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Women are never Violent. VAWA interpretation..

Nothing surprises me anymore especially when it concerns any assistance/help for males who have anything to do with the domestic violence industry. The blatant sexism and discrimination has to be exposed and the people involved in that sexist industry exposed as well. It is time to name names, departments and positions, as we are getting absolutely sick to death of the current situation. It goes a long way to maintaining the ludicrously high suicide rate in men, solely due to the fact that nothing is available at all. Every penny is primarily aimed at one sex and it ain't ours..
In 2009, not having the money for a custody case, I sought assistance from Alaska Legal Services. I filled out their application and a day or two later, I received a letter in the mail form them, stating that they lacked the funds to assist me. Where in the hell are the so-called donations going that they seek from donors? Are they discriminating against fathers? I ask all to not give this organization a dime until an audit is conducted. Let us see how many dads were refused assistance.
 For those of you who have had anything to do with that industry would automatically relate. It filters straight through from the sexist VAWA legislation put into action by the slut Feminist movement in the seventies and it's still there produces biased and unsustainable false result..
...didn't know you were in Alaska. I spent my first 43 years there, primarily in Anchorage where I did many things, including working for the court system, the Muni, State, and mostly for myself. If you have not already done so you might want to find out if Alaska Legal Services receives any money from the State. If so, consider filing a complaint with the State Ombudsperson. You might also find out if they receive any funds directly from VAWA, funds that require them to assist custodial parents but not non custodial parents. Get a copy of their charter, see what it says. The whole anti male thing in Alaska started in the early or mid 70's. Somewhere in there I was a board member of what I recall was the Suicide Prevention Hotline. The then major (George Sullivan) sent an envoy to one of our board meetings. The envoy told us that the $90,000 a year subsidy for the Hotline was being re allocated to the Anchorage Women Resource Center, though then it was called something else and the money was needed as matching funds for a much larger federal subsidy for anti rape programs. So, the Suicide Prevention Hotline closed, it's director lost his income and was dead within the year, and radical feminists got a foot hold in Alaska. Shortly thereafter came DV programs and shame, blame, and guilt batterer intervention programs. In fact, one of the first articles of mine to be published was "Sexual abuse not limited to female victims of male aggression; at times, men need somewhere to go for help too" (Anchorage Times, 4/23/1991). The article was in response to Anchoarege's Abused Women's Aid in Crisis Inc and United Way's bogus ad campaign about abused women at the exclusion of men. Well... at least that's the way I recall it which may or may not be totally accurate, though if not it's close. It's always about the money Anthony, always... but misandrists now own the banks along with the bullshit.
Time has come to start taking some action..