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Amanda "Look at Me, ain't I just something else" Marcotte

Amanda fits in very nicely with the term "Party Girl", the ideal feminist as we can see and witness. Her dignity consists of having photos taken in all kinds of situations, to anyone else it would be  embarrassing. I suppose when you have thrown dignity, honour and any standard level of decent behaviour, as feminists do, out the door, then nothing is too extreme. Nothing is sacred and nothing is too outrageous..

This entitlement Princess has no bounds on it's behaviour. Here is example of her character..
My roommate says to me, “Oh, Amanda, I’ll hold your hand while you take a pregnancy test,” but that never happened. Then again, I never pushed it, because I am and always will be a loner. I called my sometimes-boyfriend, my inconstant lover and told him I was probably pregnant. I wanted him to offer to pay for the abortion. He offered instead to marry me. I nearly threw the phone against the wall. Instead, I told him it may not be his. He said he didn’t care.
So let's see what is involved here. We have the "Hugo Schwyzer" type confession with all of it's dirty linen exposed in public. We have a pregnant single female (must be difficult remembering those dozen or so "don't get pregnant" options). We have a future abortion on hand if the test are positive, we have a possible future desperate cuckolded feminised wimp willing to sacrifice his life, and we have a future privileged princess raging against the possibility that someone might actually want to help her out of a difficult position, most would welcome that. But, not good enough for Amanda, she's a feminist and feminists always demand the impossible and scold anyone on any minutiae that might offend them..

The deep and meaningful arguments that Marcotte likes to promote is not just limited to sex, drugs and boob fondling, nope. She is much deeper than that, one should not be shallow or an empty vassal, there were important issues to consider and promote..

Like this one..
Leave the Pajamas Alone! 
By Amanda MarcottePosted Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012,  
Anyway, like with outdoor sex and eating oysters, there are those occasions when wearing pajamas in public is not only acceptable, but expected. 
One can already draw their own conclusions as to the character and general makeup of this individual, it's complete lack of venerability or even some level of admiration would be impossible. This female is one to be repulsed and ignored as she speaks from a limited sense of self only. Her inane rantings cover the general floss that society generates but prefers to ignore. Marcotte promotes and lives it on a daily basis. Shallowness and self interest are two character flaws that most would eventually hope to work out of their system as one grows up but Marcotte just focuses her entire existence on those flaws. nurtures and tries to find way of ingratiating herself to others via her own bitterness and hate
Twitter / Amanda Marcotte: @SoylentHHH Not an apt com ...SoylentHHH Not an apt comparison. Music is an art form, not a flavor of ice cream . It's more comparable to literature, TV, or art.
 One does wonder if this female had some problem in the past, where she may have been affected or afflicted with some type of disease or physiological/psychological trauma, I know that is a little trite, but are we looking here at the behaviour of a normal, rational, functioning mind ?

 Amanda Marcotte Says That You Want to Rape Her!

Fidelbogen's expose does put her behaviour into perspective as she is caught out once again sniping and seething on an issue where she can take another opportunity to promote her misandry and male bash, her favourite pastime.

Amanda Marcotte Has a Conniption Over the Rights of … Shemale Scouts?

The shallow behaviour continues as she raises more inane topics and subject, more for affect than educating, does not to get to the bottom of the subject. She thrives on goading, torment and harassment,..

Amanda Marcotte’s Ugly Prejudices

Buss interviewed women from 37 different cultures and found that in all 37 different cultures that women preferred to marry men with a lot of money. He felt that this was solid evidence for a gold-digging whore gene.
In those two sentences, she manages to make four errors. Buss, of course, didn’t interview women, but that’s a minor point, speaking more to her care about journalistic accuracy than anything substantive. 
The item she’s referring to was one in which subjects ranked the importance of various characteristics, in this case, “good financial prospect” for “someone you might marry.” In all but one of the 37 samples, there was a sex difference. (Spain was the exception.) And, most emphatically, Buss made no claim at all – let alone a claim about “solid evidence for” – about a putative “gold-digging whore gene.” In the conclusion, Buss writes, “Each of the five evolution-based predictions received some empirical support from these data” (p. 12), a far distance from the conclusion Marcotte hangs on him.
I am rather surprised that Marcotte is regarded or even assumed to be a "journalist", one would imagine that sniping and making inane, trite comments to be the actions of a child, it would not be part of the job description. A journalist would ensure that the facts were correct and accurate, where Marcotte survives solely on assumptions and strawman arguments that are assumed to be part of some "feminist interpretation" but in reality she just mimes her own opinion under that guise. One can already see how vacant and shallow Marcotte really is when it comes down to her character flaws, of which she has many.

How to become a leading Democrat’s blogmaster; Updated/Correction–and more wit and wisdom of Amanda Marcotte
Whatever the case, Walter Olson, K.C. Johnson, LieStoppers, and Jon Ham all caught Marcotte trying to cover the unhinged tracks at her old blog. At some point before she started her new job, she deleted a screed about the Duke lacrosse players that she had posted at Pandagon on Jan. 21.
Here is some more of Marcotte's lunacy. These she deleted and tried to hide as well.
 Today’s “Jesus cries when women fuck” update by Amanda Marcotte
Well, the Texas House of Representatives got Republican Jesus and he reminded them that out of of all the things he hates, which are multitude, nothing incurs his wrath more than women’s sexuality.Don’t relegate yourself to the used cunt lotOf course, if you’re a perverted religious nut, the blood and the pain of “cherry”-breaking is probably a de riguer part of a woman’s life, both to give the man a cheap thrill of actual blood while enacting the sex-as-violent-possession construction that is part of virginity fetishization and to remind the woman of her religious teaching that womanhood is suffering (see: Genesis).
The claims about Marcotte being a racist, religion basher as well as being some kind of fetishist is covered in just one of her own paragraphs..
Here is her original eronous rant about the Duke incident. I have yet to see an apology but that would take character, decency and a dose of missing honour..

All the above articles were presented by sane and accountable people who would have at least carried out some studious activity to ensure their information was honest and without error or failing standard journalistic standards that one expects and demands..
When one compares the output of Amanda Marcotte to a normal functioning, rational journalist, one does have to wonder why the hell anyone would bother to publish her bogus, sullied and irrational scribblings, one has to ask why anyone would even bother to read it..

Amanda Marcotte is to journalism what feminism is to reality..

I could go on endlessly but it is just not worth the effort. I wanted to establish the fact that Marcotte can only be regarded as being a fake and a fraud. She promotes herself as a person who is supposed to be exposing some imaginary level of bias and discrimination when in reality, all she does is demonstrate precisely that she is everything she claims everyone else to be. A person more hypocritical, irrational, irrelevant or downright vindictive, would be hard to find..