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This is how they behave when they get older. New Year Eve 2012 England..Bras are optional..

There are a few things that triggers my laugh mechanism and this did just that. Here is the Dad who removed his 15 year old daughter's laptop and turned it into an anchor. This happened, as he explained previously, after the daughter just refused to comprehend, take advice or listen, made snarky and obnoxious comments on her Facebook page, after many warnings, about her family and their friends and generally made as ass of herself to such a degree as to force her parents to take some action. You allow them to walk over you then you are toast, it's that simple. She was already pushing that boundary..

If you have ever raised a teenage daughter, which I have and more than one, they can be an absolute nightmare, if given the opportunity to behave as they see fit. That behaviour is ofcourse boosted by the fact that she has her periods as well, that emotional lever hits full boost, turbo assist, in the blink of an eye, which should in itself explain everything. A cycle that ensures every issue is designed specifically to end her world as she perceives it to be. Rationality goes on holidays for about five years..
But you can and have to take some level of action in order to control the hysterics and that is precisely what he did. In hindsight, he regrets his action and did not realise that he would be a popular hit on the web for all and sundry to promote. Neither did he realise that it would also come to the attention of the male version of Oprah..Dr Phil, who I have on many occasions had reasons to loathe and definitely not my kind of hero, as a matter of fact, he would come in as diametrically opposite..

So this video is about his response to Dr Phil, and to my way of thinking, he is just way too kind. But that's the man. Good on him anyway for giving Phil the serve he needs, a bigger hypocrite you will not find..

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