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One does have to wonder why male slut-feminists would want to fabricate stories about the Men's Movement, why would anyone make those ludicrous false claims. Why would they falsely claim that the MM promotes when they it is not true or is involved in or demands that violence be the answer to it's aims and goals or the problems that men and boys face..

That false claim is totally astounding..

We have over the past few months witnessed an insane level of increased attacks on the MRM and one does wonder why there is such a concentrated effort to shout it down with false claims, fake assumptions and downright lies.
Is it now at the stage where the MRM is finally seen to be a plausible threat, especially after that biased and sexist VAWA legislation required another reassessment, which obviously did just not sit right with those bigots who make their income from it or "feel" that monstrous hateful and sexist document actually helped the occasional victim, while completely destroying the lives of many thousands in it's day to day operation..

We have demonstrated on too numerous occasions exactly what a scam that VAWA legislation really is and what it represents and the damage it creates and causes plus the sheer column of money that just disappeared through it's questionable processes..

One must ask whether or not we have become that effective or in your face or some other cliche, as to be no longer ignored like some lunatic fringe entity, they claim the MRM to be. I do know something that every other member of the movement shares and that is, we are not giving up regardless of the amount of vitriol and poison you try to remove us with, as that is just additional fuel as far as we are concerned. We will win as we are in this for the long run and we will not stop until all that bias, anti-male sexism and discrimination is removed and that every single dollar spent on one sex is reflected in the other and every single law introduced to favour one sex will include the other. Our goals are simple, easy and straight forward and we are not the one going about introducing hate and violence, you are.

Time to grow up..