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This what I was getting at when I originally pointed out the comparisons between the AGW hysteria and the competing hysteria of the feminist movement. Those comparisons rise well lit like light bulbs, glaring in their lies and misinformation. The worm has finally turned and payback will be forthcoming as the mob realises that they have been conned, fooled and duped by professional liars, cheats and thieves. I would give my eye teeth for a front row seat at the trials and maybe we could even reenact the scene from "A Tale of Two Cities" and puff on cornstalk pipes and cheer as the blade does it's work, someone else could do the knitting though, but I am dreaming ofcourse, one can..

This is from James Delingpole's article on the great AGW scaremongering and it applies right here..
Coming soon - indeed it has already started - is the mother of all backlashes against the AGW alarmism industry. It will happen on lines predicted over a century ago by Gustave Le Bon in his seminal 1895 work, The Crowd.
Le Bon (whose analysis of crowd mentality influenced Freud, Hitler and Mussolini) argued that the secret of demagoguery was to repeat an idea over and over again in order to create a "contagion" which would infect the popular mind and hold the culture in its grip. This is what, until very recently, happened with the global warming religion.
But this contagion can only keep going, Le Bon argues, so long as those spreading it possess "prestige" in the eyes of the mob. Once that "prestige" is lost, the crowd turns brutally against those seers and experts and leaders in whom it once had such faith. Suddenly it sees them for the liars and cheats and manipulators they really are.
All we need to do is exchange the AGW for Feminism, as we have the exact same situation that feminists have been working on for all those years. That methodology was there for all to see and fortunately a few noticed it for what it really was originally and where it was all heading. The need to spread that information became too prominent to subdue. As usual, there are always others who have to clean up the mess it leaves and the stench that permeates from it, hoping that a lesson may have been learnt. But it will have to be replaced with something a lot fairer and less destructive  and in the long run make peoples lives better rather than worse..