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My favourite photo of Amsterdam taken in 2005 while on holidays.

As a typical male, I have other interests and I have no issue whenever pointing out that obvious trait. As you would have already gathered, this blog covers different areas of interest and that is just my thinking process at work, where staying on just one subject or topic just becomes way too boring. One does like to cover other areas of interest.

In this case, I have a certain level of interest in politics from around the world including the US and the EU, especially the debacle that is called the EU (European Union). One can witness how that bloc of countries is sliding downhill at such a rate as to be alarming. A once great group of countries being manipulated and stood over by a bunch of left leaning bureaucrats, does and will ensure it's destruction. But I do not want to preempt the topic of the speaker in this video..

His name is Dan Hannan, a member of the EU, an MEP (Member of the European Parliament). One who has recently visited Australia and given a few speeches about the EU debacle. A very interesting message and a very interesting, intelligent and succinct speaker. Well worth a listen..

Dan Hannan - Prospects for liberty in Europe and America - Speech to IPA from Institute of Public Affairs on Vimeo.