fail to continually promote that fact. Even when the lie they promote is that obvious that a child could spend three minutes checking it out, they persist. Issues they have generated in the past are ofcourse always for the promotion of their own sex and they never miss any opportunity maligning and male bashing as much as possible. A few come to mind and one is the "housework" issue which is ofcourse much more important than anything else at the time. The fact that studies have already demonstrated that the privileged sex do not actually do more work around the house or do more hours than men do, will never see the light of day as news as that would be counteractive to their lies and deceit..

Their first LOVE..
The other inane and childish issue they raised was the "toilet seat" drama that obviously took up most of the day's thought processes as that too, was so important. Hours and days were spent discussing this huge problem while simultaneously bashing males in the process as apparently it was all our fault, again. The Germans were actually thinking about installing a verbal message system, a computer chip under toilet seats,  that would inform any recalcitrant male when he lifted the seat to have a pea, to put it back down and sit down to have one. That is how important that issue was to the slut-feminist hate movement. They persisted with it to such a degree that it actually become an issue between partners, when in actual fact it was never really a problem to begin with. But it gave those harridans another topic to male bash and that was all they were interested in..

So what do you think would be the next topic they could malign and humiliate all men with next. Surely they could "wrack their brain cell" and come up with something that enormous, that the world would just about stop spinning..

Oh, Oh I know.. The female income issue, bingo. How about we make spurious claims that men actually give a shit about a woman's income when choosing a partner. I mean, what they really think about it. Let's see if we can accuse men of being gold diggers just like the majority of women already appear to be,(women mostly marry up and that decision is mainly about the income of the male), surely that mud will stick..

I will leave Bernard to fill you in on the details..