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This is what a feminist looks like.. Fabian-Weber.
An update on Nicole Fabian Hyphen Weber, don't they just love those triple names, the last bigot used a triple as well but without the hyphen, I am almost disappointed..

The site "The Stir" is part of the cafemom network, has to also be held to account for promoting violence, hate, misandry in particular, so it is worth the effort to mark those comments as offensive and lodging a complaint. Easy enough to do. No waiting in line..
Cafemom guidelines as follows --
Slurs, stereotyping, and hate speech are not tolerated.
Slurs, hate speech, and attacks aimed at any race, color, religion, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation are not tolerated at all on CafeMom. Don't stereotype people. It isn't funny and it isn't acceptable.
Here are the people who own and run Cafemom..

To refresh the memory on this bigot, it is the feminist female who, just like Sharon Osbourne, had a really good laugh about a men having his penis severed and removed by some psychotic female. However, this piece of nastiness does not even bother commenting in response to the outrage from both man and woman regardless of her macabre topic and her vitriolic rage on that site..

Wife Cuts Off Husband's Penis & Chucks It in the River

Just like a child has no sense of dignity or honour or demonstrates some obvious acknowledgement of care, so are these women the same. When queried if the tables were turned and a man severed a breast or a clitoris and "chucked" that into the river, could we all have a good howler like those cretins on umpteen daily girly programs. What manner of animals are they where they delight in the suffering and violence of another human being. What manner of adult are you when you delight in the knowledge that someone has removed some part of another person's body and you just laugh about that. What level of sick human being does that..

So Nicole Fabian-Weber has definitely earned her place on the bigot list. This is not an honour and it should serve as being shameful and dishonourable but I doubt she is even capable of that..

So it gives me great pleasure in demonstrating where that nasty attitude ends up on Google and exposed even higher than most of her own grasping efforts for attention. Enjoy..

Let's have a look at one of the comments and the type of fan this nasty bit of work attracts..

Snarkymom ummm, where can i get scissors that are sharp enough to cut off a PENIS!!!
 on Oct 18, 2011 at 3:05 PM

Those woman are just pure class aren't they. I can understand why men are happy just being on their own and making their own way instead of putting up with another one of these weirdos..