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Screwing men out of jobs has become a national pastime, end result the same..

One does not have to look far to find another "special" effort focused on women and make their entry into another discipline as easy as possible by offering additional benefits and assistance. All for women only ofcourse. Try and find one single effort to enroll or assist any man or boy into any discipline or career and you will die of old age trying..

There are copious examples of this type of discrimination and blatant sexism at work in every University and College in the western world. If you are born with a "V", then you will be privileged beyond your wildest dreams, while the education system wheels out every possible effort they can to ensure you pass even if they have to change the rules or reduce the entrant applications. One way or another, they will ensure that your privileges arse will get you where you want to go with half the effort it takes anyone else..

Then we have females claiming that they had to work "harder" than anyone else, just because they are "female". That is ofcourse the biggest joke around but still promoted by their own as it "feels" good to make that false claim, that you are really better than anyone else. The fact that women are promoted over men and without their ability, experience or talent is relentlessly demonstrated and one can witness that example by the exponential increase of women in the public service, who magically rise over men to be positioned into the top job without query or questioning. Automatically installed solely due to their sex. That sexism and discrimination has been ongoing for the last two decades, while nothing changes to stop it or even resist it..

So where else do they focus on the privileged sex and determine that they will be elevated and promoted via that free ride..

 Link to check PDF and site info..

•    Increase the number of women tenure track faculty from 15% to 25%.
•    Increase the number of underrepresented minority faculty from 7% to 12%.
•    Increase the number of women graduates at the BS level from 16 % to 25%.
•    Increase the number of underrepresented minority graduates at the BS level from 12% to 20%.
•    Increase number of women graduates at the MS/PhD level from 17% to 25%.

There we go, in engineering. Another discipline targeted by the sexist education departments and governments to ensure that women are granted access to usurp males from those positions. Meanwhile there is absolutely nothing or nowhere for those displaced men to go. They are just thrown onto the unemployment heap just like in every other industry and discipline already does. Women have been number one priority and that will not only stay in place, but increase as more and more funding becomes available..

It's only sexism and discrimination if it done for any male, whenever it's done for females it is something entirely different..

It is called Positive Discrimination but in reality it is just blatant and obvious sexism and discrimination encouraged and promoted by the opposite sex..