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Fitted Humour..
I will pop onto a different topic next time but here is one that will again demonstrate, how women are suffering, as all and sundry plot against their wellbeing and every other issue they imagine they suffer from. I did live in the hope that this level of self aggrandizement and superficiality were going the way of the dodo but that would just be wishing the impossible..

Not only have they been given a free ride, have billions of dollars spent on them every year, but they do not want to pay for it. nope, that is someone else's task and guess which sex will have to once again carry the burden on his shoulders, again or is that, still. The more I look at this the more annoyed I get.

Here we have typical feminist behaviour, firstly, state how women are such victims, then go onto the false and fake claims that their lives were even worse back fifty years ago, and then make the ludicrous claim that feminism has improved their lives to the Utopian levelthat it is now even though it's no where to be seen and yet continue to ramp up the demands they have already made and just dump it in with the millions of other "claims pile", for future assessment and inevitable adjustment and still claim that women are victims because...(enter your own)
Women are still suffering fromoverly intrusive government. Improving the lot of American womenmeans lowering marginal tax rates, abolishing many workplaceregulations, increasing the number of low-skilled immigrants, andending the drug war.
Now according to this feminist -  Contributing Editor Veronique de Rugy is a senior researchfellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. -
Women are actually even more of a victim than they have ever been. They are actually locked up for breaking the law (gasp), what is the world coming to. That is apart from the fact that income tax hurts women the most, ofcourse..
The lingering tax penalty could partially explain why, despitethe fact that almost 80 percent of working mothers say they wouldprefer to work part time, almost two-thirds work full-time instead.Taxes on the money they earn are often too high to make part-timework financially viable.
High marginal rates and joint taxation are not the only elementsof the tax code that give married women disincentives to work.
The biggest surprise here is that this feminist not only promotes married females, whom, in their version, is really just a "kitchen slave", and kills that mantra in the process without even realising it. But also pushes the interests of single mothers. Now that is a topic all of it's own, debacle that it is..

Anyway, the article is just way too annoying for me to continue with, so have a look if you feel the need to self flagellate..
The link to this monstrosity is here..

Put down your drink and grab a tissue..