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The marriage debate keeps making it's appearance and quite a few of the comments regarding it would seem to be totally ignorant or possibly just wishful thinking. The type of thinking that went out of fashion when the slut-feminists forced through the no-fault divorce option that women could not wait to use. Ensuring major advantages like getting to own your own home, with all of it's furniture, the car and throw in the kids as well, that was just to good to miss out on. The slut-feminist movement designed their actions to appeal to the lowest common denominator in women and that was ofcourse the need for greed, self-interest and the "I am the most important person on the planet" mentality, that  obviously sat very comfortably with the opposite sex..

Comment 1..
Your defense of marriage – as an institution for birthing and raising children, and of (hopefully) protecting them and their interests and well-being until they can grow up and marry in turn – is eloquent and it makes sense to me. However, our current culture subverts marriage into a travesty, a trap, a parasitic state-of-affairs wherein the woman and the State suck the men dry.

The fact that the majority of marriages are tossed onto the garbage heap by women with the justification being that they were "discontent",only favours that selfish attitude even further. One does wonder what men are thinking when they propose to a female, whether or not they consider the fact that they have just joined the game of Russian Roulette or not..
In it for the money, not honour or dignity or long term..
Gone are the days where the marriage contract was just that, a contract between two individuals for mutual benefit as GWW has explained so succinctl in her recent Youtube video. It was an exchange of benefits that worked well for thousands of years and helped establish the society we have up until now. Sadly though, all that is going to change as women are no longer reliant on men for their daily bread, they prefer the mommy state, and with that arrangement, there is no exchange or accountability whatsoever. Another situation that apparently appeals to the opposite sex even more. They don't have to uphold any part of their contract with the state and just do whatever it is they want and usually do..

Comment 2..
I am not shaking my head, but it is nothing new either.The main problem is that you are just giving me reasons why marriage USED to be a good thing. We have men coming of age all the time who don’t get a chance at what marriage used to be. They only have what marriage really is, right now, in this day and age. Their choice on marriage can be the most profoundly destructive decision they can make. And it is happening all the time.I agree that marriage was a great deal for society at one time. Those days are over, and now marriage is an insanely risky proposition with very little chance that a man will come out well.The only thing that can restore marriage to being of any use to society at this point would be an end to no fault divorce, alimony and child support. When you figure out a way to get those things going, then we could discuss your stance on gay marriage and why I think its misguided.But till then I advise gay men not to get married as well.

Encouraging the slave trade..
Unfortunately, the methodology used to destroy marriage was the ongoing plan of the slut-feminist movement planned right from the beginning, a claim they have stated too many times for it to be taken as a fabrication. They are well aware of the fact that they stood no chance in making any headway with the opposite sex when they were happily ensconced in their home with the picket fence and a couple of kids at their feet. That was not acceptable as far as they were concerned. That situation would and could not produce sufficient discontent for them to introduce their obvious sexist and blatant discriminatory laws. That would have seemed ridiculous as well as be seen to be a personal attack on all women especially mothers and that is a storm they quelledl by pretending to represent them. It all worked out just the way they wanted..

Now we have the situation where marriage is now scorned and avoided for more reasons than one but it has not changed the relationships issue at all, where men and women need each other, but the payment now is different and the outcomes are just worse and one has to wonder if they are really worth the massive amount of pain and suffering that men go through when she decides to call it quits..

So the one thing in life that use to make women happy and content, they have destroyed  themselves and are now complaining about that situation in every possible way, except excepting responsibility. An action that that sex appears to be devoid of..

Comment 3..

Marriage has always needed support from the outside, to be strong and lasting. In fact, up until very recently, marriage had all kinds of support, from “extended family” to the community, the church, and the culture in general. What’s happened to all that support? We’ve turned our backs on it, collectively, in favor of the “Me, Me, Me Meme” that we’re living today. 
I have never gotten married, so I don’t know marriage “from inside.” I’ve observed a few marriages from outside, and seen that the ones that center on “romance” are weak; whereas those that center on commitment and honor and “different but equitable” contributions to the marriage bond – they are stronger. 
It seems evident to me that our culture, our society, is so completely wrapped up in the “romance” and self-indulgent side of things – especially with regard to the Goddess-Incarnate cult of feminist entitlement and empowerment – that marriage is made The Ultimate Bad Deal to the men of today. I wish that weren’t so; but my wishes are as futile as King Canute’s royal commands to the rising tide.