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It is a grand day today, sun shining (well here anyway), soft warm breeze blowing and the MRM finally receiving the recognition it deserves by main stream media and the article (gasp..) actually quoting some of the people involved in the fight against misandry and malice. A good day indeed..

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Amanda Marcotte for being sufficiently obnoxious enough to be included on the site. To be included on this site is not an easy effort. One would have to clearly demonstrate that your "Dworkin" like "all men are rapists" cliched mentality be demonstrated and your daily behaviour must be sufficiently nasty, even more obnoxious than in order for one to be cast as an exemplary example of an ideal misandric bigot. So well done, it does not say much about your audience does it. It's akin to the Islamist "kill all infidels" or even that other bunch of lunatics who decided that we would no longer exist after a certain date last month, I think it was. Very forgettable just like Marcotte and just like other lunatics and their raging are.we could make a list and name it "losers in History" and her name would automatically be placed at the top or it. It will be the case once the MRM gets a little more mobile than it is now that things will change that should not be too long. Better brush up on your dishwashing skills, Amanduh..

Amanda Marcotte placed on offenders registry


FROM REGISTER-HER.COM is dedicated to exposing not only the epidemic of false allegations in western culture, but also in identifying government officials, politicians and gender ideologues that exacerbate the false allegation problem through their own conduct.  For these individuals we have created separate categories that fall outside the realm of direct offenders.
One of those categories is that of “Bigot” and it refers usually to gender ideologues who have sufficient exposure in mainstream media to influence public opinion, policy makers, or both, in a negative way, due to the promotion of bigoted and sexist ideology.
Amanda Marcotte is one such ideologue and she is placed on the registry here because she is an individual who uses her influence in the public sphere in a way that promotes false accusations and fosters denial about the problem.

When commenting on the Duke rape case, after it became increasingly clear that Crystal Gayle Mangum had lied about the incident and that then District Attorney Mike Nifong had long pursued the case knowing that his only witness lacked credibility, Marcotte had this to say:
“In the meantime, I’ve been sort of casually listening to CNN blaring throughout the waiting area and good fucking god is that channel pure evil. For a while, I had to listen to how the poor dear lacrosse players at Duke are being persecuted just because they held someone down and fucked her against her will—not rape, of course, because the charges have been thrown out. Can’t a few white boys sexually assault a black woman anymore without people getting all wound up about it? So unfair.”
She also declared on her blog that people who defended the wrongly accused Duke students were “rape-loving scum.”
These types of statements seek to normalize the assumption of guilt when a rape allegation is made, and also seeks to demonize anyone advocating for the long held legal tradition of due process.  The epithets marking Marcotte’s speech are one indication of bigotry, but this was not her first or only incident of such conduct.
She was forced to resign her position as blog master for the John Edwards presidential campaign after making strings of anti-Christian comments. Bill Donohue of the Catholic League publicly demanded that the Edwards campaign terminate Marcotte’s appointment, calling her a “vulgar trash-talking” bigot. The editorial staff of agrees.

Written by Paul Elam

Marcotte got her obnoxious self some additional exposure by the register her site was named and linked..

The article is well worth a read as it does finally present a reasonable summation of the aims and goals of the MRM. We still have a lot of educating to do but we are finally getting the attention we have been struggling and aiming for, a long time now..


World Net Daily covers MRM: actually speaks to mra’s, thousands shocked

Lucifer must be lacing up his ice skates. A prominent, mainstream conservative website,, has done an article on the men’s movement, and the author, Phil Elmore, made some groundbreaking changes from the standard blue pill fare we are so used to being served up with Cheese Covered Wacky Fries and a side of bullshit.
One, the article was written with a good measure of objectivity. Yes, that is OB-JEC-TIV-I-TY.  You will need to practice saying this in the same sentence with the word mainstream.
Second, you will find that Elmore actually talked to MRA’s to gather quotes for the piece.  Yes, let me say that again for those shell-shocked. Elmore actually talked to MRA’s to gather quotes for the piece. You will see quotes from myself, Bernard Chapin, and Dr. T, with a mention of John the Other, as well as the much beloved Angry Harry. Not a trace to be found of Michael Kimmel or any other badly cloaked feminist ideologue purporting to speak to the issues of men.
If there is water in hell it will stay in its liquid state, and if not it will be frozen as solid as Harry’s nose.
Read the article here, and I expect we can predict a significant amount of commenting on the piece.  I am quite sure most of you won’t want the voices of raging fembots and shaming white knights to be the only ones there.

Written by Paul Elam