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Women are NEVER violent. Police Bias. World Wide..
So Reddit, I called the cops on my GF after an argument we had got violent, the cops come and arrest ME, I come back 2 days later and 6000$ worth of stuff is either stolen or broken, what can I do?

Here is the standard procedure that the Police follow whenever any male calls the Police on a violent female..This happens in EVERY western country..

This is really crazy and I am really freaked out right now. Here is the basic rundown of that Friday night.
What happened.
I come home from my buddies house and my GF greets me with a very angry look, I immediately know something is up. She starts going on about how I am always out with my friends/dont spend enough time with her etc. I try to defend my self but she won't have any of it and starts screaming at me, starts calling me things like "dishonest fuck", "lying piece of shit" "biggest asshole" etc. I ask her to calm down and to talk this whole thing over like two mature adults. This is when she starts hitting me, nothing too serious at first but then she hits me in the head a couple of times, pushes me over and throws a framed picture at me, meanwhile I am trying to block her punches by sticking my forearm in front of me, after about 5 minutes of getting beat up I run and lock my self in the bathroom. She starts hitting the door and threatening that she (actual quote) will fucking kill me when I come out of the bathroom. I am really panicking at the moment and the first thing that comes to my mind is to call the cops, so I do, at this point I just want her gone from my house. I tell the police that she assaulted me and threatening to harm me, and I want her gone from my property.
So The police come she answers the door because I am still in the bathroom, I come out about to ask them to remove her from my house, before I even get a chance to speak I am cuffed, lead outside to their squad car while my (ex)girlfriend is still inside MY house while I am being arrested even though I was the one that called the cops on her.
I come home and I am completely shocked, my whole house has been trashed, and stuff has been stolen obviously by my GF.
  • Plasma TV-600$
  • Xbox-150$
  • About 300$ in cash that only I and her know about, I used to hide it inside my bedpost
  • Blue-ray Player around 120$
  • Laptop 500$
  • About 600$ worth of games, all the disks have been either broken in half or completely scratched
  • My desktop rig, including 2 monitors/speakers/keyboard totalling about 1400$
  • My guitar- 800$
  • 7 custom made WoW figurines which cost me about 600$
  • WoW poster signed by 7 Blizzard employees and a custom made wooden Valve logo signed by 3 valve employees
  • My tribute to my dead Grandparents, basically all of my pictures of them and objects that they gave me before they died, completely ruined.
  • Half of the furniture is ruined
  • Toilet bowl cracked in half, bathtub is chipped in multiple places, some of the tiles missing form the walls.
  • 95% of my clothes ripped/cut -900$
  • Oil painting my grandpa painted for my 18th birthday is ripped into pieces
  • My cat is missing (probably run away by herself though)
  • The wooden flooring is ruined because she plugged the sinks and left the water on
  • Kitchen is ruined, cabinets on the floor, all of my food from the fridge and cupboards on the floor/ripped open
  • Bunch of other small stuff
Basically whole house is ruined, I have been sleeping over at my friends house and called in sick at work to deal with this mess. I confronted her about this she said if I try to do anything against her (lawsuit) she will charge me with assault,abuse etc. She apparently has 3 broken fingers (from punching the door and my head), half of her hands are bruised and apparently bruise on her neck when I "chocked" her (either self-inflicted or completely made up).
What can I do in this situation? I know it was her who trashed my house while I was gone because the door was locked when I came back and she had the only other key, I didn't want to charge her at first I just wanted her gone form my property, my life, but now it looks like I can't anyway. The only injuries I have from that night are 3 bruises on my forearms and one on my shoulder, her injuries are much worse. I have never been involved in a lawsuit so I have no idea what to do, Do I have enough evidence to sue her? What about my stolen/broken stuff? Can she really sue against me and win?
Totally lost and I need help.
EDIT: It's late at night guys, you guys helped me realise that I can easily win this if I act fast enough. I Recorded everything in the house, took time-stamped pictures, first thing tommorow morning finding a lawyer and filing a police report with him. Thanks for all your support Reddit. Really tired right now and going to bed will update tommorow after meeting with a lawyer! G'night.