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The "ME,ME,ME", Meme..

One does have to wonder just how far women, especially female journalists, praise themselves, while   never miss the opportunity of patting themselves on the back and constantly reminding all and sundry just how superior, her sex, claims itself to be. All this self-congratulating is now at the point of being embarrassing, it akin to a child returning for a constant reminder that your are still around to take care of them, give them some attention and send them on their way. I mean how pathetic is it really. We have grown ups behaving like children and fail to even recognise it..

Kelly McParland: What if women don’t need guys any more, and guys don’t care?

So we have a case of TWO, count em, female journalists, once again gloating that they somehow deserve some level of applause for fixing the entire educational system and government policy outcomes, that ensured women are catered to and granted every possible advantage and here are those sick, pathetic, needy, sycophants, laying claim to an outcome, that they have guaranteed. For childishness level refer to original comments..

It's another case where they claim to be that good that they have one of their own actually admitting it. That is just too fabulous..
Margaret Wente, one of the country’s best columnists, has written an interesting piece on the changing roles of men and women. It’s all about the fact that women are increasingly more successful — better educated, more ambitious, more focused – than men.
“Women are flourishing in this new world, but many men aren’t. Men have always defined themselves as providers — it’s the main source of their identity. What happens when they aren’t needed as providers any more? What happens when their sense of purpose is lost? The answer is, they become unmoored. They stop being adults”

So pushing aside the gloating and the special benefits that sex now has just because of possessing that special piece on anatomy. Is there any suggestion that maybe it has been the case, those privileged princesses have been granted anything they demanded.  Never would they confess that they did not achieve what they claim without a comprehensive system in place, guaranteeing that outcome. That would be too much of a confession and one they would readily, constantly and consistently deny..

Ask that question as I have done and watch the response. If they are not naval gazing, they are blustering hysterically, denying it..

Needless also to mention is the fact that that endless gloating is apparently not enough, so they have to go through some additional male bashing material, just for more effect. For more information on "How to act like a child" refer to original comment..
  "They stop being adults”
 One does wonder how that works in the argument, how the claim that "male stop being adults" does not reflect on their own behaviour. In order to make such a claim to begin with, what actually induced it, Why does it matter to females at all, when you think about it. They now have all they ever wanted. How men behave is in reality none of their damn business but they persist, cannot miss that opportunity of the "Gloat" factor kicking in. To have to take that option so often, one would have to wonder what is wrong with them, when they need to constantly bring up this topic, just so they can have another self-congratulatory session, it must make you wonder !..
She quotes from a book on the subject, The Richer Sex, by Liza Mundy: “I’m kind of losing hope in men,” one high-achieving woman told Ms. Mundy. “My husband and his friends, they just love being bachelors – they love to hang around and smoke pot.” Other women make similar comments.

I’ve been thinking about the same subject off and on for some time. At first I was worried. There’s little question that women are making great leaps and bounds while men, especially younger ones, seem increasingly to coast through life. Walk around any university campus and it’s self-evident. Check who is in the tougher courses in the more desirable faculties. Talk to young women who see men as an interesting diversion, but nothing worth giving up the career for.
 Let's just see who are actually suffering from any levels of dissipated adulthood. Just for the sake of comparison..

1. Name something that women have improved ; They go into the workforce, claim sexism, sue the individual, company or government department and demand additional privileges because their feelings are hurt..
2. As we now have more female journalists: Apart from whining about how there are not enough female journalists and taking every opportunity to self-congratulate themselves. Have they promoted or enhanced or improved journalism to any degree or just made it worse ?
3. Women's educational achievements: Having had a look at the courses and degrees that women have achieved. What relevance does that have to society. Have all those highly educated and super intelligent women improved society in any way, shape or form. How many "Arts Degrees or Social Degrees", does society need ?
4. After decades of self-serving and self preferential treatment: Now that women are promoted over men due solely to the presence of their genitalia, are all those government departments and businesses run more efficiently, have they demonstrated being the "Worlds Greatest Communicators" or set any standards of superior methodology in anythng, as they have always claimed that superiority ability as their own !

So in other words, due to their ever increasing educational levels, have really had no beneficial effect apart from praising and feeding their own egos and ensuring their own privileges are increased. They continually claim superiority but when one tries to measure that claim via any practical method, it is unmeasurable, even ineffectual. Yet they claim that they are so brimming with intelligence and ability that the world without their presence, would indeed just, well, you know, something will happen..