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To refer to slut-feminists as mentally unstable as well as being incapable of rational thought is just stating the bleeding obvious. One does not even have to bother to demonstrate that as the facts are already out there and witnessed on a daily basis..

The sad and sorry outcome that slut-feminism has generated is apparently unclear to even themselves but we are here to point out the obvious, it's what we do. Presents the facts and just allow you to make up your own mind..

Desperation is setting in as the slut-feminist movement have no other wars to fight excepts to demonstrate exactly what a bunch of self-serving, self-centered and dysfunctional human beings they really are. All we do is sit back and watch this denial function, wallow in it's immaturity and in it's pathetic futile behaviour as they manufacture even more false information and exaggerations in order to justify their childish behaviour. It really has become a comedy event of gigantic proportions and it's one to watch just to witness what they will invent next to demonstrate their cognitive dissonance..

Once it was only children who behaved in this fashion, now it's adult females and their enablers taking up that cudgel..
Mentally sick American feminists

Long Island Examiner (NY) - Monday, March 15, 2010
Author: Michael Schmitt

During the second world war, American women were introduced to the workplace while men went overseas to fight in yet another war to end all wars. The story goes that this is what began women's "liberation" from the alleged male slave-owners. While American men were getting their guts and brains blown out in the Pacific and Europe, the poor American woman had to stay and labor in factories. During the 1960's feminists demanded "equality" and allegedly received it in the form of legislation. Since then, VAWA and other laws have escalated American women to a position where they have more rights than men in every area.

Men have become afraid to say the wrong things to women or face the wrath of false accusations or saying something inappropriate. It is near impossible to distinguish a normal woman or a psycho-feminist. A woman can act normal but flip out at the slightest provocation. Men can not treat women as women because that is considered sexist. They can not treat women as men because that is considered offensive. A woman can get a man fired from his job or arrested for rape with nothing more than a mere allegation. As a result, men play it safe and treat women as feminazis; something between a non-entity and a rat. By pretending to respect them, and secretly mocking them, men can survive the assault of feminists. Rather than gaining more respect and equality for their gender, feminists have only lowered their status of women in the eyes of many men.

American feminists are distrusted and cannot trust. They are paranoid and schizophrenic. Their level of mental illness increases with the power they gain. They become disillusioned when they realize that equality does not come through acts of congress but through mutual respect which they are incapable of. They become increasingly paranoid as they begin to suspect what men really think of them. These feminists turn to food, alcohol and drugs to compensate for this psychological imbalance. Divorce and depression result. And of course, they blame men.

Feminists are quick to attack men in everything they do. They criticize a man if he respects traditional values and yet are upset that men do not hold things like marriage as sacred. Men are expected to be slaves. If a man speaks his mind, he is scorned and treated as a sexist or demeaning to woman. If a feminist speaks her mind, she is just acting as an equal.

Feminists create two types of men; abusers and wimps; in their minds. The abusers are the 1% of men who act out violently to the bizarre laws and rules created by feminists. The wimps are the other 99% who go along with it externally but resent it internally. Ironically, feminists are drawn more to abusers than wimps. One of the greatest selling books of all time is F.J. Sharke's "How to be the Jerk Women Love" where the author accurately describes that women worship "jerks" over "nice guys". And no one disputes this. Even women admit that all they ever meet are jerks. Yet 99 % of the guys are nice and only 1 % are jerks but it is those 1% that get the women and the "wimps" are the ones that are usually falsely accused of being abusers.

Nice guys have given up on dating American women so they go overseas to find mates. Naturally, feminists are opposed to this idea and got congress to prevent American men from meeting foreign women through international dating agencies through VAWA under a law called the "International Marriage Brokers Act" (IMBRA). This law prevents men from meeting foreign women the way a regular dating agency such as MATCH.COM does. IMBRA issues a propaganda package that foreign women get that describe American men as abusers. Once receiving this package, most foreign women refuse to meet the American men. The American men are stuck with these sick American feminists. As a last resort, American men are increasingly moving overseas and becoming expatriates in other countries.

Men are the minority in the United States and typically, the minority group is oppressed by the majority. But we have a Constitution that is supposed to protect the rights of all people.

It is time that VAWA and IMBRA are repealed or ruled Unconstitutional. VAWA increases violence against men and women; it does not decrease it. IMBRA is a violation of free speech and human dignity. Governments duty is to treat all people equal in the eyes of the law; it does not have the right to allow any race, gender or group of people to subjugate and oppress anyone else.