I cheated on my husband a night before our wedding...

Hello Nicole,

I got married about 2 years ago to an amazing guy I had been together with him for about 10 years. I love my husband , he is such gentleman and a perfect guy. Years ago I used to date this Mexican guy named Jose, the best looking guy ever, I was in love with this guy for a long time, I wanted to marry him, but things didn't work out as I expected

I wasn’t terribly excited about getting married but I definitely didn’t want to break up and be alone [wait - read that line again] so I went ahead w/ the marriage. Not really the right thing to do but people aren’t perfect so whatever.

I had cheated on him a few times before with his friend who also happened to be one of the groomsman in the wedding. An hour or so after the ceremony, in between the other scheduled events, I went back upstairs to one of the bride rooms to “rest and fix my makeup.” I guess his friend saw me go up there and he came up a few minutes later. Admittedly, the sex while still wearing a wedding dress and to not look like JBF was a little difficult but it was so hot. 15 minutes later we were both back downstairs like nothing had happened. We never hooked up again but, for me, that is the highlight of my wedding day.


Remember Lads...if you marry her, she'll love you forever....you, and only you.