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It would appear that they are still out there and still keeping their heads in the sand..

We have the usual ignorant female who has difficulty witnessing, viewing and seeing the bleeding obvious.
Evelin OlĂ­via said...As a brazilian woman I'd like to know all the privileges women possess. I need to see this picture very clear and exact. That's for scientifical and ethical purposes only.March 05, 2012
Where does one begin with this endless denial and incomprehensible nonsensical attitude. It really does signify the total and complete denial method where they have the temerity to even raise a question regarding their special, unlimited, completely biased, totally financed, dedicated and copious privileges which they obviously just take for granted and just pretend they do not exist at all. Personally, I am sick to death of having to answer another question where the answer is just that obvious as to make it boring..

I would suggest that she have a read on just one page besides the one she has obviously only read and actually take more than a few seconds to frame such a ridiculous question..

Have you heard of Google Evelin, you may know that it exists, maybe. Just type in the query section the following words "female privileges", there you go. How difficult is that !!

I am not going to even bother. Maybe some of you guys could enlighten her. Be my guest..