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The PUA Industry: Failure to Warn Members.. 

I have in the past stated that the PUA theories and practices do have something to offer any potential suitor/player in the pursuit of women. The psychology and methodology would be basically unarguable, as they have studied their targets comprehensively and thereby are able to assume that their method and techniques work. However, nothing is made of the fact that women themselves would be aware of the player's game and may in actual fact just be playing along as it has already been a studied fact that women will within the first ten seconds or so, make up their minds whether or not she will give you access to that golden "sphincter". So in reality, you can only destroy that pre-made decision by human error or misbehaviour. So the PUA psychology would assist there to ensure that did not happen..

But in return for memorising the standard PUA methodology and practises one would and does act outside of his norm. He has to develop a routine and behaviour that is not only camouflage but is in reality just a fake effigy of himself.
It goes without saying that the PUA industry in purely a sales pitch designed to hook the unsuspecting male into believing that if he relieves himself of whatever fees, materials and DVD's recommended,  they will turn a nerd into a "PLAYER" of such magnitude that he will not only be irresistible to the opposite sex but will be capable of dissolving those knickers just by being in it's proximity..

The main argument MRA's have and this is my opinion, is that the endless PUA messages and advice fails to come with a "warning" sign, and that warning sign should at least carry the some type of disclaimer that associating with any female in this day and age can and will get you thrown in jail, can destroy your life, can bankrupt you without you so much as given any opportunity of resisting as that would just be futile. The GURUS from that industry fail in that sense and admittedly, some of the commenters on sites that covers the PUA world do make that effort which is heartening to see. So not all are negligent of what should at least be their standard duty to their paying members..

One would imagine that being PUA would indeed help one to circumvent any possible relationship horrors as they claim to be in control and know how to manipulate women under any circumstance. This is however not the case at all, far from it..
Alec Novy.
           95% of PUAs are still at the same level of pussy-getting of the day they joined. PUA conferences have the highest level of virgins of any conference on planet earth.At least 20%* of the top game-gurus have been proven to be frauds with no personal results.-> One of them was shown to have only had 2 girls in his entire life, yet he is a guru.
-> Another admitted only having 2 relationships in his life, ever (and no, he wasn’t hooking up in the meantime)
-> Another became a PUA teacher 2 weeks after losing his virginity
-> Another has approach anxiety at 30 years old and spends 2000$ a night on bottle service to get approached by women
-> Another had been a “guru” since 20 years old. He had been teaching and inventing new pua theories even before he had any results (he invented the amog shit). HE GOT HIS SECOND GIRLFRIEND EVER PREGNANT – with her screwing him over with a “slipped condom” or whatever. So get this, one of the top 3 gurus who is in charge of the top theories in game got gamed by a poor mexican immigrant who trapped him into fatherhood. All of this happened when he was the top-paid PUA guru on the planet.
So it appears that the PUA gaming methodology does not protect you from anything except maybe thinning out your bank account. As with all other teachings, there are always the zealots who refuse to accept the bleeding obvious and will argue against anything they deem to be detrimental to the game. Such religious zeal can be found in the feminist hegemony. Refusing to basically view the MRA argument as being legitimate and reasonable instead they prefer taking the offensive by labelling MRA as opposition.  The PUA adherents take that same attitude suggesting that we repress their "craft" which is ofcourse ridiculous and beyond comprehension. They also suggest that we have no interest or association with women which is ofcourse just a strawman, not worth the time to comment on.

MRA's have no issues with women per se, only the illegal and incomprehensible anti-male laws put into place to protect a sex who is quite capable of protecting itself. I have issues with the downright obsessive and obnoxious behaviour that feminist have injected into the female psyche and women now have taken it all for granted and not even bothering to comprehend the damage they have caused society by their endless and increasing demands. I have issues with the endless privileges women receive at the detriment of all men and boys with out so much as recognition that it's happening, living in denial..

So the debate will continue and hopefully at the end of it all, we will have some common ground to work with and they will hopefully introduce some honesty and dignity into their industry by at least taking the honourable action of forewarning their members what may lay ahead if they pursue their recommended procedures and apply them to the opposite sex. Do you think that will ever happen ?

Link to PUA Fraud..