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Feminist Philosophy "Fear Beats Hope"..

I for one did not vote for feminism, did you, I would never vote for any doctrine that is determined to take away my rights as a human being and I do believe that every country where feminism has taken over the Judiciary, educational system and government law making facilities, you will find this Marxist ideology was forced into place. Not by popular demand and that's a given, but by force, abuse, threats and coercion including the standard approach of threatening politicians and law makers with possible replacement if they did not toe the line, falsely accusing them of being potential misogynists (world's most overused word) without proof, substance or facts, just lies and false claims which would expose them to derision or humiliation.
The politician we have voted into office via a democratic system called voting, has been put into place for the safety and protection of society and at least we could call on them if we should have any issues worthy of discussion, they were open to input of it's citizens. It's not a perfect world but this method appeared to be the best we came up with for the time being. Try approaching them now and you will witness the fear in their eyes as thy already know what would happen if they dared to question that hegemony and demand answers. Something that will change in the near future as the MRM expands and grows. Politicians are and will be on notice that they will have to decide that they are either for us or against us but they will not survive the next ballot if they sit on their hands as they have been while half of their voters are screwed and jailed without even a proper trial or chance to defend themselves....

So, along comes feminism, nothing and no one was consulted in public or society and no discussions. Not one feminist declared an open debate or joint discussions with anyone who may wish to question their doctrine and their ever increasing mantras which appear and grow exponentially depending on the latest hysterical nonsense they raise..

Have you ever noted on your "How to Vote Card" any suggestion or mention or name or description to suggest that any person your are voting for was a feminist. Liberal/Reps and Labour/Demos Party politicians are forced to include their political stance. Anyone speaking or representing any political party has to declare that interest whenever they push their favourite barrow in the media. Yet, NOT ONE single feminist has ever declared their doctrine or theology in any fashion or form. Nothing, zilch, nada. Not one single feminist had the courage of their convictions to be honest about what they support or what policies they will introduce when it started out to raise it biased, hypocritical and superficial aims and goals..

Feminists were well aware of the fact that they had to hide that fact as no one would vote for their hate movement if it was ever declared. They preferred to hide that fact for very good reason and that was they wanted in via the back door, hiding inside other political parties like predominantly socialist/regressive (supposedly progressive) parties which we can witness daily, (just ask Obama or Biden), so they could contaminate from the inside and it would eventually bleed externally and then, like any well established hidden disease, it would show itself but the treatment would be too late. Feminists have managed to infiltrate society to such a degree that Universities have actually declared a hate movement to be a "philosophy". My response to that absurdity was that Feminism is to philosophy what Nazis were to Jews, which I think sums up that hate movement entirely even though to some it may be over the top. The connection between both can easily be tackled and traced by spending an half an hour on the web and comparing doctrines and while you are at it, marxism as well. You will walk away a different person..

One sentence I came across sums up the attitude of feminism nicely, it's meaning does apply to that movement..

Feminism is also on record praising the political role of “headkickers” and “intellectual thugs”, while backing populist policies, scare campaigns and negative attacks, arguing that “fear beats hope”.
"Fear Beats Hope" would be the most appropriate explanation about how it went about escalating their aims and societal infiltration without ever having been given express authority to do so from the people it would affect the most, you and I..