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I have in the past posted the odd comments regarding PUA's (pick up artists) when some disparaging remarks about MRA's and the Men's Rights Movement were made while at the same time as they tried to paint it as some irrelevant and futile activity while at the same time glorifying their own pussy begging activity as being beyond question. Their efforts were ofcourse noble and just while every one else were just, well, wasting their time..

Apart from myself being somewhat taken aback by those snarky comments, it did raise some interesting points regarding their activities. One would wonder what level of ignorance one has to cross with the current laws in place could, can, will and does throw men in jail for even frowning at a member of the opposite sex, which could be interpreted as having either abusive or sexual implications on her word alone without evidence, verification or witnesses. One would also wonder why inserting a penis into a vagina is so important that hours, days, weeks and months should be invested in "learning" the appropriate methodology to trick or con some female in between the sheets just so you can inseminate her with your DNA in the hope that nothing breaks and ensuring that the used condom does not mysteriously disappear as too many examples of that being precisely that type of action has already been penned. Women have impregnated themselves in order to sue for child support and "alimoney" which is some states is for life..

One would have thought that living a lie, feigning friendship and coital friction should be left to the original experts who have honed their skills over centuries and it's not the PUAs. To my way of thinking and in todays "sexual" climate where sex is served up on a pretty platter on demand, pua's would be better off just posing the question directly like "wanna shag" and if the answer is either a neg or not you would at least not wasted all that time in preparation and training to achieve the same rejection rate. Although I must admit that the odd examples I have seen do work like smooth clockwork as even time limits were set and beaten. On one occasion, a time limit fo sixty seconds was set to achieve some face suction from an unsuspecting female and that worked a treat. Whether it was real or rehearsed, one just does not know... Each to their own I guess..

Apart from the topic being raised in the past, we have that same discussion rearing it's head again in  two different articles on the AVfM site this week which I will link further down but before I do

Fidelbogen“What’s the difference between a PUA and an MRA?An MRA is a political thinker.
A PUA tends to be apolitical, “naturalistic” in his ethics, oriented toward the social microcosm, and more concerned with personal power and status within said microcosm.
MRAs have no “stated goals”. They are for the most part theorists and agitators. Their modus operandi is to slowly crank up the heat and pressure on feminism by means of their writings, and by indirect channels of influence. They are also highly effective in raising the level of social consciousness and bringing new recruits on board.
The unstated goal of the MRA sector is to inflict “death by a thousand cuts” upon feminism.
MRAs and PUAs, ideally, ought to exist in a happy and mutually beneficial state of symbiosis, with each attending to its duties in its own sphere. Unfortunately, one of those sectors is shitting the bed in a pretty serious way — and I shall tactfully refrain from saying which side I mean. ;)
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To be fair to Chateau/Roissy, I did in time past post a few articles from that site as I found their comprehension of and their learned knowledge on female behaviour was fascinating as well as being spot on. One needs to know how the opposition ticks..