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I have actually done this myself, bored, on a long journey, one does mind games to pass the time. In my case it was working out what distance I was traveling in meters per second while doing 100 kilometers per hour. I forgot the answer..

Here we have one of those deep meaningful questions about life in general, these need to be answered, dammit..
This particular one was not that difficult as you will hear. It was "How far would you travel in one hour while travelling at 80MPH". Theoretically, this is not a difficult question but have a look at the thinking process while she tries to derive the obvious answer..

The reason for this demonstration is to explain how feminists derive their opinions, explanations and their delusional variable statistics, they continually produce using that same methodology. Fascinating, it does explain the female mind and the processes it follows so clearly..

I did like this explanation..

Leading feminist mathematician or VAWA’s head DV and rape stats number cruncher?