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It would appear that there is one individual bankrolling all those malicious sites and it rears it's head once again..
The SPLC has received funding from billionaire activist George Soros, who has also funded other left-wing groups including the Daily Kos, SEIU,, the Huffington Post and Media Matters.
Here is Mangina Kyle Bachan from Huff Post -  Time for the Men's Rights Movement to Grow Some

All the above sites have and do promote slut-feminism and slut-feminists whenever they can and take every opportunity to run down any efforts made by the MRM or anything that may be determined to be even slightly conservative. Check any of the above sites and see if Marcotte or Valenti are on their payroll or other male haters who continually attack our legitimate efforts at trying to create equality unlike the slut-feminist version which is purely gynocentric..
'If you're not left wing, you're a hate group' 
Sheriff blasts activist group that criticizes conservatives
We have already witnessed their version of reason-ability and they have demonstrated their bias as well as ignorance. It is all purely political ofcourse as the slut-feminist movement reaches out in desperation for additional support from those bigots in order to try and shut down any opposition to their blatant discrimination and sexist behaviour..
Cooke says the SPLC reports contain the same “warnings” about groups that are only a threat to SPLC’s left-wing agenda and amount only to more false alarms.
“They are like the little boy that cried wolf too many times. We don’t put much stock in anything they send us,” he said.
It would appear that the SPLC has cried wolf way too often, while trying to expose their versions of hate groups. It would also appear that that ever increasing list also exempts any organisation that supports their left wing ideology, which all slut-feminist organisation and enablers like the RadFem Hub forum would come under, (so much for their sincerity.)  which is why they will never list any radical slut-feminist group or forum or site as a hate group, as they all preaches that exact same doctrine the SPLC is promoting under the guidance and financial support from Soros..

 How could anyone expect even a modicum of truth or verifiable facts to surface on any of those sites when they are solely interested in promoting their political views and contaminate every utterance with that bias..