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Females smacking each other is also on the increase..

This movie is straight out of the slut-feminists' arsenal of the "You Go Grrrllll" mantras. They have promoted violent women and will continue to do so (think Valerie Solanas). Slut-feminists justify this action under their delusional and blatantly false claim that women should be able to protect themselves as they are constantly attacked and physically abused on a daily basis, everywhere they go..
Where they get that from is ofcourse by generating their own falsified and doctored statistics which they have done for too long to remember.

The amazing thing is that girls are picking up that abuse cudgel and running with it. They have already demonstrated that they are quite capable of violence and physical abuse, which many articles have already demonstrated. Even though  slut-feminists still refuse to accept that it happens in the home as well but that is somehow automatically coerced or reactive. Another case of CD right there..

The other side of the story is that the girls having been babied through the educational system and constantly informed that they are not only "angels", but "strong' and "powerful" and "independent" and can do anything a "Man can do". However, they appear to be incapable of working out a few obvious differences between males and females. One is size and the other is strength. It would seem that we will have to go through a few years of that lesson being applied to those ignorant females who have wallowed in and accepted the slut-feminist version of reality.  Meanwhile make the girl a heroine in another movie just to promote that myth. We have just the movie to reinforce it..
The Hunger Games, which now ranks as the most successful movie released during March—ever—adds to the toxic psychological forces it identifies, rather than reducing them.
In the movie, which takes place in a world given over to bloody entertainment, the government chooses young people to fight each other to the death on a reality television show. The writer of the film, Suzanne Collins, has stated she came up with the story while channel surfing first past news on the Iraq War, then past senseless, entertainment-driven reality TV shows. The mingling of those two messages, through one medium, seemed potentially harmful.
The trouble is that, rather than opposing the media forces that jam such disparate messages together, The Hunger Games embraces that toxic synergy.
Other than entertaining millions and millions of teenagers and making millions and millions of dollars, the net result of The Hunger Games is likely to be:
1) Females will be further distanced from their traditional feminine characteristics that (sadly, some wrongly insist) suggested they were not being real “girls” if they were extremely physically violent.
2) Young teens and many pre-teens will be awakened to the fact that they are capable of extreme violence, given the right set of circumstances.
3) A few psychologically vulnerable teens—who would have come to no good anyhow—may be inspired to replicate the film’s violence.
Here is the lesson that will have to learned of a giant scale before those "feminised" females will actually come to grips with reality. As much as I dislike this stuff and do not want this going on at all but I have absolutely no sympathy for this black female who just does not know when to give up..

Violent Women..
Violent Women 2..

And ofcourse this Youtube Video by Paul Elam demonstrating that women are half the problem where DV violence is concerned..