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I must confess to following the AGW debate on about eight different sites and blogs on the net just to get an overview on the hype being pedalled as science and came across a blog by Prof. Judith Curry and followed it for a couple of months. Needless to say that Curry is a talented professional in the area of climate science and only commenced her blog as the science started to lack integrity and tended to wallow more in the political rather than reality..

Good so far. Interesting articles and discussions were read and had, so it came as somewhat of an almost surprise when Curry's latest article started pushing and promoting the Feminist Hegemony and it's associated inane doctrine. Some infantile ex.Don promoted a female supremacist article which was posted today. The article can only be regarded as being their usual garbage. A posting that had nothing whatsoever to do with AGW or the science,  it was about the promotion of females in the academic world. The article is the usual mishmash of incoherent feminist drivel that we have come to expect from that hate movement that moans and whines about the lack of women in academic posts and also the lack of women on teaching staff  positions at those misandric temple of indoctrination even though the majority of students are females, just demonstrates that Curry is just another female firster, pushing her own gender at the expense of all men to the detriment of science as well as the general community...

Show me, apart from the occasional rare examples of women's discoveries that outshone anything Men have invented especially over the last 50 years or so when women were free to choose and do whatever they wanted. Blaming men for their own incompetence appears to be the order of the day..

We even have this bit of soundly discounted drivel..
 It puzzles a woman that a man cannot watch television and listen to her at the same time: she can watch television, listen to him, hold the baby, make dinner and if necessary answer the telephone as well.  She is, in a temporal sense, multi-skilled.  He can do all those things, but not at the same time, and if it must be at the same time, not at all well.
That dream of superiority has been discounted as being farcical as that was only ever demonstrated to being the case when the female was at home. You know the routine. Baby on the boobs, reading a trash mag while talking on the phone is just a brilliant example of what not to do if you want to do it properly..

The recently-published study discovered that frequent multitaskers are actually worse at multitasking, because they're more easily distracted by useless information - a result, the researchers believe, of their brains losing the ability to successfully filter out irrelevant data and stay on target. Scientists at UCSF claim that more research is needed before suggesting specific remedies to this problem, but agree that spending less time being distracted and more time concentrating on one thing at a time wouldn't be a bad thing.

Multitasking is bad for you.. 

Oh dear, another feminist/female boast shot to hell. Such a shame..

What could one expect when we read the usual excuse for a degree and turning up at university just so you can pay for a course that the majority of females are doing already.
I was taught as a young social scientist
That one comment is enough for me to finish right there as you and I already know precisely what road this feminist is already heading down which surprisingly makes the whole trash piece not only unpalatable but unreadable as well..

I think it's just too much multitasking that's causing all that frontal lobe damage..