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Lying about who the father is, not honourable behaviour.
Lie about the pregnancy ?

One does wonder how often this actually happens, as apparently any "mother to be" can justify this level of dishonesty, whenever she find herself in a family way. There are a dozen methods of contraception available to women and very few for men, one currently being held back by the slut-feminist movement, for just this reason. Loose control of the perspective "Golden Child" prize is not anything they will even contemplate..

I can remember on one single occasion, I jokingly stated that I should wear a condom, my partner's response " Don't you dare". I suppose the added "feel" as well as that copious dose of vitamins and minerals, that we inject to enhance the occasion, would be sadly missed..

 One does now and again, see some occasional level of justice applied. Holding women accountable for this unbelievable behaviour is a good start. If the current rate of up to 30% of children being born are not of the husbands, one has to wonder what the figures are for unmarrieds/couples/partnerships. Would that figure be even worse. It is a known fact that women will cheat on their partners and we have read several examples where the woman has decided that saying nothing, staying married and in her current comfort zone is preferable to change and being honest about her nefarious activity is definitely to be discouraged and forgotten. Confessing rather then making the false claim to most, is not an option..

Mother conned ex into thinking he was her child's father for 13 YEARS (and swindled him out of £50,000 for presents and private education)

A mother who conned a former lover into thinking he was the father of her daughter for more than 13 years has been jailed.
The 47-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, swindled him out of at least £48,700 which went on private education and expensive gifts.
She admitted 15 offences of deception when she appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court, in north Wales, yesterday.
But the court must perform a public duty to punish those who behave in this seriously criminally wrong way as you have done to a large scale over a lengthy period.
'I don’t feel I can properly accede to those pleas put forward for leniency to avoid an immediate custodial sentence.'
The judge said the mother, who is from from Conwy county,  had observed 'all these tragedies evolving - she must bear a very heavy responsibility for that.'
Prosecuting counsel Wyn Lloyd Jones said the victim and defendant had met in the 1990s. Weeks after their relationship ended, the woman rang him and they met at her parents’ home. She told him she was pregnant and lied that he was the father of the unborn child.
He paid nursery and school fees, medical expenses and the mum’s £3,000 credit card debt. 'There were times when he struggled to pay. He had to work long hours to make ends meet,' Mr Lloyd Jones explained.

One of the friends had witnessed the defendant and her sister arguing when she was pregnant - the sister wanting the victim to be told he wasn’t the real dad.
The defendant had told the pal that the man had money and could support the child. 'She had been to a private school, she wanted the child to have the same.' She also wanted expensive presents for the girl, now 13, to keep up with school friends.
After the bombshell, DNA testing was ordered by a court. Mr Lloyd Jones said : 'He’s clearly been through a great deal including dealing with a very serious false allegation made by this defendant to the police.'
Elen Owen, defending, said her client had large debts and was in no position to repay the money. The fraud wasn’t financially motivated, she said.
Asked by the judge for the reason it occurred, counsel replied: 'Because she was on a rollercoaster and there was no right time to tell somebody who thought he was the father of the child. She was in an almost impossible position so far as coming clean,' counsel added.
The girl can’t be identified.

Amy Whitehouse, drug addict and violent abuser. Never held accountable.
Abuser of drugs and violence, Never held accountable

As we have witnessed in the past and even now, it does not take any effort on the part of the female journalists for the MSM, to wax lyrical about the immense ability and "Everest like" achievement those females have apparently achieved. The endless back-slapping and self congratulatory behaviour is not only embarrassing to watch but even more cringing, when written. Conveniently and usually, the negligent, obnoxious or inexcusable behaviour of those females are conveniently hidden and ignored as we have already witnessed on many occasions..

Self praise and self elevation would just not be the same if one included the plethora of negatives, now would it.. This level and type of behaviour, is now the "standard" of behaviour that role models like Whitehouse have left behind as their legacy..

Whitehouse is probably one of the best examples on how women are constantly excused for their bad behaviour, even when it is recorded on video for the whole world to see. Whitehouse was shown on those episodes as being an abusive, out of control individual who constantly battered and physically abused her male partner while the supposed services that claim to be on guard against that type of behaviour, did absolutely nothing about it. Not one single warning or response was ever noted as Whitehouse continually demonstrated that abusive behaviour. Being a female helps ofcourse, if the sex had changed that person would be "doin time". That's guaranteed..

I suppose if one spends a million dollars on drugs over three years it might be assumed that not only did that abuser have a drug problem but her abusive behaviour stemmed from it. But once again the praise and self congratulatory, back slapping continues as we continually hear that 'You Go Grrlll" chant, even when it is warranted the least.

£1m on drugs in three years, a £500,000 hotel bill and £1,000 a month on her kittens: How Amy Winehouse squandered £10 million

It is just another example on how females are automatically granted that special privileges card, which they can constantly use to justify their behaviour, even when that behaviour is obviously illegal and should be investigated. That entire representation of Whitehouse' addicted life still overflows with praise for it's talent. One wonders if it was ever sober enough and drug free enough, to even know that she had any..

This a comprehensive presentation by Fidelbogen that includes commentary about both hypocrites, Marcotte and Valenti, the Agent Orange expose and the bigotry at that radical feminist forum, RadFem Hub. A truly interesting coverage that would be ideal for the MP3 player and have a listen to on the way to work or your the next time you jump onto a plane or bus. Strictly for your own amusement.

Thoroughly entertaining...

It is good to see people celebrating the achievements of our modern age where we can use all those modern convenience that ensures us we are no longer hoping and wishing for the dark ages..

 I do believe there was something going on at the same time but I forgot what that was..
 I spent some time remembering all those people in North Korea who were not giving the choice, sad really..

Barb: “I just left the iron on during #hourofpower. I have no idea what that thing even does.”
Peter Phelps: “Kids loving #hourofpower - noise, colour, light, life. No return to cave-dwelling for them.”
Susie: “You light up my life. You give me hope to carry on.You light up my days and fill my nights with song.”
Ann Hill: “7 year old is desperately sad ‘cause we forgot to light the sparklers during #hourofpower.”
Gulliver Stone: “I nearly forgot my kettle! Better boil that as well!”
Major Karnage: “For my #HourOfPower I’m running the air con and the heating at the same time ... Because I can.”
Catherine L C: “It’s so bright I almost need sunglasses. Loving Hour of Power. It seems many others are too ... lights are on everywhere.”
UPDATE IX. Don’t miss the special Earth Hour edition of The Bolt Report, this morning at 10.


Tim Blair Saturday, March 31, 2012 (8:19pm)

The Hour of Power is underway in Sydney. Set household lights to meltify. Meanwhile, international fans of Executive Order No. CL 445-2012 are Twittering with anticipation:
Tria Rachmadiah: “Tonight is Earth Hour eh? Sorry I have things to write.”
Anna Bauert: “I may have just had to stop to think how long Earth Hour goes for.”
Thomas DeAngelo: “So lights off from 8:30pm-9:30pm tonight? footie’s on. Fat chance.”
Premdeep: “but still dere r many villages in india which r on permanent earth hour for 365 dayz a year, what abt them!!”
MuhdShahrulNizam: “I think people should take Earth hour more seriously, especially sex offenders.”
Evonne Chan: “I remember when the first time Malaysia participated in Earth Hour everyone was like so in to it. now everyone’s just like mehh.”
Szeto Yan Weng: “Earth Hour doesn’t include my laptop right? Right? I mean, I’m saving the world man.”
Shreyas B: “Earth hour was initially created by those despos at the bar who were always good at flirting but never got laid.”
Angelia Pereira: “earth hour? i’d prolly be the one purposely on-ing all the lights. haha.”
Don’t feel alone, Angelia. Many of us are purposely on-ing. Readers may send pictures of their on-ing to, and share Hour of Power achievement stories in comments.
UPDATE. The Hour now begins in Queensland. Let it shine!
UPDATE II. “Here’s a pic of my effort at home just outside Bellingen, a hotbed of hippie zealotry,” writes Allan F.:


Allan continues: “What you can’t see is the heavy, eye-watering effect of the smoke from the huge pile of logs and timber I lit this arvo using 20 litres of diesel as an accelerant. The burn pile was from trees felled and pushed into a pile by a cute little bulldozer in anticipation of the Hour of Human Achievement.”
UPDATE III. “I see their candles and raise one fire barrel,” emails Seza of Melbourne. “It smells beautiful, being started with gum branches.”


UPDATE IV. Sydney’s Gemma conducted a feline experiment: “This is KP demonstrating how cats have nothing to fear from electric lighting during the Hour of Power. No candles here.”


UPDATE V. A pre-Hour text from father-of-three James Morrow: “The boys are more excited about staying up for the Hour of Power than they were for Santa!” A subsequent note informs: “We’ve got the hot tub going, every light in the joint plus the A/Cs firing.”
UPDATE VI. Patrick H.’s place reaches fine illumination during “The On-ing”:


UPDATE VII. Bev N.’s grim Hour of Power tale with a positive ending: “I was all set to on all my lights tonight. Even told the neighbours. All set to celebrate the harnessing of electricity. But not to be. At 6.10pm we had a power outage in our street. Lasted until 8.45 pm when I had just bounced my head on the pillow for an early night. Then the lights came on. Still not too late to catch the last half hour of the Hour of Power. I’ve turned them on!”

One does have to wonder why male slut-feminists would want to fabricate stories about the Men's Movement, why would anyone make those ludicrous false claims. Why would they falsely claim that the MM promotes when they it is not true or is involved in or demands that violence be the answer to it's aims and goals or the problems that men and boys face..

That false claim is totally astounding..

We have over the past few months witnessed an insane level of increased attacks on the MRM and one does wonder why there is such a concentrated effort to shout it down with false claims, fake assumptions and downright lies.
Is it now at the stage where the MRM is finally seen to be a plausible threat, especially after that biased and sexist VAWA legislation required another reassessment, which obviously did just not sit right with those bigots who make their income from it or "feel" that monstrous hateful and sexist document actually helped the occasional victim, while completely destroying the lives of many thousands in it's day to day operation..

We have demonstrated on too numerous occasions exactly what a scam that VAWA legislation really is and what it represents and the damage it creates and causes plus the sheer column of money that just disappeared through it's questionable processes..

One must ask whether or not we have become that effective or in your face or some other cliche, as to be no longer ignored like some lunatic fringe entity, they claim the MRM to be. I do know something that every other member of the movement shares and that is, we are not giving up regardless of the amount of vitriol and poison you try to remove us with, as that is just additional fuel as far as we are concerned. We will win as we are in this for the long run and we will not stop until all that bias, anti-male sexism and discrimination is removed and that every single dollar spent on one sex is reflected in the other and every single law introduced to favour one sex will include the other. Our goals are simple, easy and straight forward and we are not the one going about introducing hate and violence, you are.

Time to grow up..

Male contraception pill stopped by feminists
Available and ready to go for ten years, still not available today because feminists stopped it's introduction..

Why would feminists stop the introduction of the male pill ?

What possible motive do they have apart from ensuring that women have total control over the reproduction chain and thereby control the child's introduction, it's worth to her as well as insuring that she will receive payment for her efforts at producing spawn at will..

Control the population and control everything else.

Dr. Coutinho tells how feminists boycotted male contraceptive pill.

This specialist scientist has had the male pill ready for production for the last ten years and has no side affects and even increases sex drive. This is another demonstration of how slut-feminists manipulate and manage to control every issue applying to males. It explains why there is no Men's Health Departments, no major efforts on Violence against males, no effort made to reduce the dropout out rates of boys in the education system, it explains why the male suicide issue is just ignored..

As a matter of fact, it clearly demonstrates how slut-feminists deliberately and intentionally stand in the way of governments introducing any programs that would assist or help men and boys in general..

We have always been well aware of this but right here is a flagrant and undeniable example..

Nolan flicked from the Backstage program. now you see him now you don'..
Barry Nolan is a deserved recipient of this award as he even made the comment that he should wear a badge depicting that he was one himself. Well, I have gone one or two better as you will see. In this day and age there is nothing more disgusting than seeing a male feminist gloating about their cowtowing(sic) and declaring their obedience to a movement that has been clearly demonstrated to being a hate movement. But Nolan has bettered that single claim by actually promoting two such movements. Which includes the SPLC, a hate group of it's own accord..An outstanding effort and one award that is well deserved. It is not too often that we see someone admit that and do it with pride..

Barry Nolan Mangina Award.

In recognition for promoting male abuse, racism ("white" men) and selectively demonstrating that he is not only a member of the hate movement that is slut-feminism, but also promotes the SPLC, another hate group designed to belittle and denigrate the actions and work of the MM as well as MRA's. Well done Barry and don't worry about getting a mangina button, below is your new t-shirt..

A Nolan special..
Ofcourse we need an example on how "good" the white male has it according to Nolan. Promoting female supremacy is only the beginning of his rant in that article, as he cherry picks and chooses his flippant responses, while at the same time claiming that "all white men are privileged", a standard slut-feminist long time rant. A blatant lie that claims that because there are a few "white men" (racist remark) at the top, then one must assume that every other single "white male" has that exact same lifestyle. A blatant and obvious lie and one that is so ludicrous as it not even worth mentioning..

I will leave Bernard to explain it better on one of his 1 of 3 Youtube presentations..

A response to Nolan's sexist, racist and biased article..
Travis says:

I don’t know why you and other keep trying to silence us men of color who are part of the Men’s Rights Movement. I am a black man who has been working with many MRAs, none of who hate women. You are being very racist towards non-whites Mr. Nolan, by pretending we don’t exist in the MRM. Slavery ended over 150 years aog, stop pretending to speak for us! And in case you didn’t know:
Unsheltered Homeless (2009)
Women – 20,000 – 6%
Men – 220,000 – 94%

Life Expectancy (2006)
Women – 80.8 Years
Men – 75.7 Years

Suicides (2008)
Women – 7,585 – 19%
Men – 28,450 – 81%

Deaths by Homicide (2004)
Women – 3,856 – 20%
Men – 14,717 – 80%

Deaths from Cancer (2004)
Women – 269,819
Men – 290,069

Deaths from HIV/AIDS (2004)
Women – 3,357
Men – 8,756

Federal Funds for Sex Specific Cancer Research
Women – Breast Cancer – $631,000,000 – 40,000 Deaths
Men – Prostate Cancer – $300,000,000 – 33,000 Deaths

Deaths on the Job (2010)
Women – 355 – 7%
Men – 4,192 – 93%

Injuries on the Job (2007)
Women – 36%
Men – 64%

College Enrollment (2009)
Women – 58% – 11,658,000
Men – 42% – 8,770,000

Affirmative Action Education Programs (Gender Specific)
Women – Yes
Men – No

Unemployment Rates (2010)
Women – 8.6% – 6,199,000
Men – 10.5% – 8,626,000

Average Hours Worked Per Week (2010)
Women – 36.1
Men – 40.2

High School Graduation Rates (2005)
Women – 72%
Men – 65%

Incarceration Rates (2009)
Women – 114,979 – 7%
Men – 1,502,490 – 93%

Child Custody Rates
Women – 11,268,000 custodial mothers
Men – 2,907,000 custodial fathers

US Military Deaths From 1950 – 2010
Women – 139 – 0.01%
Men – 100,063 – 99.9%

Federally Funded Battered Shelters
Women – 2,000+ $300,000,000 per year
Men – None – $0

Federally Funded Health Offices and Research 1970 – Present (not including cancer research)
Women Only – Office, Projects and Programs 70+ – Funds – $100,000,000,000
Men Only – None – $0

Forced Selective Service
Women – No
Men – Yes

Drug and Alcohol Addiction and Abuse Rates (2010)
Women – 5.8%
Men – 12.2%

You may have it real good Mr. Nolan, but a lot of us don’t. Good day sir.

Lynne Featherstone : Feck men and boys, All wimmin are victims..

The fact that female politicians are only ever interested in their own just demonstrates how selfish and self-serving they really are. I have in the past noted the sexist and discriminatory actions of Lynne Featherstone, another member of that hate movement, who spends all her time advocating for more funding for women on top of the copious billions that is already spent on that privileged sex..

It is also needless to notice that male politicians fall over backwards to ensure those billions stay in place even when the country can no longer afford or has to reduce those outlandish and costly privileges in order to save the country from going broke. That option as far as feminists are concerned is totally irrelevant. Special rivileges for women must stay in place at all costs and if the country goes broke or men and boys die because all those dollars go to the spoilt sex, then so be it. No one cares..
Lynne Featherstone: 'I have the powers of high-level nagging' 
Why does equalities minister Lynne Featherstone attract such hostile criticism? As the world celebrated International Women's Day this week, we sent our esteemed women's editor to meet her. It was, suffice to say, a baffling encounter
As I noted in earlier posts, women are solely interested in furthering their own sex and just ignore the suffering and bias against the rest. Here is a good example on how those sexist slut-feminists go about that. Endless nagging and endless demands sums up that sex precisely..
What to make of Lynne Featherstone? This Liberal Democrat MP is one of a tiny handful of women in government; she is dedicated to tackling violence against women internationally, and is a feminist who has spoken up for equality and women's rights. What's not to like? Yet few ministers suffer such a bad rep, not just from Conservatives, but the very women's groups who fought so hard for her role to be created. 
The endless FU's that women demonstrate and state while they are in power is not only sickening but will ofcourse be their downfall as they continually demonstrate how totally uncaring they are about the entire population. It is there for all to see but very rarely mentioned as all their work is undertaken in the background and aimed at and orchestrated with other women in office..
 There have, of course, been successes since her appointment in November 2010. Her advocacy for lesbians, gays and bisexuals – in marriage and overseas – is making waves in a government where few other ministers seem to want anything to do with it.Featherstone is also proud of the ringfenced central government funding for women – £28m for domestic violence services and £10.5m over three years for rape crisis services. Asked what her biggest achievement is, she cites the joint victory of herself and her boss at the Home Office, Theresa May: "Ringfencing so much funding for the domestic violence agenda against the necessary austerity and economic situation left by Labour is a bloody miracle."
The other obvious issue is that whenever they make any mention about the DV issue, it is only ever about how women are victims and totally blameless, records and studies totally disapproves that but that is also irrelevant as they pursue their own agenda based on lies and disinformation. The standard slut-feminist practise. To ignore one side of the DV equation will only worsen the situation as we are already aware. It's akin to putting out half a fire and expecting a positive result by claiming the fire is out. The blatant and obvious sexism that these slut-feminists demonstrate is now past the guessing equation as it is now that obvious and blatant..
Have women been hardest hit in this recession? "Women are affected by the cuts, just as everybody is," says Featherstone, "but as a Liberal Democrat in a coalition trying to do the right thing with the biggest deficit in peacetime Britain, we have done everything to protect the vulnerable, particularly women."
 Yes ofcourse, women are affected the most as all of those special privileges are indeed accesses and will always face the cutters when things go belly up. But again, an irrelevance, as their funds keeps rolling is as seen by that previous comments from Featherstone..
After nearly an hour, it's clear Lynne Featherstone does herself no favours as a political interviewee. Theresa May has won more plaudits for her work on equalities. Yet by scoffing at Featherstone and marginalising her impact, we risk marginalising the issues on which she works, which is perhaps what the government wants us to do. So it is hard not to support her in a difficult role. But as I walk out of the room and she says, "The future is bright, the future is women," I can't help but grimace.
You want to grimace now, I have been grimacing for years as I watch those self-serving females and those "women only" politicians cowtow (sic), grovel at the alter of slut-feminism and granted their every wish and demands..

The White Ribbon Campaign is just another excuse for the slut-feminist movement to malign and denigrate all men and boys while ignoring the violence that females constantly undertake and promote. The RadFem Hub site/forum (link right hand bar), would be the best example available as they promote violence, abuse and terrorist activities, completely ignored by Police or government agencies. It is also filled with so called "respectable" women from areas such a government research department, child care facilities and medical disciplines as well the University lecturers. An excellent example of today's "New Women" right there for all to see..

 He called the anti-violence against women White Ribbon campaign "the crappiest, stupidest, most moronic display of public sentiment this country indulges in".
It goes without saying that the hypocrisy and inane, stupidity demonstrated by this campaign has finally been recognised by a radio host, who finally states exactly what his opinion is about this farce. Also hopefully the general consensus as well.
Radio presenter Michael Laws has come under fire for asking if violence against women is okay if they are not intelligent.
He called the anti-violence against women White Ribbon campaign "the crappiest, stupidest, most moronic display of public sentiment this country indulges in".
Laws made the comments on his RadioLive programme, asking callers to ring in about a joint Women's Refuge and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals survey. A third of the respondents said they stayed in abusive relationships because they were scared their partner would hurt their pets if they left.
Laws said he seriously doubted the credibility of the survey as "I don't know if this many people are born subnormal".
"Do we need to feel any sympathy for women, or men, in plights such as these?" Mr Laws had asked.

The "ME,ME,ME", Meme..

One does have to wonder just how far women, especially female journalists, praise themselves, while   never miss the opportunity of patting themselves on the back and constantly reminding all and sundry just how superior, her sex, claims itself to be. All this self-congratulating is now at the point of being embarrassing, it akin to a child returning for a constant reminder that your are still around to take care of them, give them some attention and send them on their way. I mean how pathetic is it really. We have grown ups behaving like children and fail to even recognise it..

Kelly McParland: What if women don’t need guys any more, and guys don’t care?

So we have a case of TWO, count em, female journalists, once again gloating that they somehow deserve some level of applause for fixing the entire educational system and government policy outcomes, that ensured women are catered to and granted every possible advantage and here are those sick, pathetic, needy, sycophants, laying claim to an outcome, that they have guaranteed. For childishness level refer to original comments..

It's another case where they claim to be that good that they have one of their own actually admitting it. That is just too fabulous..
Margaret Wente, one of the country’s best columnists, has written an interesting piece on the changing roles of men and women. It’s all about the fact that women are increasingly more successful — better educated, more ambitious, more focused – than men.
“Women are flourishing in this new world, but many men aren’t. Men have always defined themselves as providers — it’s the main source of their identity. What happens when they aren’t needed as providers any more? What happens when their sense of purpose is lost? The answer is, they become unmoored. They stop being adults”

So pushing aside the gloating and the special benefits that sex now has just because of possessing that special piece on anatomy. Is there any suggestion that maybe it has been the case, those privileged princesses have been granted anything they demanded.  Never would they confess that they did not achieve what they claim without a comprehensive system in place, guaranteeing that outcome. That would be too much of a confession and one they would readily, constantly and consistently deny..

Ask that question as I have done and watch the response. If they are not naval gazing, they are blustering hysterically, denying it..

Needless also to mention is the fact that that endless gloating is apparently not enough, so they have to go through some additional male bashing material, just for more effect. For more information on "How to act like a child" refer to original comment..
  "They stop being adults”
 One does wonder how that works in the argument, how the claim that "male stop being adults" does not reflect on their own behaviour. In order to make such a claim to begin with, what actually induced it, Why does it matter to females at all, when you think about it. They now have all they ever wanted. How men behave is in reality none of their damn business but they persist, cannot miss that opportunity of the "Gloat" factor kicking in. To have to take that option so often, one would have to wonder what is wrong with them, when they need to constantly bring up this topic, just so they can have another self-congratulatory session, it must make you wonder !..
She quotes from a book on the subject, The Richer Sex, by Liza Mundy: “I’m kind of losing hope in men,” one high-achieving woman told Ms. Mundy. “My husband and his friends, they just love being bachelors – they love to hang around and smoke pot.” Other women make similar comments.

I’ve been thinking about the same subject off and on for some time. At first I was worried. There’s little question that women are making great leaps and bounds while men, especially younger ones, seem increasingly to coast through life. Walk around any university campus and it’s self-evident. Check who is in the tougher courses in the more desirable faculties. Talk to young women who see men as an interesting diversion, but nothing worth giving up the career for.
 Let's just see who are actually suffering from any levels of dissipated adulthood. Just for the sake of comparison..

1. Name something that women have improved ; They go into the workforce, claim sexism, sue the individual, company or government department and demand additional privileges because their feelings are hurt..
2. As we now have more female journalists: Apart from whining about how there are not enough female journalists and taking every opportunity to self-congratulate themselves. Have they promoted or enhanced or improved journalism to any degree or just made it worse ?
3. Women's educational achievements: Having had a look at the courses and degrees that women have achieved. What relevance does that have to society. Have all those highly educated and super intelligent women improved society in any way, shape or form. How many "Arts Degrees or Social Degrees", does society need ?
4. After decades of self-serving and self preferential treatment: Now that women are promoted over men due solely to the presence of their genitalia, are all those government departments and businesses run more efficiently, have they demonstrated being the "Worlds Greatest Communicators" or set any standards of superior methodology in anythng, as they have always claimed that superiority ability as their own !

So in other words, due to their ever increasing educational levels, have really had no beneficial effect apart from praising and feeding their own egos and ensuring their own privileges are increased. They continually claim superiority but when one tries to measure that claim via any practical method, it is unmeasurable, even ineffectual. Yet they claim that they are so brimming with intelligence and ability that the world without their presence, would indeed just, well, you know, something will happen..

The marriage debate keeps making it's appearance and quite a few of the comments regarding it would seem to be totally ignorant or possibly just wishful thinking. The type of thinking that went out of fashion when the slut-feminists forced through the no-fault divorce option that women could not wait to use. Ensuring major advantages like getting to own your own home, with all of it's furniture, the car and throw in the kids as well, that was just to good to miss out on. The slut-feminist movement designed their actions to appeal to the lowest common denominator in women and that was ofcourse the need for greed, self-interest and the "I am the most important person on the planet" mentality, that  obviously sat very comfortably with the opposite sex..

Comment 1..
Your defense of marriage – as an institution for birthing and raising children, and of (hopefully) protecting them and their interests and well-being until they can grow up and marry in turn – is eloquent and it makes sense to me. However, our current culture subverts marriage into a travesty, a trap, a parasitic state-of-affairs wherein the woman and the State suck the men dry.

The fact that the majority of marriages are tossed onto the garbage heap by women with the justification being that they were "discontent",only favours that selfish attitude even further. One does wonder what men are thinking when they propose to a female, whether or not they consider the fact that they have just joined the game of Russian Roulette or not..
In it for the money, not honour or dignity or long term..
Gone are the days where the marriage contract was just that, a contract between two individuals for mutual benefit as GWW has explained so succinctl in her recent Youtube video. It was an exchange of benefits that worked well for thousands of years and helped establish the society we have up until now. Sadly though, all that is going to change as women are no longer reliant on men for their daily bread, they prefer the mommy state, and with that arrangement, there is no exchange or accountability whatsoever. Another situation that apparently appeals to the opposite sex even more. They don't have to uphold any part of their contract with the state and just do whatever it is they want and usually do..

Comment 2..
I am not shaking my head, but it is nothing new either.The main problem is that you are just giving me reasons why marriage USED to be a good thing. We have men coming of age all the time who don’t get a chance at what marriage used to be. They only have what marriage really is, right now, in this day and age. Their choice on marriage can be the most profoundly destructive decision they can make. And it is happening all the time.I agree that marriage was a great deal for society at one time. Those days are over, and now marriage is an insanely risky proposition with very little chance that a man will come out well.The only thing that can restore marriage to being of any use to society at this point would be an end to no fault divorce, alimony and child support. When you figure out a way to get those things going, then we could discuss your stance on gay marriage and why I think its misguided.But till then I advise gay men not to get married as well.

Encouraging the slave trade..
Unfortunately, the methodology used to destroy marriage was the ongoing plan of the slut-feminist movement planned right from the beginning, a claim they have stated too many times for it to be taken as a fabrication. They are well aware of the fact that they stood no chance in making any headway with the opposite sex when they were happily ensconced in their home with the picket fence and a couple of kids at their feet. That was not acceptable as far as they were concerned. That situation would and could not produce sufficient discontent for them to introduce their obvious sexist and blatant discriminatory laws. That would have seemed ridiculous as well as be seen to be a personal attack on all women especially mothers and that is a storm they quelledl by pretending to represent them. It all worked out just the way they wanted..

Now we have the situation where marriage is now scorned and avoided for more reasons than one but it has not changed the relationships issue at all, where men and women need each other, but the payment now is different and the outcomes are just worse and one has to wonder if they are really worth the massive amount of pain and suffering that men go through when she decides to call it quits..

So the one thing in life that use to make women happy and content, they have destroyed  themselves and are now complaining about that situation in every possible way, except excepting responsibility. An action that that sex appears to be devoid of..

Comment 3..

Marriage has always needed support from the outside, to be strong and lasting. In fact, up until very recently, marriage had all kinds of support, from “extended family” to the community, the church, and the culture in general. What’s happened to all that support? We’ve turned our backs on it, collectively, in favor of the “Me, Me, Me Meme” that we’re living today. 
I have never gotten married, so I don’t know marriage “from inside.” I’ve observed a few marriages from outside, and seen that the ones that center on “romance” are weak; whereas those that center on commitment and honor and “different but equitable” contributions to the marriage bond – they are stronger. 
It seems evident to me that our culture, our society, is so completely wrapped up in the “romance” and self-indulgent side of things – especially with regard to the Goddess-Incarnate cult of feminist entitlement and empowerment – that marriage is made The Ultimate Bad Deal to the men of today. I wish that weren’t so; but my wishes are as futile as King Canute’s royal commands to the rising tide.

I have never been one to do as I am told, especially when I am sitting at home and demanded that I follow an action that is not only a complete waste of time (Cannot just turn off a power station for an hour) but also be coerced to undertake an action that suggests that CO2 (A plant food) is a pollutant and needs to be removed from the planet at all costs. This "Earth Hour" fallacy has been put into place by a Newspaper, Fairfax Media, another left wing, lunatic fringe, feminist supporting, hysteria organisation, who are of the opinion that if you sit in the dark for an hour it will make you feel better, It smacks too much of the Politburo "You will do as you are told" attitude to me..

How stupid does one have to be?..
Encouraging the North Korean condition for an hour, riiggghhhhttttt..

Turn off the power and kill plants and the wildlife that survives off it does not a good idea make. In your court..
(This action is akin to that movie "I Robot" when the robots started taking over) Feck EM! want to sit in the dark and promote the AGW stupidity, your choice...

The Hour of Power: Celebrate Human Achievement this Saturday.

Hello Earthians! It’s time to say thank you to Edison, to Faraday and Maxwell, it’s time to celebrate the Gift of Light.
Saturday night at 8.30 – 9.30pm this week is the Hour of Power
(Don’t confuse this with the splinter group celebrations called Earth Hour, where people sit in the dark –  so they can appreciate the glory of luminosity come 9.31).

The Glory! We are the lucky generation with light at the flick of a switch

The CEI gets the thumbs up too. They are running Human Achievement Hour. (Click the image for more info).
In the hundred thousand years since homo sapiens came to be, people have fled bondage, wars, small-pox, dysentery, died from minor scratches, starved to death, been ravaged by lions, stricken by cholera, and survived the odd ninety thousand year stretches of hypothermic, abysmal ice age.  We lived in the darkness for 99,900 years, cowering in corners, listening to drips, waiting for the sun.
There is only one type of Freedom – and all else is servitude, slavery or tyranny.
It’s your chance to show your commitment to fighting the forces of darkness. Be brave, stand up to the people who want to tell you what kind of globe you are allowed to buy. Feed the world by helping to boost global CO2 to lift crop yields and fertilize farms all over the planet. Children are hungry in Haiti and, since CO2 is a well mixed gas, sooner or later, you will be helping them.

Things you can do at 8.30 on Saturday:

  1. Write down the tally on the electricity meter.
  2. Turn on all the lights you can find (bonus points for incandescents from the stash.)
  3. Put on the party lights, the patio light, the pool light, the mozzie zappers, unpack those Christmas decorations. Get out your torches. Switch the movement detector spotlights to continuous operation. (Involve the kids — they love to help).
  4. Light your backyard with the landcruiser headlights! (Don’t flatten the battery, make sure you keep that engine running.)
  5. Don’t forget those bar radiators — revel in that infra red! (Light the kitchen with the ones in the oven and grill.)
  6. Eat Argentinian Lamb steak, Danish butter, Argentinian Cheese, Belgian Chocolate, and Californian Oranges.
  7. Drink German Beer and or French Champagne. Drink toasts to coal miners, oil rig workers, and power station staff.
  8. Take a photo, take lots of photos, and send them to myself, and Tim Blair and Andrew Bolt.
  9. At 9.30pm read that meter and tell us how many KWhr you’ve liberated.   Who will win The Hour of Power?

Screwing men out of jobs has become a national pastime, end result the same..

One does not have to look far to find another "special" effort focused on women and make their entry into another discipline as easy as possible by offering additional benefits and assistance. All for women only ofcourse. Try and find one single effort to enroll or assist any man or boy into any discipline or career and you will die of old age trying..

There are copious examples of this type of discrimination and blatant sexism at work in every University and College in the western world. If you are born with a "V", then you will be privileged beyond your wildest dreams, while the education system wheels out every possible effort they can to ensure you pass even if they have to change the rules or reduce the entrant applications. One way or another, they will ensure that your privileges arse will get you where you want to go with half the effort it takes anyone else..

Then we have females claiming that they had to work "harder" than anyone else, just because they are "female". That is ofcourse the biggest joke around but still promoted by their own as it "feels" good to make that false claim, that you are really better than anyone else. The fact that women are promoted over men and without their ability, experience or talent is relentlessly demonstrated and one can witness that example by the exponential increase of women in the public service, who magically rise over men to be positioned into the top job without query or questioning. Automatically installed solely due to their sex. That sexism and discrimination has been ongoing for the last two decades, while nothing changes to stop it or even resist it..

So where else do they focus on the privileged sex and determine that they will be elevated and promoted via that free ride..

 Link to check PDF and site info..

•    Increase the number of women tenure track faculty from 15% to 25%.
•    Increase the number of underrepresented minority faculty from 7% to 12%.
•    Increase the number of women graduates at the BS level from 16 % to 25%.
•    Increase the number of underrepresented minority graduates at the BS level from 12% to 20%.
•    Increase number of women graduates at the MS/PhD level from 17% to 25%.

There we go, in engineering. Another discipline targeted by the sexist education departments and governments to ensure that women are granted access to usurp males from those positions. Meanwhile there is absolutely nothing or nowhere for those displaced men to go. They are just thrown onto the unemployment heap just like in every other industry and discipline already does. Women have been number one priority and that will not only stay in place, but increase as more and more funding becomes available..

It's only sexism and discrimination if it done for any male, whenever it's done for females it is something entirely different..

It is called Positive Discrimination but in reality it is just blatant and obvious sexism and discrimination encouraged and promoted by the opposite sex..

I can't either..

It is indeed sickening enough to fight against the blatant established bias against men and boys in all walks of life without some racist journalist like Barry Nolan adding fuel to the fire with another sexist, racist and discriminatory article that does nothing more than confirm how the slut-feminist media and organisations are desperate to destroy the Men's Movement, any way they possibly can by either smearing or downright lies..

It is the ongoing habit of that hate movement and it's enablers to follow this level of ambiguous commentary and trumped up claims with such regularity, to no longer even raise an eyebrow as they are just behaving the same as they have always done. Introduce strawman arguments that promotes hysteria rather than presenting facts, promote theories rather than proper researched information or even demonstrating a minutiae level of interest or knowledge.  They Fail to demonstrate that there may be some grounds for concern. These liars and enablers are more concerned with keeping the status quo rather than seeking justice. It is what they usually indulge in and why change now when slanging all men is just another left-wing novelty and an income enhancing activity at that..

Update-  Link to the racist bigot's article. Check out the comments..


Barry Nolan: Boston Magazine’s TV critic and gender expert

Looking at men in government and saying they have all the power is like looking at women in grocery stores and saying they have all the food. ~Jack Kammer 

Barry Nolan, on Monday, March 26 published an article on Boston Magazine’s online edition issuing a harsh critique of MRAs, declaring that white men rule, and asking a rhetorical question.
“So why do so many of them whine about how tough it is to be a white man?”
I suspect Nolan thought that was a question with no valid answer besides “they’re whiney babies,”  but I’d hazard to guess that some reasons men whine about their social station is  because of the workplace death rate, dominated by men. According to the US Department of Labor the sexual distribution of individuals killed on the job improved to the benefit of men in 2010. With an improvement of 1 percent, only 92% of those killed on the job in 2010 were men.
We also have the homelessness rate, which is 90% men[1], or the fact that 4 out of 5 suicides are male.[2] It might also be the fact that educational outcomes are dominated by women from high-school to the attainment of advanced degrees, and female favouring affirmative action programs in funding and program access remain. It might also be title IX legislation used to justify the closure of male-preferred extra-curricular programs across the country, It might even be that despite more than a decade after the near universal ban on female genital mutilation in western nations, infant boys are routinely subject to the unnecessary removal of the most sensitive part of their sexual organ with no anesthetic, and those openly complaining are mocked for efforts to protect male infants from this stone age brutalization. These are just a few guesses as to why some men might not feel terribly privileged.
Nolan points to the floor of US congress to prove his case that men rule and thus, being male is an exercise in privilege. What he doesn’t say is that first, those representatives of masculine supremacy are elected by a majority of voters who are female[2][3]. Nolan also indulges himself in repeated commissions of the Apex Fallacy, which is the assignment the characteristics of the highest visibility members of a group to all members of that group. Most senators are male, thus, most males are senators. This works just as well substituting CEOs or other high-profile, high status roles in society. This fallacy deliberately ignores that almost all coal miners, garbage collectors, and day labourers are also male. These are roles at the bottom of social hierarchy and near the top in terms of danger, as well as providing a much larger and more representative sample of the lives of the majority of men. After iterating through instances of the apex fallacy using corporate CEOs and supreme court justices, Nolan manages to avoid considering  the entire rest of the world where everyone else lives, and concludes that “by almost any metric, any statistic, it works out to be a pretty deal to be a white male”. Suicide rates, homelessness, death in the workplace notwithstanding, it’s certainly a joy being the only demographic for whom open contempt hatred, and scorn is publicly praiseworthy.
Nolan might not have gotten away with this if he’d singled out men as a sexual demographic, but tossing “white” into the mix and he’s free and clear. The Boston columnist also claims confusion about “why so many white men like me can be found whining”.
In the current and rising proliferation of writing on issues of male human rights, detailing exactly what men’s areas of concern are, repeating and re-iterating issues from biased criminal courts, family courts, health care, access to education, biased hiring practices, public vilification, media mockery, and reproductive rights, just to name a few;  Nolan’s claimed incomprehension seems implausible.
According to Nolan, himself a self-admitted white man “the system is so stacked in our favour, it’s almost embarrassing.” However, like every feminist who every screeched “check your privilege” – he somehow forgets to name a single specific instance of male privilege. It’s almost as if he couldn’t think of any, almost, dare I say, that hes repeating a fabricated myth of male privilege, without giving the matter any critical examination at all.
Nolan carries on to decry rising opposition to the Violence Against Woman Act, claiming that this opposition is because the updated VAWA adds protection to lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual individuals.
[Senator] Grassley and the far right don’t want to see it pass in its current form because it extends some of its protections to LGBT victims, Native American victims, and some illegal immigrants. Because of what? Because it should be OK to brutalize them?
The actual reason for the growing opposition to VAWA is that the language would undermine the most basic principal of western justice – lowering the standard of evidence for conviction of a crime. The bill also approaches domestic violence from the philosophical conception of the Duluth Model, in which all violence is a manifestation of patriarchal evil. This model of “understanding” domestic violence disregards the gender symmetry inherent in the problem, disregards causal factors such as poverty, alcohol or drug addiction, psychological disorders, trauma affecting adult behavior and reduces all partner violence to a simplistic and false black and white cartoon where men are predators and women are their victims.
This model disregards female perpetrators by design, which necessarily disregards the men and children that are their victims. This, legitimized by “primary aggressor,” and “mandatory arrest” laws, results in pro-female scripted police work and incentivized prosecutions against men. All of this operates in a framework of irrational laws that inflict lasting damage on families, communities and children.
So no, Mr Nolan, its not protection of individuals practicing alternate sexual lifestyle that fosters opposition to unconstitutional laws.
None of this manages to merit notice in Nolan’s analysis. According to him “The passage of the bill has also been muddied by — well — mud. Stuff crazy people make up and throw out there to make it seem like it’s somehow a radical or controversial idea to try to stop people from beating up women.”
Mud? Crazy people? It certainly would be radical to “stop people from beating up women.”  If anybody was trying to stop other people from beating up women, that would be crazy. In fact, anyone openly cultivating violence could easily be called radical. Oddly however, in spite of Barry Nolan’s rhetoric, nobody seriously opposing VAWA’s re-authorization has demonstrated any such sinister agenda, which probably explains why Nolan didn’t even try to offer evidence of the mud and crazy people.
Of course, being a professional writer, Nolan would not expose himself to the deserved scorn following his naked use of ad-hominem or straw-man argument. It seems obvious, since those formal logical fallacies are so easy to spot. The Boston writer reveals himself by next mentioning the recent and hilariously inept attempt by the Southern Poverty Law Center to ride the wave of reactionary vitriol right-wing commentator Rush Limbaugh attracted by excoriating a 30 year old feminist with the word slut. The SPLC tried to capitalize on anti-right-wing backlash against Limbaugh by scratching together a list of unrelated websites disapproved-of by left leaning bloggers and authoritarian progressive conformists.
Nolan is of course, late to the party in jumping on the SPLC’s bandwagon, as the slapdash, irresponsible fear-mongering of the SPLC has already been roundly criticized by reason magazine[4], business insider[5], the american spectator[6], Christian Science Monitor[7] and even the Huffington Post[8][9] and World Net Daily[10], who pointed out that according to the SPLC, if you’re not on the political left, you are a hate group.
Reason Magazine’s Mike Riggs[11] posted a comment on twitter stating: he has “zero interest in supporting the SPLC’s shoddy work”.
Undaunted by lack of any cited evidence in his own article, Nolan soldiers on to declare: “One of the things these groups [Men's Rights Groups] like to do is generate baloney statistics about how men are the “real victims” of domestic violence.” Actually, speaking only for myself, but with awareness of my own small influence in the men’s movement, I happen to prefer locating and citing peer-reviewed research, and reputably sourced statistics in support of my opinions. Such as a growing body of research[12][13][14][15][16][17] indicating that contrary to the popular narrative that domestic violence is sexually directional, men-abusing women, it’s committed more or less equally by women and men, and cannot be rationally addressed by any model ignoring the behavior of half the participants.
This is similar to the logic of fighting a structure fire by pouring water on only the North and East facing walls, but letting the South and West facing walls burn freely. Nolan’s characterization of the evidence-based objection to ideological modelling of DV is that men attempt to claim ownership of victimhood as “the /real victims/ of domestic violence.”
Of course, he has no supporting evidence of this. He doesn’t cite any evidence in refuting this argument, but employs emotional appeal to sweep such arguments aside without examination.
As proof of the impossible insanity of men arguing for their own civil rights, Nolan goes to youtube of all places, citing the video on the satire channel of a user called RamzPaul.  In other news, The Onion is a comedy channel, and the FlintStones cartoon series was not a BBC anthropology documentary.
Nolan also repeats the SPLC’s claim of the prevalence of female victimization pulled from a 2005 Bureau of Justice Statistics report, which oddly, the SPLC does not link to. In the report[18] a claimed 86% of the victims of partner violence are female, while 75% of deaths within a domestic violence context are female. What Nolan does not mention – but which seems obvious is that justice department reporting on rates of partner violence victimization is necessarily self-selected data, based on reported incidents involving police or other law enforcement agencies. This is confirmed in the methodology section of the BJS report which neither the SPLC nor Barry Nolan even stirred themselves to link to.[18]
The following paragraphs are copied directly from the methodology section of the BJS report:
“SHR (Supplementary Homicide Reports ) data are based solely on police investigation. Not all law enforcement agencies which report offense information to the FBI also submit supplemental data on murder. At the time of analysis, the most recent SHR data contained information on 12,940 of the 16,204 murders reported in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. To account for the total number of homicides, the SHR data were weighted to match national and State murder estimates prepared by the FBI. All victim-based analyses are adjusted in this manner. ”
“The dataset utilized in this report was compiled by James Alan Fox, the Lipman Family Professor of Criminal Justice at Northeastern University. The dataset, along with additional details about imputation and estimation procedures, is available from the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data.”
“To compare family violence recorded by police to nonfamily violence recorded by police, this report utilizes official police statistics reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in 2000.”

The rates of victimization by sex and other group identifications within this report quite obviously represents only those incidents reported to police, and which were accepted by responding officers as incidents in the category of domestic victimization. Unconsidered is the known tendency of men to under report domestic violence, and the vast amount of interpersonal violence that does not involve intervention by state functionaries. In some cases, men attempting to seek police intervention in their own defense are arrested, despite being the true victim of violence at the scene.  To consider this single study applicable to the general population is absurd.
The grass-roots campaign canvassing the  White House to establish a  Council on  Boys and men states in introduction of their July 2011 Maryland Report:
The most confusing, perplexing, and controversial area in which men’s health needs are overlooked is the issue of male victims of domestic violence. One immediately noticeable trend is the strong tendency to focus solely on female victims and ignore male victims. This tendency is seen repeatedly.
In 2009, Dr. Denise A. Hines of Clark University and Dr. Emily Douglas of Bridgewater State College presented conclusions of their research on partner violence in a lecture called “Men who Sustain Partner Violence and Seek Help: Their Abuse and Help Seeking Experiences and Implications for Prevention.”[18]
Clark and Douglas found that population-based studies indicate 25-50% of all partner victims in a given year are men. These men are generally ashamed to come forward, and expect that they will not be believed. They also feared that they would be accused of being the aggressor if they sought help.
Vivian L. Holley is an attorney has been practicing family law and mediation since 1978.  Holley maintains a blog[19] in which she addressed the findings of  Clark and Douglas’s research, pointing out that: “Almost all domestic violence shelters and hotlines offer services only to women. Most men were either turned away or referred to batterers programs. [...] Ninety-seven percent experienced the local domestic violence agency to be biased against men; 80% did not treat men victims of domestic violence; and 69% suggested the male victim was really the batterer!”
Barry Nolan, just prior to concluding his piece indulges in some direct lying, by declaring: “If you really really don’t want to get beat up, killed, or thrown in jail, my suggestion to you would be to become a white male.”  Nolan is indulging in misdirection here. It’s true that caucasian men are subject to lesser violent criminal victimization than black men, but Nolan’s insistence on framing this as a racial issue is deeply dishonest. The men’s movement is not a black versus white movement. White women are victimized by violence at lower rates to white men. Black women are victimized by violence at lower rates than black men. In criminal sentencing the same pattern emerges. Nolan manages to completely avoid the persistent problem of produced violence and criminality within communities and the relationship of that violence to fatherlessness, economic hardship, drug abuse and poor educational opportunities, all of which are functions of domestic policy, driven by what is increasingly obvious as an ideological narrative.[21]
But forget all that. According to Nolan  it’s about being white and male. That’s the politically popular narrative, and somebody somewhere is giving Barry a cookie for saying so. Nolan concludes by announcing himself a mangina. Not a word I use, since it conveys appropriate contempt, but lacks explanatory power. In the public discourse of escalating acceptable hatred against men, white or otherwise, Barry Nolan is bending his back to be a good one. A good man, as distinct from bad men who openly complain as their identities are marginalized and their human rights set quietly out of site. The correct term for the good man identity Nolan seeks for himself is not mangina. It is collaborator.


[13] Headey, B., Scott, D., & de Vaus, D. (1999). Domestic violence in Australia: Are Women and Men Equally Violent? Australian Social Monitor 2:57-62
[14] Dutton D. G. (2007). Female Intimate Partner Violence and Developmental Trajectories of Abusive Families. International Journal of Men’s Health, 6, 54-71
[15] Archer J (2000). Sex Differences in Physically Aggressive Acts between Heterosexual Partners: A Meta-Analytic Review. Psychological Bulletin, 126, 651-680

Written by John the Other

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Talented Graffiti artist at work objectifying women, dreadful..

Having filtered through the latest offerings by GWW(GirlWritesWhat), I am starting to suffer from repetitive neck strain as I am continually nodding in affirmation to her comments stated, that so reflects my own thinking and thought processes, as to make it uncanny. A refreshing change to hear from a female precisely what I have been saying all along, it does ofcourse have a more notable and palatable affect on her own sex. It sounds better and makes it more acceptable, which is just great as I really don't care who says it, as long as it is stated..

This video puts paid to the ridiculous, juvenile antics, that the slut-feminist drones make in relation to objectifying women. It is such a yawn in reality, why they just don't get it and it's even more boring when they fail to comprehend the bleeding obvious. The stupidity that prevails in that movement is nothing short of blatant childishness and immaturity, so it's nice to find a video that presents it all in perspective.. Enjoy..

Back in the early 1990's there were some general hysteria sessions on the old bulletin boards, as the Men's movement started up against the slut-feminist hatred movement, when I and a few others, suggested that women were themselves to blame for the movement and not just a minor selection of of both sexes..

At that time, that nasty movement spent all of it's time abusing and denigrating males in Newspapers, Magazines and on Television. The hate march was that blatant, that it ensured that I would take up that cudgel as I could see back then that this was not something that was not going to improve by ignoring it or that women would in general would come to their senses and start behaving like human beings and see the error of their totally self-focused, selfish and society breaking practices..

After three decades, we have a completely worse situation as this speaker explains. Nothing will improve or change if men and women (those minutia of females), do not begin making waves and begin solidifying, amassing and promoting our the actions of the anti-slut-feminist movement. When it was stated a few years back that it was a "War between the Sexes", it was not some irrelevant rant, but an actual representation of the truth. It is exactly the way it is..

Nothing will change if we do nothing. Nothing will improve if we ignore or sit on our hands. Slut-Feminism is a women's movement and it was never about equality, it is purely about superiority as we can witness on a daily basis. There has never been any "adjustment" or "reconciliation" efforts made in any fashion by Slut-feminists in order to balance any outcome. It is unfortunately the case that whatever women are given in the way of rights, funding or benefits, it will never be enough and the collective scream will always be for ever more and more..

All at the cost of Men and boys. We are the sacrificial offering at the alter of female supremacy and they neither give a damn as to how much it will cost, how many lives they destroy or how many more extras they achieve, they will not stop or relent or decrease their demands until men are totally deprived of their freedom and their self respect completely destroyed. There will be no compromise in that area as they brainwash future generations of women with their hate and malice..

More Men are waking up and joining the good fight..

I had no concept of the MRM until a few months ago and my first (completely accidental) exposure was through girlwriteswhat. I'm ashamed to admit, but if she had happened to be a man I may have written MRM off as a group of bitter men. The fact is that I have been conditioned to sympathize with and trust women and be suspicious of men. The only thing to do now is to recognize that and try to reason my way out of it.
Women are crucial to the MRM, if only to recruit reformed feminists.

Women are NEVER violent. Police Bias. World Wide..
So Reddit, I called the cops on my GF after an argument we had got violent, the cops come and arrest ME, I come back 2 days later and 6000$ worth of stuff is either stolen or broken, what can I do?

Here is the standard procedure that the Police follow whenever any male calls the Police on a violent female..This happens in EVERY western country..

This is really crazy and I am really freaked out right now. Here is the basic rundown of that Friday night.
What happened.
I come home from my buddies house and my GF greets me with a very angry look, I immediately know something is up. She starts going on about how I am always out with my friends/dont spend enough time with her etc. I try to defend my self but she won't have any of it and starts screaming at me, starts calling me things like "dishonest fuck", "lying piece of shit" "biggest asshole" etc. I ask her to calm down and to talk this whole thing over like two mature adults. This is when she starts hitting me, nothing too serious at first but then she hits me in the head a couple of times, pushes me over and throws a framed picture at me, meanwhile I am trying to block her punches by sticking my forearm in front of me, after about 5 minutes of getting beat up I run and lock my self in the bathroom. She starts hitting the door and threatening that she (actual quote) will fucking kill me when I come out of the bathroom. I am really panicking at the moment and the first thing that comes to my mind is to call the cops, so I do, at this point I just want her gone from my house. I tell the police that she assaulted me and threatening to harm me, and I want her gone from my property.
So The police come she answers the door because I am still in the bathroom, I come out about to ask them to remove her from my house, before I even get a chance to speak I am cuffed, lead outside to their squad car while my (ex)girlfriend is still inside MY house while I am being arrested even though I was the one that called the cops on her.
I come home and I am completely shocked, my whole house has been trashed, and stuff has been stolen obviously by my GF.
  • Plasma TV-600$
  • Xbox-150$
  • About 300$ in cash that only I and her know about, I used to hide it inside my bedpost
  • Blue-ray Player around 120$
  • Laptop 500$
  • About 600$ worth of games, all the disks have been either broken in half or completely scratched
  • My desktop rig, including 2 monitors/speakers/keyboard totalling about 1400$
  • My guitar- 800$
  • 7 custom made WoW figurines which cost me about 600$
  • WoW poster signed by 7 Blizzard employees and a custom made wooden Valve logo signed by 3 valve employees
  • My tribute to my dead Grandparents, basically all of my pictures of them and objects that they gave me before they died, completely ruined.
  • Half of the furniture is ruined
  • Toilet bowl cracked in half, bathtub is chipped in multiple places, some of the tiles missing form the walls.
  • 95% of my clothes ripped/cut -900$
  • Oil painting my grandpa painted for my 18th birthday is ripped into pieces
  • My cat is missing (probably run away by herself though)
  • The wooden flooring is ruined because she plugged the sinks and left the water on
  • Kitchen is ruined, cabinets on the floor, all of my food from the fridge and cupboards on the floor/ripped open
  • Bunch of other small stuff
Basically whole house is ruined, I have been sleeping over at my friends house and called in sick at work to deal with this mess. I confronted her about this she said if I try to do anything against her (lawsuit) she will charge me with assault,abuse etc. She apparently has 3 broken fingers (from punching the door and my head), half of her hands are bruised and apparently bruise on her neck when I "chocked" her (either self-inflicted or completely made up).
What can I do in this situation? I know it was her who trashed my house while I was gone because the door was locked when I came back and she had the only other key, I didn't want to charge her at first I just wanted her gone form my property, my life, but now it looks like I can't anyway. The only injuries I have from that night are 3 bruises on my forearms and one on my shoulder, her injuries are much worse. I have never been involved in a lawsuit so I have no idea what to do, Do I have enough evidence to sue her? What about my stolen/broken stuff? Can she really sue against me and win?
Totally lost and I need help.
EDIT: It's late at night guys, you guys helped me realise that I can easily win this if I act fast enough. I Recorded everything in the house, took time-stamped pictures, first thing tommorow morning finding a lawyer and filing a police report with him. Thanks for all your support Reddit. Really tired right now and going to bed will update tommorow after meeting with a lawyer! G'night.

Females smacking each other is also on the increase..

This movie is straight out of the slut-feminists' arsenal of the "You Go Grrrllll" mantras. They have promoted violent women and will continue to do so (think Valerie Solanas). Slut-feminists justify this action under their delusional and blatantly false claim that women should be able to protect themselves as they are constantly attacked and physically abused on a daily basis, everywhere they go..
Where they get that from is ofcourse by generating their own falsified and doctored statistics which they have done for too long to remember.

The amazing thing is that girls are picking up that abuse cudgel and running with it. They have already demonstrated that they are quite capable of violence and physical abuse, which many articles have already demonstrated. Even though  slut-feminists still refuse to accept that it happens in the home as well but that is somehow automatically coerced or reactive. Another case of CD right there..

The other side of the story is that the girls having been babied through the educational system and constantly informed that they are not only "angels", but "strong' and "powerful" and "independent" and can do anything a "Man can do". However, they appear to be incapable of working out a few obvious differences between males and females. One is size and the other is strength. It would seem that we will have to go through a few years of that lesson being applied to those ignorant females who have wallowed in and accepted the slut-feminist version of reality.  Meanwhile make the girl a heroine in another movie just to promote that myth. We have just the movie to reinforce it..
The Hunger Games, which now ranks as the most successful movie released during March—ever—adds to the toxic psychological forces it identifies, rather than reducing them.
In the movie, which takes place in a world given over to bloody entertainment, the government chooses young people to fight each other to the death on a reality television show. The writer of the film, Suzanne Collins, has stated she came up with the story while channel surfing first past news on the Iraq War, then past senseless, entertainment-driven reality TV shows. The mingling of those two messages, through one medium, seemed potentially harmful.
The trouble is that, rather than opposing the media forces that jam such disparate messages together, The Hunger Games embraces that toxic synergy.
Other than entertaining millions and millions of teenagers and making millions and millions of dollars, the net result of The Hunger Games is likely to be:
1) Females will be further distanced from their traditional feminine characteristics that (sadly, some wrongly insist) suggested they were not being real “girls” if they were extremely physically violent.
2) Young teens and many pre-teens will be awakened to the fact that they are capable of extreme violence, given the right set of circumstances.
3) A few psychologically vulnerable teens—who would have come to no good anyhow—may be inspired to replicate the film’s violence.
Here is the lesson that will have to learned of a giant scale before those "feminised" females will actually come to grips with reality. As much as I dislike this stuff and do not want this going on at all but I have absolutely no sympathy for this black female who just does not know when to give up..

Violent Women..
Violent Women 2..

And ofcourse this Youtube Video by Paul Elam demonstrating that women are half the problem where DV violence is concerned..