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How many ways to hate you, let me count the ways..

Women are really victims of everything..
We have always suggested, no stated, that feminists hate women just as much as they hate men, Maybe even more so. Let see how many times more. When you think about it, feminism only hate men in two different ways. and that is - everything we do and everything we say. So that's fairly straight forward except ofcourse where male feminists are concerned as their existence is rather a nonentity, an aberration, a tolerance, someone's nightmare as we have already found out. They are just tolerated purely to be used as an example of what a man could  become when swallowing their hypocritical, self adjusting mindset. A mindset that can only be installed via a deep seated loathing of one's own sex. An action of behaviour that male feminists have adopted because of their own shortcomings as members of the human race. A bit like a psychotic, delusional hermaphrodite or an indistinguishable member of neither sex and yet claim to be of both. No wonder they are so confused. They are stuck with one organ wishing they had the other..

1. Hate women being mothers in a normal family situation.
2. Want women to be single mothers.
3. Want women to rely on the state.
4. Want women to work full time.
5. Hate women being feminine.
6. Force women to behave like the opposite sex.
7. Created psychological penis envy and other psychological issues detrimental to their health.
8. Demand women associate with wimps eg: male feminists or just hookup.
9. Determined to destroy the normal family situation which includes Fathers.
10. Demand that woman stop competing in competitions or have anything to do with beauty, body or self esteem.
11. Demand that women behave like sluts and or prostitutes by promoting slutwalk.
12. Demand that women be elevated past their ability by force for political reason (increased detrimental health issues created).
13. Demand that women do not behave according to their natural, normal instincts and DNA but to be imitators.
 14. Demand that women be retrained to be agressive and impersonal.
15. Demand that women behave against their normal instincts and age old behavioural patterns.
16. Demand that all women become fat and unattractive by their continued attacks on the fashion industry. Which employs mostly women.
17. Demand that women die in order to compete with men in every way possible.

The fact that women are miserable and unhappy more now than they were 30 years again does indicate that things are just not working out the way they were promised by feminists said it should, they lied again. Women's health and wellbeing is taking a dive, depression and heart attacks in women have risen dramatically.
Sadly they have encouraged and introduced the new generation of narcissistic, self-serving, selfish and dysfunctional females we are faced with now whose only intent is to either live a life of avarice or are determined to ensure that any partner they match up with will be stripped of any and every asset, including children, chattels and family home. A pastime that the courts are more than happy to assist with..
This in return has created a new phenomena called "Men going their own way" for the first time in history as far as I am aware. A specific action or process where men will avoid marriage and cohabitation, even avoid women all together as a reaction and response to the draconian laws feminists have reintroduced in order to transfer assets from men to women without her having to actually lift a finger to make it..

So that list is not really that big is it. Just a total and complete reconstruction of the normal female entity is all that's required, really, while more the sucker are lining up and falling for it..