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Iron Will..
While I am on the subject of the opposite sex, when not, to be honest. I posed that question to a number of females over the last few years concerning their "breasts". I did have to be careful to steer the conversation onto the subject without appearing to be, or being accused of pursuing some type of fetish. That I will leave to male feminists as they have already demonstrated to being experts..

Now, my question was simple "How important are breasts to females". The reason for asking the question was to garner some responses and compare the level of interest in relation to feminists claiming that one's dick is the epicenter of all thought and action. So, why not ask the girls, where their interest lies, on which part of their anatomy and how they felt about their appendages..

I was surprised in one way and not the other. The breasts are, as far as the females I queried were concerned, considered them to be number one without exception. It rated on their list at the supremo interest level, leaving the next topic wallowing on the ground where that one was hovering skyward. Interesting..

Boobies mating somewhere on the planet..
It would appear that women are just as interested in their boobs as we are. That being the case, why do feminists make such an issue out of it and use that opportunity to once again rail against our sex, for taking an interest. Yep, it's that CD rearing it ugly head again (cognitive dissonance). The breast topic has been off limits as far as I am aware. Who dares question any female directly and about such a personal topic, the cheek, the Gaul.

Well, actually, I do. As Penelope said in Sahara "I am not shy"..

The responses I received from the girls in relation to the question was as follows -

1. They are the number one priority..
2. Not one was happy with their size, either too big or small, wrong shape etc..
3. It expresses their femininity..
4. You do not feel or could not feel like a women without them. 
5. Special care is taken to make them look good (clothing, surgery etc)..
6. All had more than 10 sexy bras stashed in their drawers (sic)..
7. Sexy bras made them feel special, mostly to themselves..
8. 70% of women do not have fitted bras because they are too embarrassed to shown their breasts to other women.(4 females reported that stat.)..
9. All had their favourite comfortable bra, they cherished it and were loathed to throw it away even when it was well worn and tattered..

 Well, there you go. A topic akin to the hysteria regarding the male appendage and of similar interest apparently. But unlike theirs, we do not have any option of exposing it in public and defying anyone to look. We do not have the same option of cradling them in or with "sexy" material to make one feel better. Neither do we laugh in an audience situation when they are cut off and thrown into the river..

So the responses are different apparently..

The paradox arises when women show off their femininity and then demand that no one pays any attention but that extra attention is precisely the reason for wearing and revealing their femininity in public..

Go figure..

I have to leave it there as I just cannot reason it out any further or more than that. Men are in a constant flux regarding this topic and are also destined to be wrongly marked as being a "perves" or some other salacious term, just because they view what has been put on display, deliberately and intentionally. Yep, refer to previous post for the possible answer as I do not have one..