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All those harmless women with their "victimhood" issues are apparently very keen to discount the claim. I wonder what the excuse for this type of behavior is according to the slut-feminist movement, who seem to be able to justify any and all behaviour undertaken by women with the "They're a victim" mantra..
I look forward to the latest excuse and justification that movement has for this type of action. Rape is what it is and the slut-feminist hegemony has decided that those old "penis in vagina" only acts, was a little too constrictive, they needed to inflate the stats. a little more. Now they have broadened that law to include the consumption of alcohol as being a reason for rape. You could even be jailed for having sex with your girlfriend or wife, after a "Romantic" night out, even when she initiates the sex, she can still make the claim that it was rape. It's only the claim that matters, even if she recanted and withdrew the complaint, the outcome will still be the same as that is ignored as being made under duress..

That law instigated by women in order to jail as many men and boys as possible, is now including their own sex as the "restructured" law was always intended to do. It's equality you know, as the ignorance of the actions of the slut-feminist movement continues to get support from that same ignorant gender..


It also puts paid that men cannot be raped, as the slut-feminists have always claimed. It also demonstrates that maybe that pussy pass is loosing it's halo effect and that sex will finally be held accountable for the same actions that they have been excused for for a millenium..

About time. But we wait for the outcome..

Woman, 39, accused of breaking into house and raping man

  • Australian Rebecca Elder 'performed oral sex' on alleged victim
By Tom Gardner

A woman was today ordered to stand trial in Australia, accused of breaking into a man’s home and raping him.
Rebecca Helen Elder, 39, pleaded not guilty to one count of aggravated serious criminal trespass at the man’s home, and one count of rape.
She appeared in Adelaide’s District Court this morning. 

Accused: Rebecca Elder arrives at court in Adelaide
Accused: Rebecca Elder leaves court after denying accusations that she broke into a man's house and performed oral sex on him without his consent
Prosecution documents, filed with the court, allege both offences took place at a suburban location between September 20 and September 23 last year.