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It would have only been a few years back when feminists like shrieking Jessica Valenti produced those charming and caring "Fuck You Friday" videos. It just demonstrated what feminasties were really all about as well as demonstrating what level of obnoxious these feminists females could sink to. They demonstrated that well..

When you have a look at the anti-feminist videos on Youtube from females, you are going to be in for a major surprise. The growth over just the past six months has increased dramatically as more and more find their voice and decide to no longer sit back and keep quite. People are seeing how feminism has screwed up their lives, their relationships, their chance of a normal existence. They can see the lunacy they have wrought all around them and also see clearly that the feminist movement is attached via the umbilical cord to the loony left wing movement..

This young female has only recently started and I found her to be a rather articulate and well spoken individual..47,385 hits..

Here is feminism's number one enemy. She wants to be a mom and have babies (about 6). Worth it just to see if you can follow the sheer word volume..
Cute as hell..153,939 hits..

Another example on feminism's sexist equality claims and make a few interesting remarks that puts the feminists in place. Good on her..14,901 hits..

It's fine accusing feminists of being hypocrites, as they are beyond doubt, but are they frauds or fraudulent as well. It has been the case where feminists have been soundly caught out and uncovered dishing out false or questionable information. The 1 in 4 example would be one of the most obvious. Those statistics were introduced into the argument by using a sampling methodology that would ensure it's outcome as ALL feminist studies undertaking are designed to do..

They decide the outcome before hand and then make the study or research fit the predetermined result..

Demonstrating females as victims is their number one aim. That single aim has also ensured that they are not held accountable for their actions as well. In order to explain away their lies and penchant for fiddling the figures, we have a great example as to how that justification is realised..

The ethicists, yes that is actually a discipline, have decided that justification for lying is dependent on what it is you are lying about. I can understand why a  research company or business would require some ethical standards or even governments departments (even though they appear to ignore it) The end, as far as they are concerned, is justified because the action was taken for a "good" cause. This is ofcourse is a convenient new way of thinking as many would already be well aware. Since when can anyone blatantly lie and then be cleared of lying or legal action, just because that one single individual was of the opinion that the action was warranted as their own "feelings" determines it to be the case. This is ofcourse the new "regressionists" thought process and it's how they justify their actions and keep a clear conscience..
 All of this falls in the category of dirty-pool politics that has a long established tradition dating back to the early days of recorded time. After all, deception, ethics, and morality are all relative, depending on one’s culture, circumstances, and purpose at hand.

It is only when one is preaching for some emphatic course of action, and then gets caught doing something that is to the contrary. This creates that undesirable circumstance and appearance of hypocrisy.
 As they say, anything can be justified and any lie can be converted to a truth when it claimed to be that often enough. That is ofcourse where the feminist movement comes into the picture once again. Their "1 in 4" statistic has been clearly shown to be misinformation, if not a downright lie, but they keep stating that same falsehood over and over again. The "1 in 4" women will be raped, the "1 in 4" female student will be sexually assaulted or the greatest lie of all is the "A women would never lie about rape". That statement was uttered by some feminist while they were trying to push through another of their illegal and sexist laws..

Feminists have practised this right from the beginning and it's time they were held to account over their blatant lies and fraudulent behaviour. But there are no feminists who will put their hand up to be counted as their leader. There is not one single feminist out there who can control or lead that movement as it is that splintered that any attempt would be a total waste of time and effort..

When one assesses the function, acts and  behaviour of feminists, one would also have to consider the fact that they are headless, leaderless as well as being dysfunctional. They have demonstrated that as well, when radical feminists try to take control and introduce their imaginary dream-time utopia that consists of butchering half the population and selective breeding. That goal should already indicate precisely where feminism is and what it's really all about. That also indicates that they are totally rudderless on their voyage, searching for some sandbank to run into to and other such cliches. The amazing issue here is that there is no one to hold accountable and no one to face legal retribution. They can and do make illegal laws, they make false statements, they do introduce misleading studies and they do promote hate and malice and yet there is not one single member of that hegemony who can be held accountable..

How deliberate is that ?

It has come to the stage in the battle of the sexes where something positive will have to be done soon as all I can see is a build up of anger and total frustration. These types of responses and reactions will not be minimised unless some positive actions are taken to stop the discrimination and the hate program that feminists have fomented now for decades.
It would appear that we are finally at some tipping point, where either action is taken to reduce the sexism, discrimination and bias against men and boys or action will be taken at ensuring that the road back to some level of equality will be almost impossible..

The frustration level is out there for all to witness and feminists are still at the grate, prodding and poking the embers of that fire without relenting or reducing their malice and toxicity levels.

1. Men tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
2. Feminists ask for proof.
3. Men provide proof.
4. Feminists change the subject.
5. Feminists ignore the facts.
6. Feminists laugh at the idea of male plight.
7. Unbiased men and women see this and research the facts.
8. Men AND women tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
9. Feminists realize their hypocrisy is being revealed.
10. Feminists offer to cooperate with Mens Rights Activists.

Something is going to break, sooner or later..

I have read articles about this same issue before. Producing false statistics on sexual assault, sexual abuse, attempted rapes, amongst other claims, have previously been produced by errant and obvious members of the feminist movement, solely for the purpose of inflating the figures and increasing their funding..

There is nothing new about it but it does demonstrate why they had to change the "Assault" laws at Universities, the numbers were not increasing the way they wished and their funding was indeed in jeopardy. We are talking about millions of dollars to one University alone. An amount that they would ensure is forthcoming on a regular basis even if it meant supplying false information to increase the statistics.
By doing so, feminists and their ignorant drones could now point at those figures and claim a massive increase of plague proportions, was under way and thereby ensuring even greater funding still. The artificially inflated figures also gave rise to more male bashing efforts by campus feminists and their lackeys in government departments. Other incoherent ranters who like nothing more than pointing the finger. They are totally indifferent to whether or not the stats. are just lies, artificially inflated or imaginary, facts to feminists are irrelevant as they can easily make up their own as they have already done..

To the feminist movement it was just more fodder for their male hating bonfire..
All of these organizations are interrelated and work together.  The DA's sexual assault unit which is heavily grant-funded, works very closely with victim advocates for the District Attorney’s Office and from the Yolo County Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center.  Additionally, the unit works in partnership with the Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center.

Ms. Beeman will take the fall here in this case, particularly because she embezzled and misused money from the grants.  However, there are problems with the entire funding system that relies heavily on grants that are often competitively awarded.  Such competition produces incentives for agencies to show results. 

Results could mean the prosecution of cases that are suspect.  We previously showed how a DA statutory rape grant (Block Grant) may have led to the DA attempting to pursue statutory rape charges against then-18-year-old Michael Artz who had sexual relations with a 16-year-old classmate.

We also have the more extreme abuse, where county crime statistics were falsified.  In September we had an entire story on that, but the Beeman case is another clear example.
 So it's not a matter of it being a "one off" situation, but ongoing.

Former UC Davis Violence Prevention Director Arrested

beemanreadyCase Shows Systematic Problems with the Use of Grant Money For Law Enforcement Efforts -

This week UC Davis announced that, more than a year after it was acknowledged that the longtime director of the Campus Violence Prevention Program had exaggerated the numbers of forcible sex offenses reported under the Clery Act in 2005, 2006 and 2007, the former director of that program has been arrested. 

The arrest of Jennifer Beeman occurred on December 9, on charges of embezzlement of public funds and eight other felonies in connection with her alleged misuse of public funds as director of the Campus Violence Prevention Program.

According to the warrant issued by the Yolo County District Attorney, Beeman is charged with one count of embezzlement of public funds by a public official, three counts of misuse of funds by a public official, four counts of false accounting, and one count of fraudulently altering an account. All the charges carry potential jail terms.

A joint investigation by UC Davis Police and the U.S.Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General included a search of Beeman's banking records. Beeman is believed to have embezzled from $2,000 to $13,000, according to investigators.

In addition, the university returned over $100,000 to the U.S. Department of Justice, due to questionable costs the university identified in the use of a grant awarded by the Department in 2005.
 As much as I hate this topic and dislike the idea that this does go on. The outcomes these days is so fuzzy as it would be almost indeterminable to identify precisely what action was undertaken in order to determine a conviction. The rules have changed so much that one could make a false claim and have that claim identified as true, according to the new laws that Obama's Hench Women in the White House have introduced..
In September 2009, UC Davis announced that Beeman had exaggerated the numbers of forcible sex offenses reported under the Clery Act in 2005, 2006 and 2007. UC Davis corrected those figures in 2009 and has taken steps to improve oversight of the collection of Clery Act statistics.

UC Davis’ Campus Violence Prevention Program provides victims of sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence the opportunity to divulge the crimes in confidence and connects them to health care and other support services, regardless of whether they choose to file a police report.

What becomes more interesting is looking at the connections between Ms. Beeman, the Yolo County DA's Office, and other organizations with regards to grants and grant funding.

One of the interesting connections was between Ms. Beeman and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. 

CALCASA was one of the organizations hit for misuse of federal grant money.
On and on it goes as it filters down the line to so called genuine organisation who now all come under the same fraudulent behaviour insinuations. That entire industry has come under dispute as more and more facts are exposed and more lies and misinformation discovered. If it exposes anything, it exposes precisely how feminists operate and how careless they are with other people's lives, be that both male and female. But as we have already witnessed in other situations where feminists are involved. They don't give a damn as long as the numbers are in their favour..

When anyone has a difference of opinion regarding any issue, one would at least expect the courtesy of being able to discuss that difference of opinion in a civilised and practical way. If and when anyone agrees or disagrees, whether they either agree or disagree with said topic or article or opinion piece. It would be assumed that that opinion is at least heard rather than shouted down. That is normally how consensus is built and a positive outcome reached. Part of those processes are usually a compromise in order to reach some level of cohesion or workable idea and outcome..

It has always been the mainstay of the Men's Movement to succinctly put across considered and well thought out response and argument in pointing out why we are against certain aspects of the feminist rationale. Not purely for the reason of "because it's there" but because many in the MM realised that the way they presented their arguments and justification for their actions were plainly hypocritical, discriminatory as well as sexist, which they claimed they were supposedly working against..

In the past there have been quite a few efforts at engaging feminists, either by demand, suggestion or recommendation and on the odd occasion it was taken up and as usual it came to absolutely no practical outcome whatsoever. The reason for that negative outcome was solely due to the fact that feminists refused to budge from their blatant and obvious lies and hypocrisy. The case in point would be the Futrelle and Elam debate, which would have had a positive outcome if the male feminist had not introduced their own manufactured studied lies and misinformation, as proof of enforcing their viewpoint as sacrosanct. Bear in mind that a similar discussion eventuated between the MM and PUA(Pick Up Artist) community in which the debaters worked out differences and everyone walked away with a better outlook to both viewpoints. Differences were examined and discussed, worked out and all or most went away with a feeling or sense of a job well done. That use to be what discussions and debates were all about..

But with feminists, this is never the case. We have in the past witnessed their leaders demonstrate some minutiae of regret at the methods they used to discriminate against men and often women as well. But apart from that, their attitude is one of "We are Right and You are Wrong". Which does not give any hope of ever reaching some level of compromise as that attitude demands that one side must win over the other..

I can give you many examples on how feminists respond to legitimate attempts at discussing issues.Here are a few that I have come across personally..
MRA - Should the Education departments be concentrating on one sex and ignoring the other?

Feminist response - You're sexist.

MRA - Where VAWA is concerned, why is it possible for a foreign female to be able to make false assault claims against a citizen of that country and have the government help convict him?.

Feminist Response - You're racist.

MRA - How is it possible that a mother can deny access to the Father to see his children?

Feminist Response - You live in your mother's cellar and you have a small dick..
You may think that those comments are exaggerations, but anyone who has spent any time on feminist sites, posing similar questions, did and would have received those usual evasive personal attacks as standard feminist responses and behaviour. That type of action signifies precisely that feminists have no leg to stand on whenever they are faced with sincere questions quiring some of their doctrine or viewpoint. Even that outcome varies to such a degree that one would have to allow for the different types of feminists there are as each sector or segment of that movement has a differing viewpoint, opinion or explanation and not one single explanation is the same..

So, what are the chances of dialogue or constructive discussions with that irrational hate movement ? absolutely none. That is unless and when they decide to grow up and stop behaving like spoilt children who continually demand their own way and everyone else is ignored or demeaned as and treated as irrelevant..

I can relate to Alcuin's explanation of the male feminist and their need for acceptance by the female sex. They actually remind me of Elliot's wish at being "The most sensitive man in the world"in Bedazzled.

One can also imagine a male feminist as being one of those overweight, scruffy malcontents, stumbling blindly down some darkened back street, staying in the shade, using chopping motions with their hands and muttering to themselves, secretly ofcourse, so no one else can be party to their imaginary revelations.  Being of the opinion that only they have been given the insight into feminism's Utopia, their holy grail and only they are the select few, proudly chosen to determine it's outcome, it's inevitable theoretical destination and they will be proudly counted as the semi elect, appointed to the position of altar boy in subservience to their high priestesses..


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: One of the more irritating things about the matriarchy is the endless stream of manginas trying to talk some matriarchal sense into you, peacocking their own politically correct horseshit in front of the staffroom Frauen.

These men are desperate for outer affirmation, so try to get qualified as a feminist. One way they do that is with the this is what a feminist looks like game, where they publicly build their feminist portfolios through public shaming of men like you and me, men who don't need that same level of affirmation.
Public humiliation is not to be considered as a negative to their enlightened mindset. They are the blessed, they are the chosen, not bypassed as they eagerly volunteered their services by enhancing their cognitive dissonance levels, suitably enhanced to entertain their delusional lofty positions..
First, they are hungry for affirmation because they have the personality of a woman and therefore need some outer force or authority telling them what's what. While we all need this at times and to a certain extent, these guys need it as much as women do rather than the occasional pat on the back.

Second, they were brought up in a feminized environment, and tend to see the woman's point of view rather than their own. They have been brainwashed by the feminist educational system, in other words. Or traumatized. Masculine men, non-compliants, make them uneasy.

Third, they like to talk about their feelings about as much as women do. They particularly love the intoxication of getting angry over some cause. They crave that anger like the lassies do. They want and need the sanctimony. These guys have little on the inside, so fill it with emotions. Notice that emotional types tend not to be big thinkers, though they think of themselves as such. Instead of reasoning through a problem or a belief, they emote and sentimentalize their way through, which leads to useless or childish conclusions.
One can be left in no doubt at all that they are happy and content in their newly appointed positions, they no longer have to behave like a man but only be the pretend version, as long as it is interspersed with Elliot's sensitivity factor and continual obeisance to the female superior. Wishing above all that they will assume the female psyche just like they did back in the Hellenistic period.  They too will be able to assuage the Hellenistic personification of the soul of female, just like they have always dreamed and fantasized..
What ofcourse they do not realise or even comprehend is that there is a different aspect to their groveling abeyance..
The ladies sit back and chuckle to themselves, both at the loser they've manipulated into fighting their fight even though he gains only in his own mind, and at the man presently between the pathetic sights of the peacock.
The self absorption of the male feminist is that intense that they have failed to listen to the command of their masters, their very own feminist female leaders, who have repeatedly informed them to "fecke" off. But their only response is in their in utter disbelieve as they mutter "Hugo", as if that would have some magic affect. They hope they can use that chant to castaway any negatives they may have witnessed their masters have already undertaken. But it won't work, it's just not working, as that echo rebounds and only reminds them where they actually stand in the Matriarchy.. 
Fifth, being second-hand means being a useful idiot, because some puppeteer is pulling the strings. These guys like being the furniture mover for die Frauen because they believe in chivalry. Again, it's about shaky identity: I'm a nice guy, they need to tell themselves - even though, in fact, they practice knifing other men, strong self-formative men, in the back, and in public as part of their public campaign to belong to the cause.

The back-stabbing highlights the lack of honor they have, the fifth reason these guys are like this. A mangina has no honor. Matriarchy has no honor.
They will be remembered and history will align them to others of equal behaviour and treat them with that same disgust, distaste and repugnance..

We have been raising the issue of female violence for a long time now as it hits plague proportions, as well as it being a topic that can longer be ignored. The problem with exposing female violence is ofcourse that it demonstrates what level of liars feminists really are as they have always claimed that women are never violent, never make false claims and ofcourse would never lay a finger on anyone, even their partners or spouses unless it was in self defence. Lairs that feminists are, will always be exposed as the truth stands on it's own and does not require the assistance of millions of dollars and PR spin to make it work..

So we have even more added to the "Women are Violent" database as time goes on. Maybe you have witnessed some of this type of behaviour, I know I have, which is why anyone alive failed to understand or comprehend it when the feminist hegemony promotes such an outright falsehood. But it's what they do..

Video here..

Schools probe video of girls in wild brawl
LYNN, Mass. -- Two girls, apparently with a grudge, wailed on each other in a Lynn park. Many people stood by and watched, even recording the fight. Police saw the fight online and alerted the mayor. “There will be consequences for this. Not only for the girls in the fight, but also for the ones who stood by and videotaped the fight. The ones who were complacent and watching the fight and the ones who were refereeing, for lack of a better term,” said Mayor Judith Kennedy Flanagan.
Now just in case you are wondering at what age they may start that type of behavior, well, it's birth actually but that has never been looked at either but we are aware that little girls do practise manipulating techniques at an early age and finely hone them as they age..

This next one would appear to be more of a precondition than as a result of the brawl as they are waiting for the autopsy report. But ofcourse one cannot fail to see that it was obviously the boy's fault that accounted for their behaviour as the headline suggests. We cannot have the obvious victims of their own behaviour being blamed..

11-Year-Old Girl Dies After Fight With Classmate Over Boy

ABC News
Health officials and police in Long Beach, Calif., are trying to determine how an 11-year-old girl died after getting into a fight with another girl over a boy.
Joanna Ramos, a fifth grader at Willard Elementary School, died Friday night in the hospital after complaining of a headache.
"She was so nice to me; she was like a sister to me," said classmate Stephanie Soltero, crying. "They were fighting over a boy, just for a boy. It's just stupid."
The two girls and seven onlookers went to an alley off campus after school on Friday, where they had planned to fight, according to Deputy Chief Robert Luna of the Long Beach Police Department. No weapons were used and no one was knocked to the ground.
Police are waiting for autopsy results to determine Ramos' cause of death.

For more video on females smacking the crap out of each other, just in case you are of the opinion that it's rare, have a look in the side bar, down the bottom, for a list of about a dozen or so videos. I personally derive no pleasure in having to expose this type of behaviour but it needs to be shown and demonstrated to stop the feminist lies and disinformation..

There are many different versions on this concept and here are a couple of guys doing it just to prove that it can be done. Running a vehicle on water has always been a wish rather than reality but here they are doing just that.

Interesting explanations as they demonstrate and discuss exactly what they have achieved..

This is how they behave when they get older. New Year Eve 2012 England..Bras are optional..

There are a few things that triggers my laugh mechanism and this did just that. Here is the Dad who removed his 15 year old daughter's laptop and turned it into an anchor. This happened, as he explained previously, after the daughter just refused to comprehend, take advice or listen, made snarky and obnoxious comments on her Facebook page, after many warnings, about her family and their friends and generally made as ass of herself to such a degree as to force her parents to take some action. You allow them to walk over you then you are toast, it's that simple. She was already pushing that boundary..

If you have ever raised a teenage daughter, which I have and more than one, they can be an absolute nightmare, if given the opportunity to behave as they see fit. That behaviour is ofcourse boosted by the fact that she has her periods as well, that emotional lever hits full boost, turbo assist, in the blink of an eye, which should in itself explain everything. A cycle that ensures every issue is designed specifically to end her world as she perceives it to be. Rationality goes on holidays for about five years..
But you can and have to take some level of action in order to control the hysterics and that is precisely what he did. In hindsight, he regrets his action and did not realise that he would be a popular hit on the web for all and sundry to promote. Neither did he realise that it would also come to the attention of the male version of Oprah..Dr Phil, who I have on many occasions had reasons to loathe and definitely not my kind of hero, as a matter of fact, he would come in as diametrically opposite..

So this video is about his response to Dr Phil, and to my way of thinking, he is just way too kind. But that's the man. Good on him anyway for giving Phil the serve he needs, a bigger hypocrite you will not find..

Facebook Dad Vs Dr. Phil - Watch More Funny Videos

As an expert on Feminism. We now have in our possession a study undertaken in 253 Countries. We have carefully questioned, interviewed and received responses to our questionnaires from four people in each country. According to precedence, this makes the study not only totally acceptable but also beyond question as being factual and completely beyond dispute.

The study "A Non-conventional Actuation of Societal Comprehension of Agitprop and Misinformation: The Difference between Mythology and  Hearsay", Christian J et al (Stalwart Press 2012)..

The questionaire consisted of the following..

Do feminists lie..yes or maybe..
Are feminists dishonest... yes or probably..
Have feminists been caught out lying... yes or absolutely..

Due to copyright issues, we are unable to show the actual questions asked..

The outcome of the study was that 1 in 4 people found that feminism is in fact a movement, who are not responsible for telling untruths or even half truths. As studies have demonstrated in the past by Steinem et al 1989(Telling the half truths), Dworkin et al 1985(The Art of Fibbing).  

This unbiased study was then made available to some learned people whom I cannot name and we have also made the exception of actually stating what the questions are not, in order to demonstrate how unbiased they are, which in the majority of cases, we normally do not do anyway. We respond to such queries with the usual vacant and irrelevant commentary about those responses being unsolicited and unbiased..

We will ofcourse be sending the result of this unbiased report to all representatives of our movement and they will take care to just include the 1 in 4 number without sullying it with facts or any indication where or how the information was obtained. As with all previous studies that we have undertaken and presented, in this honest and noteworthy, deliberate way. We have also taken the rare steps of ensuring that the author and publishers are either out of the country, incognito or just not available.

The funding for this project was also disguised as a "sexual harassment" study to further our claims at ensuring that bias and discrimination is forthcoming and is at it's worst stage, ever. As is also normally the case, taxpayer dollars used in this study, plus the costing of which will not include any totals or amounts used, (as that would be an invasion of privacy), and must be resisted and protected at all or more cost to the taxpayer..

We have also used our own favourite people to summarise and claim the study is honest and completely unbiased and the facts entertained are beyond question. Those same people will ofcourse be heavily compensated for their effort..

As copies of this study are behind a pay wall and well hidden in some academic database that would take days to find because we have disguised the title. We offer the study to anyone interested at the cost of only $ 250.00 per article as costs must be recovered for our next study which will be released over the next few months as we are currently applying for more taxpayer funding for even more exposure of true and honest, factual interpretation of reality..

Anyone requiring further information can contact us via mail or phone between the hours of 3 - 4 am on non holidays and or via messenger at this address .................

The most suitable poster applies..

I am completely fascinated by the comparisons of the feminist movement and the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) hoax that all and sundry have now been thrown into via some outright lying and the dishonesty demonstrated of the last few weeks..
The fact that feminists have been undertaking that same path for decades does indicate that it is an effective way to make claims that otherwise would be so comprehensible, that you normally would not in your wildest dreams entertain any part of that nonsense..

But it continues just as Girlwriteswhat states in her video and especially in regards to male feminists who seem to live in a constant realm of fantasy as they make up stories that are along similar as the great lies told by the AGW fanatics. Reality and factual provable evidence is apparently all besides the point as they introduce one strawman argument after another. In order to straighten out those lies and erroneous stats, one would have to constantly monitor their sites to even get within a bull's roar of countering them and calling them to account. But that would require them to have a conscience..

But on and on it goes as more fallacies and inventions are introduced and those enablers are left to continue without any chance of prosecution or being held accountable for their brazen behaviour. Unlike Gleick, another Global Warming fanatic, who decided that lying and cheating was the best way to win against his self invented enemy, so it is with feminists of all sex, colour and sizes. It would appear that honesty and integrity are the first to suffer while they take the same steps to try and malign and denigrate the MRM as well as MRAs..

Some great examples of their hubris and agitprop is constantly on show without apology or facts to back it up. A prime example is from this usual feminised delusionary - Shani Hilton and it's article on "Street Harassment". These women are laughable. Incredible claims made and followed up with questionable studies as usual..
Kearl, the author of Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women, is an expert who's surveyed more than 800 women in 22 countries on the kind of threatening, persistent harassment I wrote about a few days ago. One of her findings? That 1 in 4 women say they were harassed by a strange man in public before the age of 12.
Bear in mind as well that those Transit companies have installed security guards and every female has in their possession a mobile phone, which they can use at any time(mostly have it attached to their ear as it is) plus there are hundreds of people around who would help at the drop of a hat should anyone demonstrate they were even annoying anyone, plenty of white knights about. All any of those women would have to do is raise their voice or make some hysterical response as they usual do when they "feel" threatened. Also bear in mind that most of those claims have been made in cities like New York where feminists abound and are well versed in their discriminatory methodology..
 Toward the end of her testimony before Councilmember Muriel Bowser yesterday, Holly Kearl made a point to note that "sexual harassment is not mutual flirting or compliments."
Nope, sexual harassment is whatever a feminist determines it to be..

The entire event is ofcourse to ensure that women are given even more privileges along the lines of what they are doing in India, where they have their own Privileged Princess Carriages, which only the PP are permitted to use (Animal Farm anyone?) and they will be thrown off as has been the case by one man who accidentally strolled into one. It is another opportunity that feminists use to slander and malign all men and lob us all into one basket by claiming that all men behave in that fashion and that it is only females who have to run the gauntlet. This is typical feminist agitprop at work and sums up precisely what feminism is all about, detect any "equality" in their aims and goals, anyone?

The sexism and hypocrisy is right there for all to see, it's palpable and so obvious and yet we have these women claiming segregation is the only answer and apartheid it's only goal. Talk about dragging the world back to the 1800s. It demonstrates how retarded and destructive it really is while at the same time make the claim that it's for equality. I mean really. Daily they demonstrate their obvious sexism and discrimination on a world wide scale and still they have the ear of the law makers who are more than happy to reintroduce the Animal Farm at the behest of those sexist individuals..

Having made a few obvious points about the opposite sex, one must ofcourse take time to recognise some rather effective and encouraging female activists who have taken the MRM side. They are far and few between but they are there and they do help in a lot of ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

The reason for the previous articles were to point out the bleeding obvious as we see it. The overall mentality that is out there and so promoted, does demonstrate once again that the general mentality by women against men is being fostered and is growing as feminists introduce more hate and malice via their womens/gender studies propaganda sessions. That is precisely where it all comes from and it is for that reason that feminists want to ensure that women go on to higher education just so they can contaminate them against the opposite sex. It's a viscous cycle and it has to be stopped..

As Girwriteswhat explains in her video, men are seen as being the stronger, more capable side of the human race and that ensures that society fails to recognise or support any actions or claims that men are victimised or discriminated against. The perceived idea is that men are in control of most positions of power, then they would easily fix any problem or issue that affects our sex in a second, but that is just not happening as we have seen for a long time. It is more the case that women are seen as the poor little victim, the one who should be assisted at all cost and guaranteed our protection regardless the circumstances, even if it is at the expense of men..

Those are the preconceptions we face and they are what we have to overcome and break down. We are finally at the stage where the lives of men in relation to women is regarded as being totally worthless and expendable. Nothing or any effort should be made to ensure that "equality" be tainted by equal demands in education, law and government recognition. Every possible assistance awarded to women should by rights automatically be granted to men but that is just not happening. This is the argument that MRAs put across and it's one that will be won as there is no justifiable reason or excuse under the current thinking processes to exempt all men and boys from receiving the same treatment that women receive. Absolutely none..

But it's still happening..

Feeding the endless lies to women is ofcourse a main passion for feminists, as they believe that they are the epicenter of all wisdom and sage advice. One cannot falter to flatter, condone and encourage women more than by recommending and suggesting that the recommended path they have to follow will eventually, somehow, within a particular length of time, will meet with their euphoric predictions. Meanwhile they have waited in vain for decades for it to eventuate but it never appears to arrive. Feminists and women generally, will ofcourse never admit that they are on the wrong road in trying to fulfill their "mommy track with the picket fence", dream. They are of the opinion that regardless of what they do, how they behave or what they promote, everything will eventually come their way automatically..

Cause the feminists said so. They have been lied to for so long that they actually believe the drivel they have been fed. Unfortunately, the facts are not out there to back it up. Those same females are now witnessing that in their daily lives as they continually hide their heads in the sand and live in constant denial. It truly is a sad sight..

What the feminasties do not tell, is that there is actually a preferential scale that men generally follow to find a partner of choice. One would hazard a guess that being attached to a feminist would be missing on that list altogether or be down amongst the crippled and lame as they suffer from the same..

A Man Wants a Wife, Not a “Co-Worker”

Studies and real life has already clearly demonstrated that females want to have kids, want to work part time and be a wife. mother and everything that that entails. But feminists demand the opposite, feminists want women out in the workforce so they can continually keep changing the rules, knowing that they have a lot of women out there who would in most situations, condone their actions. They can also guarantee that some level of that income will come their way and also ensure that funding and privileges will keep flowing while they have politicians by the balls. That has so far worked a dream..

We can always rely on the New York Times to keep pushing the feminist theme as they have for so long.
As Kate Bolick wrote in a much-discussed article in The Atlantic last fall, American women face “a radically shrinking pool of what are traditionally considered to be ‘marriageable’ men — those who are better educated and earn more than they do.” Educated women worry that they are scaring away potential partners, and pundits claim that those who do marry will end up with unsatisfactory matches. They point to outdated studies suggesting that women with higher earnings than their husbands do more housework to compensate for the threat to their mates’ egos, and that men who earn less than their wives are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.
Link to the above article in the NYT.. 

This is the typical ego feeding that female journalists are mostly into, especially when they are feeding the feminist agitprop in ooze covered drool. Never cease to feed the ego and don't forget to pat them on the head for being good girls and doing as they are told..

How many times have we witnessed "high flying female exectutives" quit their jobs just to be stay at home moms. What does that tell you ?

Meanwhile, and as we have seen time and time again, it's those women who want to make a different life for themselves who are still marginalised and berated. They have to be seen to be doing the feminist's bidding, even if it is at their own expense and that is what this is all about. As we have witnessed right from the beginning, the feminists have a standard FU response aimed at anyone who dares to think or act differently to their demands and it's this girlthink that is basically causing all the problems. So the ball is in the girls court but they fail to pick it up and run with it, meanwhile feminists are screwing their lives even further into the ground..

It truly is pitiful..

More Hollywood feminist Propaganda..

One can understandably be confused by the attitudes of the opposite sex when it comes to feminism, their own part in it's growth and nurturing, it's interference into laws and the family courts, wonder why they are having problems with finding a partner, blame the male sex for all their issues, and yet, still not make one single confession about how they were party to it all. Their overall attitude appears to be "well it's happened", so lets move on. The blinkering process is ofcourse part of the female behavioral pattern and mindset, it demonstrates clearly that they nor feminists, will ever admit to being party to the most destructive upheaval society has ever known. All this came about with their compliance, with their help and assistance and now that the end result of feminist meddling is glaringly obvious, they look the other way and pretend that it was something they had no control over whatsoever..

How is that working out for you now I wonder..

The endless carping by female journalists and feminist enablers demostrates also that the outcome they wished for was just a dream. Radical feminists are still working on that reality outcome which ofcourse will never be achieved. But meanwhile, we have the ongoing carping about the sexes and the end result being, that a movement run by women in order to install special privileges for women at the cost of all men, has not delivered what they assumed it would and there has to be blame metered out and its for certain that the privileged sex ain't gonna wear it even though they are totally responsible and answerable for it..

Have a look at this article and a few paragraphs I pulled from it to demonstrate precisely how these female journalist enjoys nothing more than blaming men for what women have gained from..
(Link to article)
This message seems to have come through especially loud and clear in Italy where it is only too easy to find men who are the embodiment of the self-indulgent stereotype. The effeminate man-child is a plague in Italy; vain, self-important, shallow and self-seeking mamma’s boys who live in their parents’ house into their thirties and forties. The once-family oriented Italians are increasingly either divorcing or refusing to marry in the first place.
Italian journalist Rosaria Sgueglia writes in the Huffington Post that the former master of the Costa Concordia is one of those Italian men who match the stereotype point for point. Italians are “furious,” she wrote, at “people like Mr. Schettino [who] do nothing but compromise the already damaged image the rest of the world has of Italian people.”
Now as far as I can tell, the female journalist writing this article is supposed to be on our side, enemies like these eh!.
But, as you can read and even if you read the entire article, there is not one single word of blame aimed at her own sex or even bothers to point it out except when referring to the feminastie movement as being the only one accountable which is ofcourse only half true. It is the usual demonstration of living in denial as they obviously and blatantly shirk their own responsibility and accountability because they are so pissed off with the way things have turned out and they are now well aware of the fact that there is absolutely nothing they do about it. Their generation will pay for the excesses and now they live in regret and in some cases, in abstract terror as their own dreams are shattered beyond repair. Life in their opinion, is not supposed to be this hard. It's all been turned upside down and they are absolutely besides themselves wondering how it got this bad..

We have been telling them for years that this will be the outcome. We have stated it precisely, patiently and consistently and did they listen, no way. All those euphoric goals promised by lying feminists were just too good, too imaginable, to easily achieved and guaranteed as they manipulated employment laws and promotions. They were basically given everything they wished for and took the rest for granted. I would like to think of it as payback but I think that is a little too simplistic. It is more like a rational response where men have been washed and scrubbed in the feminist toxicity and decided that maybe that relationship or partner can legally do me over without even trying and I stand the chance of loosing everything I have to an individual who has already demonstrated that she is incapable of keeping in a relationship for any period of time, will automatically call on legal representatives as a standard procedure, just to see what she can get out of it all, it has to be made worth her while..

None of it looks like it worth it or even workable anymore. The parents never had these issues, so obviously it's this current generation or three, that has decided on the tactics they want to use, so why bother to give them any chance at all. It will be the case where all this will get worse before it gets any better.  Even that remains to be seen as women generally are more interested in complaining about it all rather than actually doing something positive about it. That first step would the hardest for them, it would mean they would have to accept some accountability, if not all the blame and I do not see that happening, ever..

The never ending cycle of male bashing by feminists does not even remotely appear to be reducing or calming down by even the slightest factor. The endless harping by those compulsive liars, if anything, appears to be redirecting their hate movement into different areas as we witness their movement concentrating on Africa. The last continent where their malice and vitriol has not yet wafted over all and sundry, but it is not for the lack of trying..

With Africa being the proverbial basket case where we can count on the continuing droughts and lack of food. None of those nations are being assisted by the UN or any other NGOs unless they are  educated to be biased, that biased assistance is actively promoted. Whenever we witness any call for assistance, in every case, it is solely aimed at the female population and in the majority of cases, the boys may somehow or another catch the odd scrap of food falling from that vast well stocked "Only females allowed" table..

That reality has already been witnessed already in India, where women only were financed to start new businesses, most went broke after one year but that is ofcourse besides the point. We also had that fine example in Haiti, where women only received food parcels and assistance and men were turned away..

They are the charities that you support or that your government pumps millions of dollars into..

No consideration is given or aimed at young boys being dragged into mines, armies or abused by whatever means. Nope, assistance is solely aimed at female population and if you have a look at any of those sites like the UN, UNICEF, UNHCR,UNIFEM or the like, you will see females prominently displayed as their main assistance target as feminists in all those lobbying groups ensure that to be the case. Bugger the boys, let them suffer and die, should be their chant and group theme as that is exactly what they are doing..

SOS(save our Children) UK..
UNHCR(Save Mother and Baby)
UNIFEM (UN Women Only)

Just a few examples of the bias and misandry those charities organise world wide. They claim to be helping all and sundry but when you have a look at who, what and where they spend the dollars, in the majority of cases, it's pro female and no man or boy need to apply..

Personally, I will not donate a single cent to any charity that does not soundly and clearly demonstrate that their assistance is aimed at Human Beings and not at the sex of the individual. In most cases you will be hard pressed to get that information and even if it is forthcoming, you still need to check what's happening on the ground (examples of female teachers who cannot even be trusted to mark boys papers without bias does put one on the back foot, imagine where else that same mentality exists)..

Do not donate a penny unless you are furnished with the facts and details as this attitude is growing exponentially as feminists interfere even more in those charities and reallocate funds to their own sex as they have already soundly demonstrated (in Hiati, India), they are totally disinterested in equality..

Apart from the obvious bias regarding the charities, I have these articles as well to broaden one's purview..

Kenyan men protest domestic violence

I certainly wish them all the best with that effort as they feel the misandry, bias and toxic feminists at work in their own country. A carbon copy of what we have had to go through and still find impossible to get exposure or even recognised in western countries, what hope have they got..

And some further light reading..

 The Sexual Privilege List..

A comprehensive lists of privileges owed and demanded by women while declaring that they do not have any at all. Cognitive dissonance anyone..

Trigger warning: Feminism

You have to actually read this to understand just how dysfunctional feminists have finally become. I could not even explain this inbred stupidity of their actions..


Oh yes, feminists favourite tag, used whenever they want to smear or encapsulate the entire male sex in a derogatory fashion. I am still wondering what it actually means but their delusional interpretation appears to be sufficient for them to regard this as being some level of insult, Go figure..

Tom Martin to debate feminists in London

Tom Martin, what a hero this guy is and I am glad to see that he has raised some dollars, erm pounds, euros,  to help with his fight against the feminasties in Britain. Another part of the male hate epicentre. Tom's case will surface in March and this is one that has to be won in order to get some unheard of action into the British society, you know that word - Equality..

Being a women is just so hard and difficult apparently, hard enough according to feminists that sexism and discriminating against men and boys is excusable and justified ofcourse. We have a sex that is so totally focused on itself that one is just words short, at trying to describe it. The actions by women is not only incomprehensible, it makes any action that feminists claim against our sex, pale into insignificance..

The sexism, discrimination and the anti-male vitriol is openly demonstrated on a daily basis and we have zero in the MSM even bothering to question their actions or even pose any questions apart from agreeing with it.

Since when does one determine which sex has the harder life and the other the easiest. Feminists have already ordained that their religious followers ensure that the female sex is always the victim, regardless of circumstances, in order to justify their misandry..

Here is just another example of their sexism and bias..

‘Only girls allowed' 

Plan UK’s campaign, which highlights the plight of the world’s poorest girls, launches a groundbreaking interactive ad on a bus stop in Oxford Street on February 22.
The ground-breaking advert can be seen at a bus stop on Oxford StreetThe advert uses facial recognition software with an HD camera to determine whether a man or woman is standing in front of the screen, and shows different content accordingly.
Passing shoppers can opt-in to view the ad and find out more about Plan’s work to help some of the world’s poorest girls. Men and boys are denied the choice to view the full content in order to highlight the fact that women and girls across the world are denied choices and opportunities on a daily basis due to poverty and discrimination.
Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign aims to support four million girls in developing countries to have more choices about what they do with their life.

Link for more on the article..

Instead of taking the sex out of the argument, feminists go out of their way to ensure that only females are the sole target and will use that old and tired argument they have used in the past decades justifying their sexism and bias. They refuse to move on and they also flatly refuse to make any effort to calm the sex war but instead prefer to continually fan the flames to ensure the battle continues and the animosity grows and festers..

It is no longer necessary to claim that the feminist movement is a hate movement as they now so aptly demonstrate it very clearly themselves using your tax dollars to discriminate against you. To them, it's poetic justice..

Advert on Oxford Street shown only to women

Interactive advert  
The interactive screen will show the full 40-second advertisement only to women
An interactive hoarding at a London bus stop aims to show a 40-second advertisement only to women and girls.
The screen showing the short video campaign, by children's charity Plan UK, is located at a bus stop opposite Selfridges on Oxford Street.
A camera will measure facial features of the person standing at the screen to decide whether it is a man or a woman. It guesses right 90% of the time.
If it is a male, the screen will direct him to the charity's campaign website.

One does like to ensure that readers and followers are kept up with the current and sometimes, essential news regarding their health and wellbeing. Which reminds me that I have been negligent in regards to the daily visual exercise a man has to have to balance out one's harmony and relaxation. Watch for necessary example at the bottom of the page..

Apparently the absolute last issue on the fashion calendar is or are any considerations in regards to the ongoing good health of the user or wearer of the latest fashion. We are already aware that high heels, although looking extremely sexy and making the wearer feel the same, does have longterm affect on the wearer's anatomy. We also know that carrying heavy handbags that includes everything a girl need to ensure her comfort and cover all possibilities with the exception of carrying the ubiquitous kitchen sink, again does not assist one's frame either.  We also know that wearing a tie with a buttoned up shirt restricts blood flow and hamper nerve ending and function,  but completely ignored for want of appearance. Last ofcourse is the myriad of chemicals that women smear all over their sometimes, exquisite bodies, does not enhance their health and wellbeing either..
So it's a long and sordid list that everyone apparently ignores for some reason or another..

The worst outcome in regards to fashion would be the introduction of bulimia Nervosa, a rather sad and sorry self induced condition which could be linked to today's and past fashion models being more like starving refugees than well paid and rich individuals. But it's all in the name of fashion..

Tight Ties, Killer Heels: Clothes Make the Fashion Victims

Baila Steinman first noticed the numbness in her leg on a trip to Israel in December. "From the knee to the pelvis, it was numb to the point of being painful," recalls the 52-year-old occupational therapist.
Back home in Brooklyn, a neurologist had her balance on her toes, walk backward on her heels and push back when he put pressure on her legs. Then he asked, "Do you wear tight clothes? Control-top pantyhose? Tight belts?" When she nodded yes, the doctor, Irving Friedman, exclaimed "That's it!"

Getty Images

Tightly cinched belts can cause numbness.
The culprit: the cinch belts Mrs. Steinman loves to wear. Dr. Friedman said they can compress a major nerve, the lateral, femoral cutaneous nerve, that runs from the abdomen to the outer thigh. He said he frequently sees the condition—called meralgia paresthetica—in policemen who carry guns on their hips and ballet dancers who wear tight tutus. "Anything that puts pressure on that nerve can cause it," he said. "It's very, very common."

Mrs. Steinman still wears the belts she loves, just not buckled quite so tight. "I told my friends about this and they cracked up," she says. "I said, 'I'm just letting you girls know, this can happen to you.' "
Apparel and accessories that are too tight, too loose, too heavy, too high or too floppy can all create health issues. Wearers sometimes have no idea that the culprit is their clothes. Of course, modern sartorial trends aren't nearly as punishing as Chinese foot binding or Victorian-era corsets, which could crush women's ribs and displace internal organs.
Here's a look at perhaps what not to wear:
 F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal
Tight jeans can interfere with digestion
Tight jeans: Squeezing into matchstick jeans with cheese-stick legs cannot only cause nerve compression, it can interfere with digestion, as the Archives of Internal Medicine noted in 1993. Internist Octavio Bessa of Stamford, Conn., wrote that he was seeing 20 to 25 patients a year, usually middle-aged or older men, suffering from abdominal discomfort, distention, heartburn and belching a few hours after eating. "The diagnosis can be made easily in the office by comparing the size of the trousers with the abdominal girth. There is usually a discrepancy of 7.5 centimeters or more," Dr. Bessa wrote, coining the term "tight pants syndrome."
Since then, jean styles have gotten even skinnier and have also been blamed for lower back pain, yeast infections in women and a rare condition called lipoatrophia semicircularis, in which horizontal lesions appear around the thighs.

Body shapers: Worn too tight or too long, Spanx and other body-tamers can cause both nerve compression and digestive issues—not to mention painful welts where fabric ends and flesh begins. (They're really made for smoothing, not squeezing the wearer down a size.)
Shapers that compress the upper abdomen can also prevent the lungs from fully inflating, reducing oxygen intake, which can lead to lightheadedness. Stomach-flattening "compression wear" for men runs the same risk—and won't really train those abs to stay in place, no matter what the advertising says.
Boyle + Gardner
Tight neckties and shirt collars can decrease range of motion and reduce circulation to the brain.
Shirts and ties: Get headaches, blurred vision or tingling around the ears—particularly at the office? Tight shirt collars and neckties can reduce circulation to the brain and increase intraocular pressure, a risk factor for glaucoma, experts warn. Tight ties can also decrease rangeofmotion in the neck and increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders, according to a study of South Korean office workers in the journal Work last year.
Many men need to loosen up: 67% buy shirts that are smaller than their necks, according to a 1993 study at Cornell University.
And since they tend not to be cleaned as often as other clothing items, neckties can be transmit infection. Some hospitals have sought to ban doctors from wearing them.

Undergarments: Lingerie experts say 75% of women wear the wrong size bra. A bra that is too big gives no support, which can cause breast pain and back strain. One that is too tight could presumably cut into the flesh.
Boxers or briefs? Fertility experts advise men who want to become fathers not to spend long periods in tight bike shorts that can raise the temperature of the testes, reducing sperm production.

Fabric and detergent: Allergies to specific fibers are relatively rare, although they occur more often with synthetics and blends than all wool, cotton or silk, according to Apra Sood, a contact dermatitis expert at the Cleveland Clinic. More often, people who develop rashes and other irritations from clothes are reacting to dyes, fabric softeners and finishers that can include formaldehyde. "Washing new clothes a couple of times before wearing can reduce that," Dr. Sood says.

Getty Images

Zippers can pinch little fingers.
Kids' clothes: Despite years of regulation making children's clothes safer, a few babies and even older children still strangle on drawstrings or get them caught in playground equipment. Skin can get caught in zippers, which are not recommended for children's clothing.
Lately, pediatricians have been warning of another issue: sock-line hyperpigmentation, raised reddish welts that can appear around ankles from socks with tight elastic. The marks are harmless but can last for years, doctors warn, and can also occur around wrists with tight mittens.
F.Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal
Shoes that are higher than 2 inches have been linked to bunions, hammer toes, stress factures and ankle sprains.
Shoes: Heels higher than two inches have been linked to bunions, hammer toes, stress fractures and ankle sprains. Other ailments include "pump bumps" (bony protrusions on the back of heels), Morton's neuroma (an injury to the nerve between the toes) and Freiberg infraction (in which some foot bones die due to lack of circulation.) After years of wearing high heels, some fashionistas find that their Achilles tendons shorten, making flat shoes uncomfortable.
And flats can cause problems too, especially those with thin, unsupportive soles. In fact, any shoes without arch support can lead to plantar fasciitis, an inflammation in the band of tissue that runs along the bottom of the foot.
Getty Images
Flip-flops lack supportive soles.
Flip-flops are even worse, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association. Researchers at Auburn University videotaped 39 volunteers and noticed they had to clench their toes to keep them on, leading to foot fatigue, sore calf muscles and an altered gait, which could cause long-term ankle and hip problems.
Think winter footwear is safer? Those popular fleece-lined, flat-soled boots have some of the same issues. Plus, the lining can be a breeding ground for athlete's foot and nail fungus. "Yes, they absorb moisture, but the moisture has nowhere to go," says Jeffrey Benabio, a dermatologist with Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, Calif. He recommends wearing fleece boots only outdoors, with socks, for short periods, and letting them dry out in between.

F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal

Handbags can cause back pain
Accessory to a Crime of Fashion
Fashion accessories have their own health hazards. Heavy handbags worn on one shoulder can throw the back out of line, especially if they have long straps and slouchy construction, which allows contents to shift. The American Chiropractic Association recommends that women carry no more than 10% of their body weight in a bag.
Wearing hair extensions for long periods or changing them frequently can create bald spots. Tight headbands, ponytails and braids can cause headaches.

F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal
Body piercings can cause bacterial infections.
Even minute amounts of nickel in rings, earrings, belt buckles, watch backs and jeans rivets can cause an itchy red rash on people who have nickel allergy, which can begin suddenly even in adulthood.
Trapped soap and moisture can cause a rash under any kind of ring, but it tends to happen particularly with channel-set rings, with open spaces underneath stone settings.

 F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal

Some jewelry can trigger a nickel allergy.

About 20% of body piercings develop a bacterial infection, according to a review by Northwestern University dermatologists published in the American Journal of Clinical Dermatology this month.

Write to Melinda Beck at

And ofcourse one must not forget the visual advantages, for health reasons only, ofcourse..


Just one more guffaw session about Hugo and I will let it go. It has been such an ongoing hobby over the past few years to demonstrate precisely what male feminists are really all about that once they are thrown under the bus by their female masters, one stands back in incredulity and wonders how they could justify it all. But justify they did even if it was only in their own tiny, bigoted, narrow minds..

When you have a look at Schwyzer's overall zeal at promoting that male hate movement, one would witness a fanatic at work. Apart from endless demonstrations of cognitive dissonance that every feminists must possess, you would not find a more dedicated and hard working whipping boy than Hugo. So why did they toss him under the bus? Solely because he was a male, the angst sisters recognised the fact that he was better at it then they were and they were loosing the argument as well as loosing control of their menopausal baby. Radical feminists are back in control and Hugo was in the way as their hatred for all males is palpable and constant, Hugo just had to go, the loathing and verbal detritus does not come any more concentrated than in a radical feminist's hate for all men. Probably because most are indeed lesbians. That may seem like some cop out but it is unfortunately true and can be easily verified. Check the RadFem Hub for verification. You could easily compare the hate for males to a similar event in the second world war against the jews, the comparison is real..

Feminism's last gasp is currently being played out as they are only just kicking rocks, wandering through the desert, looking for minutiae to wallow in. Even Steinem has transferred her loathing and hate sessions to Arab countries as there is much more obsessive behaviour that she can throw a grenade into..
The Atlantic has just published an article regarding the exile of Hugo Schwyzer from the feminist camp. America’s most vocal male feminist ally has just been kicked to the curb by the feminists who he so worshiped. Schwyzer has made a career of writing articles that have promoted a self-emasculating viewpoint in favor of promoting feminist ideas. Until recently, he wrote a series of articles on the Good Men Project, politely telling men how horrible they were and particularly telling the world that “the answer to men’s rights was more feminism.”
Yep, that was Hugo's answer to everything, more feminism to fix the same problems that feminism has created and is responsible for. Obviously, Hugo has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and he is going to find out exactly what happens when more feminism is applied, better still, he has already found that out..

Hugo thrown under the Bus..