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The RadFem Hub contribution to equality..
Just when you thought that you have seen it all. That saying about "nothing being new under the sun" may be in for a readjustment..

We have exposed RadFem Hub as a site that espouses the destruction of all men, either via mass murder or eugenics (manipulating DNA), whichever works the best. We have exposed their participation, promotion and organising the SCUM Manifesto Conference in Perth, WA Australia. We have also shown you some of the hate speech that SCUM document espouses (Society for Cutting up Men). We have shown you in their own writing, how one site admin, organiser of the SCUM conference, would like to throw a young boys through a closed window and that was just a mild example as to what they have in mind for boys and men in general..

Now one would wonder that if one associated themselves with that hate site, one would indeed be shown or demonstrated to be in sympathy with their cause. They would be seen to promote that vile, male hating site that promotes mass murder via terrorist activity, bombing Men's sheds and killing off male children as the preferred option. One would imagine that being the case, right..

But apparently not the SPLC. That organisation's claim to be representing justice, honour and truth must and has come into question, especially with their assocation with a hate site like RadFem Hub..

Radfem Hub Promotion of SPLC..

Anyone wishing to donate money or other resources to the SPLC can donate now” through their website, or by mail or telephone.
Please note that you may make charitable contributions to the SPLC and specifically earmark the funds toward individual projects, including the one monitoring the MRAs.  Just make a note of the project for which you wish to earmark your contribution at the time you make the donation.

So we have a hate site that has been exposed, cataloged on the web, demonstrated clearly to wanting to kill all men and boys. Promoting and cheering on the actions of the  the actions of the SPLC..

RadFem article includes the following..
 The SPLC’s approach to monitoring, and toppling, hate groups is three-pronged, with the SPLC tracking the activities of hate groups and domestic terrorists across America and launching innovative lawsuits that seek to destroy networks of radical extremists; using the courts and other forms of advocacy to win systemic reforms on behalf of victims of bigotry and discrimination; and providing educators with free resources that teach school children to reject hate, embrace diversity and respect differences.
Ah yes, incredulously as that may sound, it is actually coming from the mouth of a radical feminist who wants all men and boys dead. Maybe you can explain the hypocrisy and denial but I simply cannot..