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Look who we have here, look familiar ?
I did a post a few months back about the state the girls were getting themselves into, binge drinking and blacking out on the streets, getting uncontrollably pissed. Not a good look, it was somewhat sad to witness. They never really got around to furnishing a genuine explanation, apart from the "got too much money to spend" concept, which I suppose may have been just one reasonable explanation..
So something had to be done..

Not pilshed et aal, weally..

Way to go, Widdy!

Former Home Office minister Ann Widdecombe spent a night out with a group of 20-something women for a programme about binge-drinking to be broadcast on Radio Five Live next week, and was absolutely shocked by what she found.
The women — who included a nurse, a scientist and two teachers — admitted to going out with the deliberate aim of getting drunk and spent hundreds of pounds on vodka, wine and shots in order to achieve their aim.
One admitted it wasn’t unusual for her to spend the whole of Saturday with a hangover; they all saw no reason why they shouldn’t get drunk after a week at work.
So Ann has come up with an idea: as it’s still an offence to be drunk and incapable in public, why not blitz city centres at night and arrest every drunk found collapsed in the street or clogging up A&E — and then print their names and photographs when they turn up in court.
There may no longer be shame attached to getting drunk in public — but none of the women she interviewed wanted their full names broadcast, presumably because they feared their employers would find something shameful about it.
The concept of shame goes hand in hand with reputation, and such an old-fashioned solution to the very modern problem of binge-drinking could  be brilliant.
It pays to advertise..
But like the women whose sperm sample was rejected for insertion because it was too acidic, saliva does that. I am was wondering why Simon Cowell got such a serve in this article (on the same page) in one of those daily nag and bitching broadsheet sites. I am not a fan and don't bother watching that usual drivel they claim to be entertainment but I was interested at the vitriol one female journalist heaped on him and wondered why, what the justifiable reason was, until I had another look at that article..
What Cowell's problem was, as far as I could detect, is one that the girls don't like anyone spotting their game or taking the mickey out of their standard behaviour. They hate that for obvious reasons..

Some examples..
Every girl wants to be number one and they’re very territorial. I like the fight, because otherwise I’d have a dull group of girlfriends.’ ‘new toys’, and says he enjoys watching the women around him grow jealous of each other: ‘I find girls fighting very amusing.’
It is an example of that newly introduced mantra "Never criticise a Woman". The entire article is just a hit piece designed to malign and disparage the lad as envy does. I would imagine he has the lifestyle that the girls feel they deserve, who knows. There is more snarky ofcourse..
Does he genuinely think his lookalike flock of big-breasted, pert-featured girlfriends fancy him for who he really is? 
He’s often said he doesn’t want to marry or have children because he thinks the commitment and responsibility would be restricting and boring. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect a 20-year-old to say, not a man in his 50s.
So I would say that being rejected offhand is not anything any girl can deal with, especially when it's claimed that she or anyone else of the same sex has any chance of sampling those riches, it just goes against the grain. Bad luck Sandra Parson clones, but that's life as any Parson knows..
Then again, Mrs Parson does actually speak some truth..