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Male Power

Just as doctors and midwifes will lift the newborn at birth and declare it's sex, that same method will be used your entire life. Yep, it's a girl, welcome to a life of special treatment, government largess and every other possible privilege that can be bestowed on an individual is already in place, installed to ensure your life will be special. Automatic selection for employment, your selection for colleges and universities is just about guaranteed, promotion assured, even over much better qualified individuals and should on any occasion, someone even accidental pierce that halo, then you are given automatic preferential treatment under law, and the outcomes will be in your favour even if you lie about it, just on your word, no evidence required..
Okay, there are laws – sure, and you’re governed by them, but you’re not protected by them.
Should the new born be that other sex, you know, cannon fodder for the female howitzers, then you are already doomed as a third class citizen after woman, child and then you. I bring you these facts so when you are thrown into that maelstrom of endless work, injustice and anti-male bias, you have at least been warned..


There are no laws

There are no laws. If you’re a man, you can be murdered with impunity. You can be charged and convicted with rape based on nothing but anonymous accusation. Not just in a court of law, but hey, in a court of kangaroos cooked up by college students. Laws? Bill of rights? Ha! If a woman accuses you of misconduct, your conviction for sexual assault – on no evidence – means increased funding for people who depend on your utility and disposability.Okay, there are laws – sure, and you’re governed by them, but you’re not protected by them. We are now living in postlegal culture. Laws are selectively interpreted and enforced. This is nothing new obviously, the rich and the famous have always enjoyed privilege. However the legal system now operates along sexual lines, with you, my brothers, on the bottom tier. You’re not even a human being, buddy. Nope, you’re a disposable dispenser of labor, money, sperm, and on behalf of anyone but yourself – violence. The law says so.
Speaking of disposability, the appellation of “hero” in our culture depends on you sacrificing your future, and potentially your life on behalf of people who discount your humanity.
In spite of this, most men sleep-walk through life thinking they’re living in a culture which treats them as humans with rights. A listing facts which show this to be false is beyond the scope of this discussion. Link in this article’s footer for those interested[1].
Certainly many people are aware that their government illegally tortures both foreigners and Americans, arrests and indefinitely detains citizens without trial or charge, wire taps the population in violation of the bill of rights, steals private property through eminent domain, but people still sedate themselves with 4 hours of television per day and mumble something about it being a “free country” while they know it is not.
However, systemic financial fraud and personal destruction by illegal private courts operating with the complete endorsement of government seems conceptually difficult to grasp. Perhaps it’s just too similar to dystopian science fiction to recognize. When people are informed of these doings, because is is so far removed from popular understanding of living in a nation governed by laws – they dismiss factual reporting of the phenomena.
Another reason for public ignorance and apathy is that people still believe they’re enfranchised citizens. They believe they’re protected by the civil liberties encoded into law. These assumptions are wrong, of course, but the illusion persists, re-enforced by the momentum of a formerly democratic society and by cultivated misdirection in mainstream media. The unfortunate truth is that men are effectively peasants; chattel without legal rights. This isn’t reflected in the formal structure of law in our culture, which is now mostly ignored as a matter of convenience, and that’s partly why it goes mostly unaddressed by men.
The maintained illusion of legal enfranchisement is vitally important, because if men understood consciously they are peasants – they would do what disenfranchised and abused peasant populations has always done through history.

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