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Australian feminasties were mortified and besides themselves when some "man" decided to state that maybe being a little more practical could solve a few more problems where women were concerned. But, just as that policeman in Canada dared to proffer a suggestion about the way women dressed, encouraged the childish slutwalk hysteria; those comments thus invoked similar hysterics when these two gentleman come to suggesting that women could use a bit more common sense when going out and maybe resist the laddette culture of getting  pissed and blacking out or spewing and sleeping on the street. Maybe that type of behaviour required some reappraisal as any thought capable human being may interpret it as such. We have the modern woman now ofcourse where their rise to stardom did not include a functioning frontal lobe capable of reasoning, I forgot.
But as women do, tell them they can't and they will go out of their way to show with fashion enhancements, that they can and don't ever even think about criticising any princess as that would be breaking the number one golden rule of "Never criticise a Woman", EVER..
The damage to their ego is apparently unrepairable..
Thank goodness there are a few exceptions. One willing to tell it like it is..

Miranda Devine has a bit of a go at it..
Wednesday, October 12, 2011
THE birthrate paradox is the phenomenon that the fewer children in a society, the more childishly the adults behave.

I made that up, but it makes sense that our declining birthrate would be linked to the infantile fury that greets any grown-up who imparts home truths that might impinge on people’s lifestyles.
God forbid that the grown-ups’ words of wisdom might cause people to take responsibility for their own behaviour instead of crying victim when their lives go pear-shaped.
Especially if that grown-up is a man.
Take the mouth-frothing abuse heaped on two men in the last week. NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione was abused for warning young women of the hazards of going out and getting blind drunk.
And Perth obstetrician Barry Walters was viciously pounced on for daring to say that women who have put off having babies until their late 30s are “self-centred”, and risk miscarriage, pregnancy complications and birth defects.
For his trouble, Scipione has been branded a “rape apologist” and patriarchal busybody who doesn’t realise that having random unwanted sex when blotto is every woman’s human right.
Walters has been denounced on TV, radio, columns, blogs and twitter, as a know-nothing dinosaur suffering from PMS, as in “Pale Male and Stale”.
Hello, ladies. These bearers of bad tidings might be male, but they actually had your best interests at heart.
Scipione was responding to the epidemic of drunk, drug-addled young women staggering around city streets in various states of undress and dangerous vulnerability, vomiting, passing out in the gutter, and being hauled into hospital by ambulance to have their stomachs pumped