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One would not have to look far or deep to see whether or not the International Women's Day committee is saturated with feminists and like minded drones who use this specific day to promote more of their sexist, self-serving propaganda under the guise of caring, peace and love..

 The International Woman's (Nagging) Day has in the past been filled and saturated with "Women are such Victims and we need more money" hype, we have come to expect and have been guaranteed that with such synchronised efficiency as to come straight out of the "NOW" headquarters..

 All we hear and are lectured about, is how life is just so bleeding difficult for their sex but ofcourse for the other irrelevant sex, it's just a breeze and a friendly, easy, walk in the park..

Never, not even once, have I ever heard of even a remote suggestion on this day, that women could actually get their shit together and stop being so friggin selfish, self serving and narcissistic. That just would not do at all. Leave that angle for the journalists and fellow hand-wringers to agonise over as the IWD is solely for women's privileges and other expressions of their self deservedness, lolling in delusional grandeur and daring anyone to contradict their own interpretation of what it is to be a specially privileged and entitled human being.  Special laws have been introduced to cater for it while they continue on that endless road and demand even more unlimited options..

To state that it is sickening and way beyond the pail, would be an understatement. Women have taken the path where they have legislated, forced their way in, changed every possible angle to advantage themselves and then turn around to claim that they are that good that all should now bow and scrape at their ability, all should stand in awe at their forced achievements at the cost of everyone else, including children meanwhile make the claim that their efforts were justifiable because they are worth it..

Meanwhile we stand back with our mouths open, wondering when their bubble will burst and their self congratulatory, back slapping, self delusion will eventually wane, (no sign of that yet) while at the same time demanding everyone's respect for being so caring and sharing..

 I really do not get it. I really don't..

 If women had of acted honourably to begin with, then one would quite easily have given them the nod and congratulatory praise that they feel they deserved. The facts are that they did not. They trampled over everyone and everything in their efforts as they stand on the bodies of men and children which they have helped to destroy, desecrated honourable societal aims and goals to achieve this assumed perfection and then have the temerity to demand respect, give me a break..

Are women respected more now than they were 50 years ago ?
Can anyone Demand Respect ?
When do those demands stop ?
When do they begin considering the rest of society ?

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