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This is another one of those "know the opposition" and it would have been called "Know thy Enemy" in the past as I must confess to mellowing slightly, but not completely. The topic below has always intrigued me as I could never understand why feminists would deny a normal part of the female monthly cycle as somewhat difficult to comprehend and one does have to wonder why feminists go out of their way to ignore and deny the bleeding obvious..

So here is a comprehensive update on that condition, warts and all, just so you understand why feminists would go out of their way, to any length, to ensure that any record or mention or inference to this monthly state must be deleted from living memory and the world's libraries. It would be too, if it wasn't for bastards like me bringing it up. The typical feminist mythology is ofcourse to live a life of denial as that state is ideally suited to their current condition and this is part of that denial system..

Why do Feminsts DENY women have periods..?

To further put the case forward on Man's acceptance of the Sufferance Award, one must also ensure that physiological conditions are exposed as well, in order to truly comprehend the length at which men suffer because of women suffering. It's the old saying "If momma ain't happy everyone will suffer". Women suffer more as that promotes the "victimhood? mentality but they fail to realise that all they are really doing is promoting a condition that has already existed for some considerable time and therefore nothing new. I call it the "broken finger syndrome", you know that one where the female goes to the doctor and states that every part of her body hurts when she presses it only to find out that her finger was broken. It's akin to the same damage feminists suffer, only their fantasy world is broke..

Women Suffer More than Men . Really sad.

One has to bear in mind also that men have tolerated these conditions in women for as long as both sexes were present on the planet. Men will automatically tolerate these mistakingly benign behavioural aberrations that women face on a monthly basis. Some worse then others but generally they all go through some level of emotional retardation and men have to suffer the mood swings and irrational behaviour without comment or suggestion.That action alone demands recognition although none are ever forthcoming from the sex whose behaviour justifies it. As a matter of fact, there has never, to my knowledge, been any indication on how deserving men are at having to tolerate their aberrant behaviour ever.
Not ever will the main culprit even come close to admitting they have indeed ramped up the contractual agreement that one enters into to begin with. Not one single mention is made about the fact that she will take leave of her senses and wallow in loony land every single month of the union and maybe that should be written into the contract that absence of leave will be granted when suffering from that monthly condition. In some cases it will grant you 21 days of freedom as tests have indicated and demonstrated that females are only ever "normal" just one week in every month.

Bear in mind the maths - 12 times per year multiplied by years in servitude, include 1 week prior to commencement date of initial onslaught for a more accurate assessment..

Do not forget that once she stops ovulating you have the sheer joy of enjoying menopause for the next 15 years just incase you thought you were exempted as her cycle was not that debilitating..

Do men bitch and complain about that condition, NO.
Do women bitch and moan about anything only slightly similar but less intrusive, Absolutely..

So let see what men go through that is similar...erm.............erm.....(cough)...............eerrrmmm..!

It is below the dignity of men to even bother with such trite and irrelevant situations and just write them off as another one of those "woman things" that we in the "Secret Men's Business" discussion world may mention occasionally as being too irrelevant to even raise. It's usually met with blank stares and silent head shakes as to say, "well it's a woman", whenever the newly shackled members raise that question, "Well" the response would be, "what did you expect"..
Robert S said,
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. “There is nothing wrong with women that fifteen or twenty years of “growing up” socially, legally and morally won’t cure.
Fellas they are not going to do it on there own, they will need to be compelled to do it.
First, we take away the ” special privileges” posing as rights. Second, we inform them, ever so firmly that their previous behavior will not cut it anymore. Third, pass a whole bunch of ‘civil rights laws for fathers and men. And that will just about do it!
Wait awhile to for these ” cures” to take effect then watch what happens, presto , chango, you have ‘grown up, socially, legally and morally responsible adults where you once had spoiled rotten little children. Women will truly and finally have that “ equality” they have always wanted!