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DON'T LOOK at my BOOBS. Reid not showing her boobs..

Like everyone else, I enjoy a bit of comedy, One that is more ironic than the standard one liners most present. A little biting like Bill Burr's riotous, thoroughly enjoyable representation of all things human. That is my style of humour, Throw in Chris Rock and a few others I have posted here and it relieves that constant need to just survive and puts all else on hold, for the time being anyway..

Laughter as they say is medicine for the soul..

What Boobs ?
Speaking of comedy, here is one such topic that usually has me laughing out loud, hopefully not with a mouth full of coffee or any other fluid. But this hits my funny bone every time. It is anther one of those situations where, if a woman feels bad then someone else must wear the blame. The equivalent activity undertaken by women is never mentioned either. One of the major pastime activities by women is checking out men's arses, I have yet to hear one single complaint. I suppose it is the difference to being a grownup or just  being the opposite..

Why can't men see past our breasts?

As newsreader Susanna Reid bemoans the public fixation with her bust, a long-suffering DD-cup wearer sympathises

The obvious response would be "When you stop sticking them in our faces". But that would be way too obvious. We have this same claim echoed relentlessly by the slut-feminist movement, as it grants them another opportunity to do some serious male bashing. They repeatedly justify this by making delusional statements, that in reality are really all about their own insecurity, deteriorating over inflated ego or some other such endless issues they suffer from..

A comment on the article from one woman who gets it..
Careful lads, the hypocritical sisterhood can't stand being criticised. If you upset the little dears they will band together to have your comment removed, the poor, delicate little darlings. - It's funny how most women are all so keen to band together to throw rocks at men and blame them for every little thing for no real reason, but even quicker to turn on each other. It drives me mad, and makes me ashamed of my own gender. No wonder men think we're all completely mad.

Why not wear that hijab, that would definitely solve any issue. How about demonstrating a bit of modesty. Nope, cannot male-bash with that..

There are a few well known facts about women and their boobs. Those facts are ofcourse ignored, while they jump onto the angst wagon, just like they are doing right here, again..

Living in Denial -

1. The fact that boobs to women are a major consideration is never explained, although clearly demonstrated..
2. The fact that regardless of size, shape or how they hang, women are never happy with their boobs..
3. They spend a huge amount of money on accessories to enhance them, to make them look and feel right. Huge business..
4. They go out of their way to ensure that every item of clothing emphasises  them..
5. If for some reason, they feel their boobs are not just right, they have them surgically enhanced, either enlarged, rarely reduced, shape changed etc...
6. Once surgically enhanced, they go out of their way to shove them back in your face..
7. They continually deny that action and claim that it's only men who are interested in their cleavage..
8. Refer to number one and re-read..

I should really start a blog called "BoobWatch", just to demonstrate how many women out there push their boobs into our faces and then scream blue murder for daring to have a glance. But I would not have the space or the time to list that many photos..


I really have no idea what the hell this carry on is about. But here we may have an inkling..
These stereotypes are carried on by men and women alike who seem to think that a larger bust means that you are somehow deficient in intelligence yet abundant with outrageous flirty behaviour. Are we to carry on these unfair stereotypes for ever?
So the bottom line appears to be that they are just having another one of those endless whining sessions that we have come to expect when women "feel" they are hard done by. How childish can one get, I mean really. The other issues is ofcourse that women are part of the problem themselves as  they are more often criticise their own on the way they dress and how their cleavage is viewed..