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Feminist Flake and her pimp..

This is most probably more political than what I am comfortable with on this blog, as my knowledge of US politics is limited but I have to go down this path because of other posts having been presented in the past..
One of the main efforts that has given a main boost to that feminist hate movement, has been by that feminist's lacky, Obama. That feminist tool has installed those harridans in the White House and granted them unlimited powers to achieve their sexist and biased outcomes and by that action, it demonstrates exactly where that mangina Obama (it rhymes) stands in relation to the fundamental rights of men..

Enter feminist Sandra Flake, an appropriate surname, who demands that society should pay for her sexual activity. This is just the usual and ongoing effort by the feminist movement at ensuring that women have everything they possibly want by sticking it on the nation's tab. Someone else can pay for it and that is and has always been the feminist goal, right from the beginning. That pimp Obama disguises that car-fuffel with other pretty ribbons but in reality just introduces Margaret Sanger's Eugenics argument, just like those radical feminists had been discussing on the RadFem Hub. In their case though, those radical feminists were assuming that their dna and their examples of womanhood was the best that society could possibly produce. They failed to realise that if they were subjected to the manipulation of genes, they would most probably not have existed at all. But that point was apparently way past consideration, as self importance, their sexist self absorption and narcissism would have deluded them to that fact..

The feminist trolls gather..

That entire beatup has feminists and their enabler in a spin, as even Emily List's conspirators are now using that carry on as a fund-raiser for the purpose of ensuring more females are placed in politics but they have to be of a particular persuasion ofcourse. One has to be a feminist and female in order to be included, more sexism from the claimers of equality..

It's a never ending saga and they will ride it for everything it's worth but meanwhile we have an example of how radical feminists and the harridans in the WH, are indeed focused on eugenics still, even though that last attempt during the second world war failed miserably. History appears to be resurfacing more often..