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well, this is a turn up for the cards. Not only were you noticing those lesbians, cross dressers and trannies on the slutwalk debacle and wondering where the hell the world was heading. You were also wondering whether or not to sign up for another one of those PUA lessons and get the gist on how to chat up a babe. Maybe you are not even slightly concerned about those little crazy bugs that somehow transfer from one organ to the next, will demand immediate attention plus some rather drastic or ongoing and annoying itchy treatment..

 Just when you thought that being in college or Uni gave you excess to hooking up in competition with the academe, no competition really as the girls just want to flash a bit of paper in someone's face with reasonable marks knowing ofcourse that it cost more than the tuition fees. After all that chasing, rejection, spending money on that correctly labelled watch or easily identified, well cut jacket or that right car or which specific restaurant to book. All this for when the dame will be courted although that is not the term used these days by the actions and the outcome is about the same..

Just when you memorised those negative compliments and got them down pat, the haircut just right, the female interested enough and it's all looking rather promising..Only then does a bunch of bastards come along and inform that shagging ain't good for your health. It just ain't worth dying for.
As a matter of fact, all that posturing from those cretins in that slutwalk lunacy, all that effort that has gone into the hookup culture, all those PUA lines and methodology on how to successfully chase skirt, you spend learning over the last year is now under a very dark cloud and decisions time is here and now..Is having a shag that important that I am quite happy to die for it..

 It's a biggy, it is ginormous but it's one, from the look of it, you will inevitably have to make a decision on. So instead of it being called the "night out", we could rename it to "Russian Roulette Night" or how about "The Valentine's Day massacre Death Wish". The night you have when life really comes secondary and that other pursuit becomes tantamount..

I can see the new reality shows now, you sign an agreement to hand over everything you own (saves being married/relationship), to your your sassy, hot assed, rollicker and the audience waits with anticipation for her to exit the room and shout "I DID IT, I WON".  Electrifying television, make the decision or book your place..
cardiovascular-health, heart attack
A strenuous sex life can be deadly, as it can trigger dangerous cardiac events and sudden heart attacks, according to a study published overnight in the Journal of the American Medical Association.In the two hours after sex, the chances of having a heart attack are dramatically higher than normal, warned the study from two researchers associated with the Tufts University Medical Center in Boston.
“The increased risk is three to five times higher … compared to a time when you are not physically or sexually active,” Jessica Paulus said.
Paulus and co-author Dr Issa Dahabreh, found that regardless of overall fitness, deadly heart attacks or other cardiac failures strike more often in the heat of physical activity or sex than at other times.
Unsurprisingly, people with less active sex lives or infrequent exercisers showed the highest risk for problems during-and-after periods of heavy sweating, Dahabreh said.
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